Enraptured by the Voice

I have decided to devote my Sunday posts to The Voice in all its glory. Meaning: focusing on earlier performances of David, which captured our awe and our respect for his immense vocal talent.

Today, my feature performance: “Contigo en la Distancia” (what can I say? I’ve been missing this side of David for quite some time). Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. This performance never gets old – it’s a classic! I just went to the ALMA website but they don’t have a date listed for the upcoming award show. I hope they invite David again.

    In twitter news, #manincap is now sporting an earring — “walking around stage with his earring glistening in the sun”. 🙂

  2. Yeah DR,
    I was just coming on to correct that info.
    Wanted to ask you though – could you repost that info you had on the new manager and her people who are following David prior to the news breaking out?

    • They are:

      @amberrashelle – looks like a pr/publicity person

      @kariontour – Britney’s former asst tour manager

      @christinagan – Started a company called Fourth Hour Productions

    • Hi Joymus – just skimming the sites for a few secs tonight to read reactions to the new songs at the Albany Classic and saw your comment. Over at AFS it was reported that Johnny Wright of WEG is David’s manager, signed as of yesterday. Melinda Bell works for WEG and she will probably be with David on tour, meet & greets, etc., and act as personal liaison between WEG and JIVE. She’ll also probably be his “contact person” for any appearances as well. Note probably. 😀 Melinda Bell is reportedly EXTREMELY LOYAL and is the type to really fight for the artist.

      Good news indeed!

  3. I love, love, love this performance of David. His voice is perfect for this song. I can’t wait for him to come out with a Spanish album.

  4. No existe un momento del dia
    en que pueda apartarme de ti
    es mundo parece distinto
    cuando no estas junto a mi.

    No hay bella melodia
    en que no surjas tu
    ni yo quiero escucharla
    si no la escuchas tu.

    Es que te has convertido
    en parte de mi alma
    ya nada me consuela
    si no estas tu tambien
    mas alla de tus labios, del sol y las estrellas
    contigo en la distancia
    amada mia estoy.

    Es que te has convertido
    en parte de mi alma
    ya nada me consuela
    si no estas tu tambien
    mas alla de tus labios, del sol y las estrellas,
    contigo en la distancia,
    amada mia estoy.

    Contigo en la distancia
    amada mi estoy ohhhhhhhh
    Contigo estoy.

    • When David sang this- I would play the vidoe version that had the english translation again and again until I fully understood the meanting of heach word and could then watch the Spanish version and really get it. It was like Fields of Gold- I was stuck in that vortex awhile also, Both songs a beautiful place to be,

      On another note- Loving Stomping the Roses. I can see using that phrase in my daily converstation. People will probably look at me like I am nuts- I am sure it will slip out because t it is so doggonne descriptive.

    • Thanks Gladys! It’s been awhile since I looked at the lyrics. I don’t speak Spanish but from his overall performance I was able to understand what he was saying.

  5. Contigo en la Distancia is one of my VERY favorite performances

    Beautiful voice sung by a beautiful person. Nothing but class. 🙂

  6. Burkey- love your jack-o- lantern!

  7. Live performance of OSOD at New Albany, Ohio today……love this song!

    • One of my favos also. IMO, this song would appeal to guys who may not be ythe typical DA fans.- because it is just has such a cool vibe.

  8. Manincap reliving his teen years is he? Ha! Ha!
    Mucho happy for new management. Let’s hope for some really smart, professional choices to be made regarding Davids career. Jury is still out for me with MelindaWEG. Seems some of her tweets were a tad bit tacky. I will reserve the rest for when we see her in action.

  9. I pre-ordered the deluxe album on itunes france and I’ll get it October 4th apparently !!! I really love this album already and can’t stop listening to the songs. But I can’t wait to hear it in HQ and I can’t wait to hear the bonux track too !

  10. I just got back from the Columbus concert and I loved the songs live! The band had a tight sound and a good look to them. It was great to catch up with fans who had come from all over.

    • Glad you enjoyed the show. From all the tweets and twitpics, it looked like a fan convention in New Albany.

    • Awesome Freo! It’s always great meeting up with David fans! I can’t wait to hear the songs live, myself!

    • Freo, Sorry I missed you at New Albany. The concert was beyond fantastic. It was such a treat for his Midwest fans.

      On a more unpleasant note, #MIC# was holding court with fans again. And, the fans now have a new VRS: Mike. Yikes.

      • I’m sorry I missed you! Was #MIC# holding court? It must have been after I left. I saw him on stage briefly, but saw only Mike come out afterward.

        As usual, David’s set flew by! I loved the new songs live with a full band. The band looks very good together and has a tight sound.

      • Yes he was talking to the fans when we waited for David to come out after the show. (Daivd did come out and ran down the line touching everyone’s hands before he hopped on the waiting van.)

        As for the band, David hand-picked the new members, per new VRS.

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