Daily Archives: March 26, 2011

Nascar Vlog!

😀  (thanks, Burkey)

Not Idle to Watch Idol

Perhaps one of the more telling moments on David’s twitter is not that he’s getting ready to sing the National Anthem at the NASCAR Royal Purple 300 but that he had absolutely nothing to say about American Idol on Thursday.

Idol, which many would agree had its first water cooler moment this season with surprise after surprise after surprise (Stevie Wonder! Hulk Hogan! Casey Abrams gets saved and then almost “needs a Doctor”!) certainly elicited various responses and tweets from media and Idol alumni.

All but one Idol twitterer had something to say about Thursday’s episode.

So, I’m now convinced more than ever that David has all sorts of tricks he’ll be pulling out his sleeve!  I swear he’s such a tease.

Why all the hints from the folks surrounding him? Why all the trivial tweets about food and morning strolls?  What exactly is he refusing to divulge to his fans?

And I know he’s up to something for him to miss American Idol this week, considering how he gave us his own remarks about the show since the season started.

Hmmm, so David wasn’t idle enough to tune into Idol.

Whatever will he tell us in his new vlog? 🙂