Daily Archives: September 3, 2010

The End of an Era: The Start of a New Series

For those of us who’ve been bellyaching over the dismal sales and charting of David’s new single, would it make us feel any better (just a tad?) if we took note that other Idols – like Chris Daughtry,  for example – are also not selling well, or that Carrie Underwood’s Play On has only sold around 1 million copies (waay down from her usual numbers)?

The only Idols doing well right now include Fantasia (and consider the “bad publicity” she received when her new album debuted, albeit to critical acclaim) and Adam Lambert, up to a point.

And need I remind you all that the American Idol summer tour was such a dismal failure that some shows had to be canceled, while other shows had half-full arenas?

It’s official: it’s the end of an era.  American Idol ran its course, and the pop musical landscape has changed.  The only problem is that a show, which owed part of its success to bad taste, also has the bad taste to not know when to pack it up and call it a season run. 

I sincerely hope that they recognize that there is no more life after Season 10.  I don’t mind it trying to reboost next season, but just as Oprah realizes that “25” is a good round number to end her show, so too is Season 10 a nice round number to call it quits. 

Why am I eager to see Idol off the air? Because I do believe the Idol roster is getting too crowded, and its stellar alumni (including David) deserve an opportunity to distinguish themselves from the crowd and to outlast the show and mature beyond it.  As Idol fades over time, while David only grows in strength the older he gets, we’ll see David get his moment to shine.

But look at this musical landscape right now; the soil is arid, the environment is polluted.  David needs a greener setting. 

With the start of a new series, I want to devote the next set of blog posts imagining what this “greener setting” of music might look like for someone like David and what could be possible for his talents.

In the meantime, I really think it’s time we stop worrying about radio play, about iTunes, about publicity and promo, because David is bigger than that.  Really, he is, and I dare to think his label knows this too.