Daily Archives: March 1, 2011

Being 20: Spotlight on John Lennon

Another musical legend, whose influence on David has everything to do with how he penned a song, “Imagine,” that would later be re-imagined – pun intended – into a little piece of magic, as sung by The Voice, is worthy of our attention.

Did David revive this song for a new generation? Most definitely!  By infusing his youthful, boyish hope for a better world, he transformed John Lennon’s own mature take on world peace – and the melancholic clinging to this hope in the midst of widespread cynicism – into a sincere yet deliciously complex rendering of a recognizable tune and made it sound brand new.  That’s not talent to sneeze at, folks!

So, a little spotlight on the man who penned this classic and what he was doing when he was David’s present age.  When John Lennon was 20 years old, he was transforming an old skiffle band, which he formed with some friends from his high school, called the Quarrymen, into The Beatles.  Together, they practiced and toured and eventually hooked up with a manager, before they broke onto the British pop charts in 1963, when he was around 23.  A year later, they went to the U.S. and made their debut on the Ed Sullivan Show, and the rest, of course, is history.

John Lennon’s own longing for change happened around 1965, again that magical male age of 25, when he wanted The Beatles’ music to be taken seriously as more than “boy band music,” and an anecdote goes that their song, “Help,” was really about wanting help from the Beatlemania that surrounded them.  In 1970, he finally broke up with the band to pursue a solo career, and a year later, he would give us “Imagine.”

Considering how John Lennon’s artistic vision evolved through a longer process (despite his premature death at age 40 due to his assassination in 1980), imagine if he got dismissed from a music career at age 20!  As I keep saying, the best is yet to come.  Who knows what David has in store, when so many others before him took a while to mature their sound.

Here’s to the promise and potential! 🙂