David Vlogs About Band Auditions

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  1. Bringing over comment from last thread:

    I can’t begin to say just how touched I am by this vlog. This is one of the best he has ever made so far. I feel almost as if he has been reading all the fansite comments about what he has been up to because he actually apologized for keeping certain things from us. The saying – be careful what you wish for certainly applies in my case because the vlog is almost too intimate as he discusses the thinking process for his career and songwriting futures. I also feel a bit sad about the fact that after 3 years of hard work he practically has to start over from scratch. However, I’m cheered at the fact that at 20 – now is the perfect time for self-discovery and experimentation. What if TOSOD had taken off? This maturation process would have been delayed perhaps another year or two. David sure has been thinking about this direction for quite a while even before he quit Jive and I’ll support him all the way. What a ride!

    • raelovingangels

      joymus my friend…. you said exactly what I was thinking and feeling that could not put my finger on. It was sweet, thoughtful, intimate and gaaa that voice- I wanted more…. David has such a caretaking spirit. Among other reasons- his twitter followers continue to grow IMO. He is funny, real, thoughtful, surprising and did I mention real? So talented- I am in for the long haul as I am sure are many. Perhaps not all but many will stay with David as he figures out his path,

      • raelovingangels

        sigh.. I love watching David come into his own and feel honored that he shares his thoughts- what he can- and is comfortable with.

  2. I liked the vlog. I found it interesting that David’s band is going to be based in LA not Utah. I think that is a positive thing. It makes me wonder what the LA connection is for David now. David’s foundation is taking a long time to build. lol

  3. I love what he said about his new band (the chemestry, try new things, broaden his horizons, learn different sides of music, etc) and the contrast with his former bands (pop musicians, more “limited” musically). Does that mean that David is going to explore out off the pop genre ? I’d love it if it’s the case ! I can’t wait for the jam sessions and I’d love to attend one of the future shows. It’s really promising the way he talked about them (and we already know he’s the best live singer) ! I wonder how long it would take to renew my passport lol

    • raelovingangels

      “Does that mean that David is going to explore out off the pop genre ? ” I think he is looking to venture a bit from mainstream… how far? and what direction? who knows? probably not even David… 🙂 I think he wanted to clear up “tour” rumors- ( at least anything imminent) because that was the hope when “getting a band together” was mentioned- so he wanted to clarify that a bit.

  4. Great vlog! I’m looking at this period of his life as The David Renaissance. I also liked how he emphasized the importance of having chemistry with those he’s working with. I wonder if he will move to Los Angeles. With the band there, I foresee opportunities for lots of gigs where they can try out new music.

  5. Did David’s piano playing remind anyone else of this? 🙂 Jokes aside, I actually love Vince Guaraldi’s music.

    • Isn’t US Magazine a tabloid? I never know what to believe in some of those.

      And I’m not gonna lie. I get really concerned about the fact that David’s fanbase keeps dwindling so much. I try not to dwell on it, but it keeps me from enjoying things that a fan should enjoy ~ like this vlog. Even David’s excitement isn’t helping right now. I want him to look forward to his future, but I also want him to be aware that he has ALOT of work to do in order to gain most of his fanbase back. I feel like he trusts fans too much sometimes. And I’d be incredibly sad if he believed that everyone would keep standing by him this whole time, only to have a rude awakening when he puts his music back out there again. I know that ppl on the fansites will still be there, but a few hundred diehards isn’t enough to sustain a career, lol.

      And that’s not related to anything, lol. It’s just what has been on my mind these past few months.

      • raelovingangels

        I am not so worried about US fan base- kinda feel what will be will be- but hope he can get back to SE Asia for a tour… The fans and media love and support- and that needs to be cultvated IMO.

