Blast from the Past

‘Member this one? (Some adept songwriting skills right here! Plus, the hotness factor)

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  1. Love the blast from the past! awesome video!

    Here is an article that I thought you guys would be interested in reading.

  2. MunkFod, Great article you posted

  3. goodkarmaseeker

    Yes, the article is really a good one. Makes me realize that our David seems to be following the best path and indeed knows what he’s doing. He fits all the points made in the article and actually, I was expecting his name to be mentioned as an example.

  4. Same song, performed nine months later. From standing behind the mike stand to moving the whole stage…to interation with audience…triple the hotness factor !

  5. WFY was so much fun to hear live. I hope he continues to sing it.

    I enjoy reading Lefsetz because whether I agree with him or not, he speaks what he believes to be true. My fav part of this article:

    “12. Take risks. Success comes from lucky accidents. Don’t be afraid to fail. Only by putting yourself in new and uncomfortable positions can you grow. Look at it this way, the labels want it the way it’s always been, they’re dying.”

  6. Today the 29th of March, I saw David at a Swapmeet in the city of Paramount, CA. I called him several times but he didn’t hear me ( or pretend he didn’t hear me? ). He was so humble to go to a Swapmeet, but I will be happier to see him shopping at Rodeo Drive.

    • David’s not really a Rodeo Drive kind of guy. Why would you be happier to see him there? Because it would seem as though he is more financially successful? I would rather have David live the lifestyle that he’s most comfortable with. Plus, he is mindful that many fans want to be like him, so he doesn’t want them to feel like they need to go out and spend a fortune on expensive, designer clothes. Plus, he’s frugal! :p

    • Lucky you! 🙂 I bet there are so many songs running through his head all the time that he frequently doesn’t hear people.

    • That must have been a surprise to see him! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  7. I would be happier to see David at a studio recording new music. lol I hope that will be in the near future for him. I still hope David signs with a label soon.

  8. I definitely would like to see David tour soon. His core fans will be there and it will feed his soul. He loves to sing and he can try out new songs with an audience and sing TOSOD songs we are all dying to here LIVE.
    I’d like to see him be recorded LIVE. I support whatever decision he makes re: label and management. When he does record again,would like him to do EP’s of perhaps 4 songs more frequently with a single in between. It takes too long to get 12 songs. Feed us more frequently please.

    • raelovingangels

      feeds his soul… so true- and ours too. He comes alive on stage.
      Hi Valbraz….I just was thinking the other day- that I had not seen you… thanks for popping in.

  9. HG! You’ve lured me out of lurkerdom with WFY!
    That’s my favourite love song from David. I miss people commenting on videos after a good show. Hope there’s something good in the horizon for us fans. I still love this blog and posters and read sometimes.

  10. Good to see you again Valbraz! After hearing about the flooding in Brazil, I was concerned.

    Someone on archierx posted this pic of David. It’s from a sticker in J-14 magazine and I can’t stop smiling.

  11. New label and new management, please.

  12. This is a follow up to the article posted by MunkFOD. A member of the former group Men At Work (eg, Who Can It Be Now) tells about life when they was all over radio, major labels, etc. and where he is now.

    “You are correct when you stress the importance of establishing a core audience, before you go in search of radio success. My old band had massive radio success and MTV exposure to the max, and when that went away, so did most of the audience. It’s like building a house with no foundations, you can’t.”

    • Oh, David is building a tower with good foundations. It’s higher than a house, he’s so ambitious lol
      Jokes apart, that’s an interesting article but there are some things that aren’t really reassuring lol. Taking risks and seizing opportunities … David can’t do it alone, I hope he’ll hire a good team to advise and help him to take the best decisions for his career.

  13. March 29, 2011 Japan update:

    “I went out the other day the furthest I’ve been since March 11. I’ll
    admit, I was a little panicky the whole time. Nothing major, but I felt
    like I shouldn’t be going out. Nevertheless, Shuko, Sarah and I went to
    Jusco, a supermarket. It was the biggestplace I’ve been so far. We were able to buy some bread and rice, but theydidn’t have any eggs or milk, though Shuko has been able to purchase someof both at other locations. Jusco had much more to sell than any of the
    other stores I’ve been to so far. They even had batteries, the first time
    I’ve seen them since the earthquake. The lady said that they had just
    gotten them in that morning. Of course, since Jusco is part of a major
    supermarket chain, it stands to reason that they have a much bigger networkof distributors and more ways to get stuff than the grocery store down thestreet which is pretty much on its own.

