Nascar Vlog!

😀  (thanks, Burkey)

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  1. Damn those fighter jets for drowning out The Voice at the end!!

    Where is their respect?!

    Don’t those numbskulls understand you don’t do stuff like that before the SSB is over, let alone when The Voice is delivering it?!


    Other than that, David looked and sounded great! 😀

  2. you got that right hg – friggin’ jets, drowning out the cp, lolol

    he looked and sounded fantastic. it was good seeing him and hearing him on tv again, yes ma’am 😀

  3. David sounded and looked great other than the jets drowning him out at the end. lol

  4. i didn’t know a new thread had started. bringing my post over —

    archangel48, the next time you’re at a NASCAR race, please let them know that when The Archuleta sings, all TV cameras are to focus on him and military planes can only fly overhead AFTER he finishes. 😉

    Jokes aside, he did wonderful and looked great! Go David!

    • Desertrat, I’ll make a note of that and let it be known immediately upon arrival! (I love the subtle changes to his performances of our National Anthem. He is a musical genius!)
      I also detect a more confident, mature David. Very attractive, indeed!
      It’s been such a wonderful journey “growing-up” with him!

  5. thanks peter.

  6. @TheVoiceDA

    Text from djafan (she’s at NASCAR) “…he’s watching now. He rode the first lap with grey cars”

    david is really whooping it up lately – blimp ride, possible speculated skydive, now riding on the first lap at a nascar race – you go boy, you go… what was that song of the day he gave us a little while ago – the jill scott one… he is taking it to heart. you go boy. 😉

    Jill Scott “Golden”

  7. Better version:

  8. 😳 That’s a link to David at the race…

  9. Maybe, just maybe David has new management…….with this gig singing the NA and the new gig in South Carolina Memorial Weekend

    Wonder if he does??

    • raelovingangels

      He has a booking company- so I he can be reached for bookings. I cannot remember the name but I assume they are still in place. Maybe you are right about the management? But if I took over management of the one, the only David Archuleta- I would do a press release… 🙂 Unless it is a person or company who really does work totally behind the scene.

  10. Woohoo!!!!!!!

    I just learned that my book manuscript received a second glowing review! 😀

    I’m now expecting a publication date for late 2012! Things are finally moving along!

    Just wanted to share.

    It’s been a good day.

  11. Congrats HG ! Proud of your accomplishment and thanks for keeping up the SoulDavid site besides!

  12. Thanks for still reading! 🙂

    Can’t wait for you all to have a book in hand so you can read me in print (which I still think has a future – no matter what publishers think about the e-book phenom).

    • Wow! That’s wonderful, HG! Congrats! I’m with you. I like to have the book in my hand too!

  13. HG, Congratulations on your new book. How do you do all that you do and then write such interesting articles and such for a website almost everyday???? You’re amazing!!!

    I was disappointed that they didn’t show enough of David when he sang. It sesms that when you have a guest singer that you should show him more than what they did. It was kind of rude. Am I bad?

  14. Blogging ain’t easy but when you’ve got a readership, you try harder.

    And, Suzy-Q, I guess you missed my first comment on this thread in which I was basically cussing out the fighter jet pilots for the unpardonable sin of drowning out our beloved’s Voice. haha!

  15. Suzy-Q, if your bad, then so am I! I wanted to see more of David too! 😉
    HG, that’s terrific news about your book. I commend your talents and dedication to SoulDavid. I am here often, mostly lurk. I enjoy your writing and look forward to reading your book!

  16. goodkarmaseeker

    Congratulations HG, what an amazing accomplishment!! I am anxious to learn more about your book.

  17. My My!……who is this Steve guy??

    steveschaumburg @DavidArchie fantastic job on the N.A. If you don’t have a new record contract yet let’s talk. Stay cool David
    10 minutes ago

  18. Congrats HG!!! You deserve every success on this milestone achievement.

    Wasn’t today the most wonderful one in a long time? New vlog, new performance, new upcoming appearances, new haircut, new mature and confident outlook, new intros (without AI or Jive handles), and GREAT POST NA BUZZ!
    David seems like hot property now more than ever and everyone wants a piece of him. As GG said – he’s living life like its golden and he is as well.

  19. Congratulations on your book coming out in 2012! You are one mega talented lady. 🙂

    I am so glad to see David out there performing and getting some exposure.

  20. Congrats on your book HG. Looking forward to reading it. Keep us posted on its progress.

    Loving this day!!!

  21. Congratulations on your book HG !

    I loved all the tweets from non-fans after David sang the NA. With David it’s simple : you hear him, you love him ! (and a lot of tweets from guys too !).

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