      • VJ, I think that with the sales of TOSOD, David knows that his fanbase is smaller than after his first album. And I’m sure he knows that the absence between the two pop albums and the lack of real promo were damaging and resulted in the loss of fans. But I’m not too worried about him loosing fans. He still has what attracted people the first time (his voice, his looks, his personality). When it will be time for him to release new music, he’ll gain back most of his fanbase and new fans too. Of course, the music should be good and he’ll need a great management to get him high profile performances. I beleive he’s capable of making a great come back. He’s working on it, trying to take the best decisions and building good foundation. We just have to give him the time he needs to do things correctly. It’s his first chance since AI to do exactly what he wants for his life and his career and not what AI wants or his former label. What’s happening now for him was inevitable IMO. Even us, the fans, we knew that David didn’t have the chance to express who he really is and that the teen idol image didn’t represent him. He’ll be fine and I’m sure he’ll gain more than new fans after all this, he’ll gain respectability and credibility too. That’s important if he wants a long career.

      • david’s career and 99.9 percent of all things related to it is out of our control. it’s as simple as that. no amount of repetitive concern or worry can do anything to change that. it sounds simplistic, but it really is nothing short of ‘what will be is going to be’. if david has to rebuild his fanbase from square 1, then that is what will be. cold, hard truth. if fate dictates that he must endure a lean season, or 2, a period of gaining and shedding fans – what will be, will be. i think david more than we [really] understands where things stand in his career. i think he knows he has some uphill battles as he regroups, refocuses, and rebuilds. i think he has known this for some time, and from what i gather in observing him via his vlogs, he seems at peace and excited about the steps he is taking. we all know, have known for some time the challenges he faces – but what is life without obstacles, challenges, setbacks and the occasional disappointment to face, and get through, and hopefully overcome. the strong survive and thrive in this world, and both he and we, the fans that are in it for the long haul, have to have a certain toughness and resiliency to endure what lies ahead.

    • I saw this article. The story is all over the internet. I think that it may be true as the source was Perez Hilton. Perez was at the party and is best buddies with Lady Gaga. AL may love attention a bit too much. lol I am concerned about David’s shrinking fanbase too. I will not worry if David gets signed to a major label. Maybe he can’t sign yet and there is a reason he can’t talk about it. If he doesn’t then I think it will be a problem. Sorry, I don’t like him going indie.

  6. I loved the detail in the vlog. Finally! The fact that he’s auditioning a band augers well for tour. Yes! I do think D’s had his ear to the ground or else a friend or sib told him how concerned we were so we got some news.

    I tweeted him but as I’m a newby, I don’t know if it went through. Even if it did, I realize it’s highly unlikely that David read the thing. One way or another, I’d love to get through to him–and ask him to sit FACING the light, instead of with his back to the window.

    David’s face is sooo expressive (not to mention gorgeous). I love seeing his face in a vlog. Ones that appear to be filmed underground are frustrating and a bit disappointing for me…though I’d take them dark over none any day. haha

  7. why do you peeps think his fanbase is shrinking?????? how do you know????

    • TOSOD sales ?
      Even if he lost some fans since his first album I don’t think it’s a major problem. He’s doing the right thing now to gain them back. His priority is to define his sound, to know who he is musically.

    • His fanbase has definitely gotten smaller, Ray. TOSOD sales show that, plus he has less views on his videos, less comments on his fansites. I personally know several people who have moved on from David.
      Still, I’m not really worried about it. Just look at his face in that vlog. I’ve never seen him so happy. His face just radiates joy, doesn’t it? Whatever happens down the road careerwise (and I think he’ll be fine) he’s definitely where he wants to be at this point in time, so it’s hard to stress about that. 🙂

  8. i still say that the cd bought on his sits are not counted,and neather are the over seas sales,i think the major lables are afraid of david he will hange the industry to better music and people will not want the bad guys and girls,so they try to but him down just my opn

  9. Ray: David just needs to find the right label. There are some good ones out there. It sure wasn’t jive and he was smart to leave. They just wanted to push Britney, Usher, and CB. I agree with you there.

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