    We still don’t have a reliable source of gasoline, diesel or kerosene. We
    have enough for now, but I’m really hoping that such fuels will become
    reliable by the time I have to start going back to the high schools,
    especially since one of them is a 40 minute drive away, and thus consumes alot of gasoline. What really upsets me is when I see gas stations that have gas or diesel, but they limit who they will sell to. I don’t mean the number of people, but the type of people. We passed one station that had a sign saying that they were selling only diesel fuel, and only to large trucks. If they don’t have gas, well of course they can’t sell that. Butif they have diesel, they should be selling that to whoever has the money to pay for it.

    Jeff did a search on the web, and he said that it looks like this is the
    only area that doesn’t have kerosene. He didn’t give a reason. At the
    moment, we have two almost full tanks and enough kerosene for a while. But I want them to be selling it by the time we need it.

    Anyway, I think that’s all for now. Talk to you later.”
    (End Bill’s email)

    Like everyone else, we are getting conflicting reports on the radiation situation. We truly don’t know what to think or where to get reliable information. Based on seven years at a broadcast TV station, newspeople don’ know nuttin ’bout nuttin; but they pretend to know everthing ’bout everthing. Plus they hype any given problem in order to build ratings! In this situation, them what’s talkin’ don’ know, and them what’s know ain’t talkin’! The Japanese government and Tokyo power are the only two who really know, and they both have motivation to lie. Everyone else is just speculatin! The only facts we have is that Bill’s family is about 100 miles from Fukushima and upwind from it. That is, the winds are blowing any leaked radiation away from them.

    Bill Lewis

  14. Okay then, so Naima gets the “death spot” (performing #2 in a line-up of 11 performances), and 2 of the 3 judges act like her reggae spin on Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing” (which I thought sounded really good and fit her style) didn’t work. Whatever!

    The foolishness begins early tonight on American Idol…

    Stay strong, Naima! 🙂

  15. Okay, am I being mean when I say I no longer am a fan of Pia because she dared to sing one of David’s songs?

    I mean, just … no!

    Three songs that no one on Idol should ever sing on American Idol – ever! – because they have been “Davidized” and, therefore, too damn sacred for anyone else to touch it.

    Those include:
    1. “Imagine”
    2. “And So It Goes”
    3. “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me”

    And, of course, the judges are loving that lame performance. Ugh!

    • No one could ever match the passion and vocal excellence David exuded on all three of those songs (I’d add “Love me Tender” too). I can’t believe Randy wasn’t thinking about David’s finale night performance of DLTSGDOM “crazy vocals!”. He was infinitely more excited that night.

      I’m reminded of how much I love Elton John’s music. I’d love to see David cover one of his songs on an album.

    • I agree with HG and many other David A fans. I will never forget David’s Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me. I still get goose bumps when I listen to this tape. He was on fire during that Finale and definitely left an impression on everyone that watched that night. The Majority including Ruben Studdard agree.
      Everyone Stood and cheered until they couldn’t cheer anymore.

  16. I agree. Pia just did not do much with that song. David’s version of that song is classic. Casey was the best of the night for me. James was second. The judges are being way too nice. A lot of the performances were just not that great.

    • Interesting…

      “Her departure put a hold on Usher’s latest album after Jive Records refused to launch the album without a manager.”

    • Very interesting article. I think family should not be a part of an artist’s management team. It creates too many issues. I think we saw this with David’s dad.

    • wow, Peter…….I thought the Beyonce ‘corporation’ was strong

  17. HG, I agree with you about Pia singing “David’s” song. While watching her sing, all I could think of was David’s version and how much better his sounded.
    Naima is a hoot and I love Reggae. I guess that I am in the minority, but I really like watching her perform. I even watch her performance over and over. She’s the only contestant that I do that for. I will be sad if she gets kicked off tomorrow.
    I don’t like the way that James sings or performs. I can’t really hear his voice with all the background sounds and back up singers. James is too over the top and he isn’t cool.

    • I love David’s performance of DLTSGDOM. It is definitely one of my favorite performances of his on idol. I don’t think that no one should sing it because David sang it though. I think that it is probably not a good song to sing because it has been sung so many times on the show. I know David fans view that has his song but I don’t think most idol watchers do. I also don’t really agree with the idea that my idol sang that song so no one else should.

  18. Kris-I actually agree that Idol contestants should feel free to sing whatever song they choose. The risk as I see it for them is not singing it better or as well as the previous Idol contestant who sang it and if the judges and voting public (who may have watched the previous singer) feel it is worthy. I can see how that would be a consideration in choosing my song if I were an Idol contestant.

