David’s Anointing of Certain Songs on Idol

I stand by my “fanatical” word (that’s why I’m a “fan”!) and insist that once a “Davidization” of a song has been done, the next Idol contestants to touch them had better

1. Deliver above and beyond


2. Change the arrangement in such a way that it becomes that contestants’ own.

Just like Carrie Underwood fans can’t bare for anyone to touch “Alone” and Randy Jackson will never believe any other contestant will do to “Summer Time” what Fantasia did to it, I too will hold everyone else up to the high David standard that has been set (and, no, neither Bo nor Clay compares to David’s version of DLTSGDOM – just my very humble opinion).

Exhibit A:

Other “untouchables”:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

If any other contestant even tries to do “Imagine” and lacks any kind of emotional connection that David achieved, just for PUNISHMENT they should be voted off the next night and disappear into obscurity.   ‘Nuff said.

And this isn’t just about David. God help the fool who attempts “My Funny Valentine,” after Melinda Doolittle made it her own.

After 10 seasons, you would think somebody behind the scenes would show contestants the “standards” set so they can decide what they’re going to do differently or choose a different song entirely.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly HG and would probably add more! ie; Love Me Tender etc.
    I’m also a fan of Melinda’s Funny Valentine too.

    I would say a majority of David’s fans feel the same way as evidenced by comments on many David fan sites.

  2. Amen, HG, amen! I especially like your proposed consequences for anyone tackling “Imagine”. (I don’t think anyone has ever tried to do that song since David–perhaps AI tells everyone it’s untouchable?)

    Wanted to comment on this from the last post:
    “I actually went to americanidol.com last night and checked the main forum. Someone posted a thread, something like “who performed the best DLTSGDOM? Clay, Bo, or Pia?” There wasn’t even a MENTION of David!!”

    There were 2 threads: The first was; “Bo Bice, DAVID ARCHULETA, Clay or Pia” (David WAS mentioned). The second was simply “Clay or Pia”, and one of the first comments was about David being better than both, followed by lots more support for David’s version.

    Yes, Clay has historically been linked to DLTSGDOM, but David has a very respectable following regarding that performance too. No need to be overly pessimistic about it.

    • I posted that Utahmom and the original thread which was posted right after Idol ended did not include David’s name. Those were other threads that were created later.

      • I feel as though I’m being attacked just for saying that David is not as well known for DLTSGDOM. We loved it, that’s all that matters. He is mainly known for Imagine. That’s all I was trying to point out. They certainly aren’t going to retire the song because David sang it so well. Others have too, like Clay. I don’t feel I’m being overly pessimistic about anything- was just a little surprised that initially it wasn’t David’s version that Pia is being compared to.

      • Those are the only threads; perhaps you saw the Clay & Pia thread. Not surprising (at least to me) since Clay is the one that everyone tends to think of first when it comes to that song. Not that it really matters…

        Please don’t feel attacked! I guess “pessimistic” wasn’t the best word to use. You just seemed kinda bummed that David wasn’t mentioned, and I wanted to point out that there was lots of support for David on those threads, so that you wouldn’t feel so down about it. Plus, I didn’t want others to think that no one had mentioned David when there really were a lot of positive comments.

        I agree, David’s “Imagine” will always be his most memorable moment in the public’s mind, and what a great moment for him to have! For many of us, there’s quite a few other great David moments, and over at the AI forum there were others (not necessarily David fans, judging by their names) who also appreciated his DLTSGDOM performance. Clay’s version is more well known, but it doesn’t completely negate David’s, or Bo’s for that matter.

      • Utahmom, I guess I was a little bummed, definitely surprised to see that thread without David’s name. For the record, I’m not wrong about that thread. It listed both Bo and Clay and Pia, not David. Tbh, I didn’t even know Bo sang DLTSGDOM so I definitely saw his name. It’s not a big deal. Perhaps the original poster took down the thread or edited it to include David later. Maybe the poster just didn’t remember David sang it, or didn’t watch Idol that particular season.
        Personally, I agree that some songs are soooo overdone on Idol and usually there’s at least one really good version of it for a contestant to be compared to. If I was an Idol mentor, I would maybe try to steer a contestant away from one of those songs, such as DLTSGDOM.

      • I promise I’m done spamming after this! LOL Utahmom, you are absolutely correct. That thread is no longer there. I’m guessing it’s the one that now includes David’s name. Someone must’ve pointed out that David wasn’t included. I didn’t realize that Justin Guarini sang it too? Sheesh, it should be retired just based on the number of times its been sung on the show!

      • Ah, they must have added his name, which is very considerate of them, but confusing to us! Hopefully, you saw the positive comments I was talking about. And, not only Justin, but also Jasmine Trias sang it on idol. I agree, it should be retired, it’s been done to death.

  3. Bella, I don’t think that you are pessimistic at all. I agree with you. I don’t think that David is well known for DLTSGDOM. I also don’t think that a contestant is going to be in trouble for singing the song because David sang it. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I agree about Imagine. When people think of American Idol and David they most likely think of Imagine. Though we as David fans think that David had moments with multiple songs on the show that isn’t the case for every watcher.

