Daily Archives: September 24, 2010

The Preview: Why Am I Less Than Thrilled?

OK, so Amazon has all song snippets from The Other Side of Down:

My favorites so far are “Falling Stars,” “Things Are Gonna Get Better,” and “My Kind of Perfect.”

The rest just seems so…generic…so “boy band,” so … I dunno… like a pop female star’s rejects?

I want my Soul David back! What is this bleached out, flattened effect? Where’s my cry and my heartbreak?

I want “Angels” David back! I want “Contigo en la Distancia” back!

Kudos to David for trying out his songwriting muscles, but The Voice is where it’s at!

Here’s hoping that the next album is mostly standard and awesome covers…

unless a really good songwriter and music producer still exists in the music industry, who can equip The Voice with some amazing masterpieces.

Sorry, JMHO. And, as always, the jury is still out until I hear the album in its entirety.