    Just my two cents worth. Now Elton John has a whole lotta songs to pick from and had I been Pia, I likely would have picked another song. Cuz you know David knocked that baby outa’ the park. 😉

    • I do think being compared to a previous idol is a problem that contestants should consider when picking songs. But I don’t think most idol watchers connect DLTSGDOM with David. I think only David fans connect that song to him. That song has been sung so many times on the show. I think that is the biggest problem with a contestant performing that song.

      • I agree with you Kris. For some odd reason, I actually went to last night and checked the main forum. Someone posted a thread, something like “who performed the best DLTSGDOM? Clay, Bo, or Pia?” There wasn’t even a MENTION of David!! I think you are totally correct that many Idol fans don’t think of David’s version of that song as “the one to beat”. To be honest, I don’t even remember Bo singing it. David has “Imagine” and in Idoldom, I’d say that’s it.

  19. i’ve come across many idol fans, not just david fans, who have those same feelings about ‘their’ faves song selections in their season being appropriated by contestants in later seasons – you can read any blog on the net and see varying levels of passion about the audacity [clutches pearls, lol] of contestant x singing [insert your fave’s] song. i think it’s kinda cute, lol.

    part of the genius, evil genius imo, lol, of 19e and tptb behind the idol brand has been their ability to attract, cater to and foster in its viewers and fans through the seasons an uber competitiveness, a deep level of emotional attachment and investment to the contestant [s] during and after the season that has created in some a false sense of entitlement or ‘closeness’ to the particular contestant – even down to the songs they sung while on the show. the depth of the emotional attachment and buy in from the viewers to the contestants is paramount to the ptb’s bottom line – it always comes back to the bottom line, or the dollars… that level of emotional investment is what they banked/ still bank on to sell a lot of tickets to their tour, sell a lot of idol merch, and sell a lot of singles and cd’s and other 19 related merch after each season… they’re good, very good at what they do 😉

    • Oh, I know that is not just a David fan thing. I know that is an idol fan thing period. And I find that kind of off-putting. Because really no matter how well the contestant sings the song the person who originated it still owns the song. I think that is part of the reason why people have such a negative idea of idol fans. The competitiveness that idol fans continue to exhibit even after the show is over is just annoying to me. I don’t like to go on idol blogs because of that. Its just constant talk about how my idol does this this and this better than your idol. My idol is the best idol ever. My idol broke the show. And even as a huge David fan, I find how some people use David to put other idol contestants down off putting as well.

  20. that is why i call 19e and simon fuller and co. evil geniuses, lol… look at how [brilliantly] they have crafted and executed the premise of this show, for 10 seasons running. even idol’s biggest detractors, haters, and those who can objectively see the show and the people who run it for what they really are still find time, ink and passion to talk about and debate it, endlessly, lol…
    that is master class marketing, and branding, and shows the depth and strength of the emotional investment and attachments they have created in their targeted audience… i mean, here you have what is for all intents and purposes a high tech, modern day karoake /variety show albeit with killer prizes, instilling in a mostly adult to middle aged primarily female audience a level of emotional attachment to young singers that can or could be construed by many as kinda interesting, to be diplomatic. like, love, hate it or be indifferent about it, the idol phenom is hella fascinating to discuss, analyze and debate once you go beyond the cheesy surface – at least it is for me. the show itself, the people who watch the show, the people who stay super involved and invested after the show, the people who support the artists and their work after the show – fascinating stuff.

  21. Bella, I would agree that the only song that idol viewers connect to David is Imagine. That is what most people consider his “moment.” And with DLTSGDOM I think most idol watchers probably think of Clay’s version so it doesn’t surprise me that on an idol board they would mention it.

  22. Well, so be it. The difference for me is that with Clay’s performance, although quite beautifully done, I did not have the connection or emotional attachment that I did with David’s. I have to admit, I am sure that would be clouding my feelings on this.

    • My post wasn’t about who performed the song better. Just that I don’t think that idol watchers connect that song to David.

      • Agree. I haven’t seen any comparison’s in the media even between Pia and David’s versions, and David’s was most recent. (compared to Bo and Clay and whoever else may have sang it along the way)

  23. aargh. Did not mean to put an apostrophe at the end of comparisons.

  24. The media had all of them listed prior to last night performance. I would say the majority of David will never forget David’s performance and it is mentioned on his fan sites frequently.

    New post!

    • Of course as David fans we do, we all adored that performance. We are saying that it seems for the most part, the rest of the world has forgotten David’s brilliant performance of that song.

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