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  6. New band, new songs, new covers, new languages … new David ?
    Great vlog by David ! I hope he’ll consider learning French as a new language, it would make it easier for me the next time I’ll meet him lol (and it’s a latin language, really close to Spanish).

    • I know- I’m so curious as to what he’s planning with all these changes! Can’t wait! 😀

      • bella- Hope you don’t mind me asking but is that meant to be “beautiful” in Italian or in Spanish? I’ve heard it in both languages and it sounds just like its meaning-beautiful.

      • it is short for Isabella actually, and it’s from a pet. I know that’s probably disappointing. lol

      • Oh, lol. It is a pretty name so I still think you picked a nice moniker. I actually like Isabella as a name. It was a possible middle name for my daughter. Her name is Ana Luisa. I actually would have liked Ana Isabella much more but was not in the cards I guess. 🙂

      • Ana Luisa is beautiful, and I think it has an even nicer ring to it than Ana Isabella. 🙂

    • raelovingangels

      just watched the vlog! In my mind, listening to him talk, I was hearing “who I am:… that is such a great song and I really believe that his the nail on the head with where David ist out.

      Gah,,,wish he would have sung more.,..David you are Killing us not so softly. Also, he had best be careful someone will steal his beat and that sweet little melody he was getting on.

      Missed part/saw part of idol last nite- No one really perks my interest…

      • raelovingangels

        “Who I am” hit the nail on the head… I was also thing- WOOT David’s garage band!

  7. David speaking French and lotsa Spanish would be heavenly. 🙂

    cmoi- ‘Je t’aime’ is all I know in French. If David learns French, I have a feeling there will be many of us learning it as well.

    • He already has a good french accent when he sings Pat A Pan !
      Apparently, “Je t’aime” is all you need to know at a David concert, judging by all the ILY screams in the youtube videos of his shows lol.
      I think David can speak Spanish but he’s just shy, maybe we’ll hear him speak it more now that he seems more confident and laid back. Also, he’s a musician and he has a good ear so that would help him learn a new language.
      BTW, cmoi is an abreviation of “c’est moi” which means “it’s me” (I know, really original lol).

      • Good to hear he has the French accent down. I was playing Pat a Pan and Rui Rui Rui yesterday. Crazy, I know in the middle of Spring.

        c’est moi sounds very pretty even in my poor attempt at French. Not so original but it pretty much says what you mean and in well spoken French probably sounds great. lol

        One of the neat things about David is that he attempts many things even though he takes the risk of missing the mark a bit. He’s very brave that way. Hoping for some lovely lyrics in any romance language.

  8. Nice Vlog by David. The comments about the band speaking different languages was very interesting. I really wonder what is going on.

  9. Oh Boy, HG, you picked one of my favorite songs that David sang on idol………AND SO IT GOES…….this was an outstanding performance and I believe one of the most underrated & unnoticed song that David sang. Just imagine, he performed the first half of this song a capella and his tone and sound was just AWESOME!

    As Paula might say, a beautiful, beautiful performance.

    I still listen to this performance often.

  10. David seems excited about where he is going in his life and career right now. I love that. I loved what he had to say about the band and how he wanted to have chemistry with them. It is funny because that is something that I was just talking about on another board. I also liked him talking about changing things up and doing new things with the band. I’ve wanted David to do new arrangements of his older songs for awhile so hearing him say that made me happy. I also like that he is taking the time to figure out who he is and where he wants to go before making decisions. Which is smart.

  11. I love to see David in charge of his career. He maybe doesn’t know yet who he is as an artist but he seems to know who he’s not and what he doesn’t want to do. It’s a good start lol

    I hope his new band members can sing good background vocals !

  12. I can’t begin to say just how touched I am by this vlog. This is one of the best he has ever made so far. I feel almost as if he has been reading all the fansite comments about what he has been up to because he actually apologized for keeping certain things from us. The saying – be careful what you wish for certainly applies in my case because the vlog is almost too intimate as he discusses the thinking process for his career and songwriting futures. I also feel a bit sad about the fact that after 3 years of hard work he practically has to start over from scratch. However, I’m cheered at the fact that at 20 – now is the perfect time for self-discovery and experimentation. What if TOSOD had taken off? This maturation process would have been delayed perhaps another year or two. David sure has been thinking about this direction for quite a while even before he quit Jive and I’ll support him all the way. What a ride!

    • I actually felt bad that David apologized for that. Because I don’t feel like David needs to tell us the personal decisions he is making towards his career and his life.

  13. When David apologized, I actually got goosebumps and said outloud “NO! You don’t have to tell us about all that!” LOL
    I respect him taking his life/career in his own hands. He’s smart and treading ever-so-carefully in choosing his “foundation”. I’m here for the journey. Today. Tomorrow, and always! 😉

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