Waiting a Week From Now…

By now, I’m sure some of you are wondering what my thoughts are, now that the full songs are released.  And I’m pleased to say:

I’m waiting.

Yes, with all the hoopla and praise and wonderful reviews I’m hearing (including the crying and the tears I’ve been wanting to shed over The Voice), I suddenly feel the need to wait.

To wait for the noise to die down and the crowd to dissipate and just wait.

I want to wait for my album next week.

I want to wait for the experience of downloading an entire album off itunes when it becomes available.

I want to wait to see a CD in store.

I want to wait and let the Voice just hit me from the speakers on my stereo or from my car or on my headphones.

In the midst of a crazy work schedule this week, plus personal developments with family, I want something to wait on when my down time gets here.

Waiting for The Voice (and for The Voice as I want to hear and not how it’s being suggested through some snippets) to hit me like I want it to.

This means, of course, that I must deliberately stay out of the loop.

So, don’t be surprised if I keep a low profile for the rest of the week.

(This of course won’t mean that I won’t be checking the comments to measure the anticipation and give rise to my expectations).

Finally, I’m learning something David has had all along:

The Virtue of Patience.

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  1. On line chat with David 4:00 PM EST Z-100.http://www.z100.com/pages/chat/

    Guess I will take that day off to catch all the excitment. Isn’t he also on Regis that day?

    Good for you to wait hg. 🙂 Guess I just don’t have the patience.

  2. let me try that link again?

    Hope this means Z-100 will play David- but wonder which song. Honestly I love both- Elevator- quirky- clear vocals- fun….SBL power pop.

    • Good Place is my favorite today! 🙂

      I am frustrated with radio. If they can’t see great music then it is their loss.

  3. You are a strong will woman HG. Good luck on the waiting.

    My fav so far is TOSOD, FS & MKOP.

  4. My favorite is “My Kind of Perfect” Just a piano and the Voice. Beautiful!!!

  5. The sound that comes from my computer isn’t very good Even though I have listened to all of the songs, I am looking forward to hearing them on my CD player. I am just as anxious to hear them again and in a way it will be like listening to them for the very first time.

  6. My attempt to describe my thoughts about the album.

    I’ve tried so hard to form my feelings about TOSOD into words, but have accomplished nothing that would do justice to David and this masterpiece he has created at the age of nineteen.

    The melancholic songs take my mind to scenarios of rain, deserts, lonely nights under the starry sky, a flickering candle light… but when I listen to the more joyful songs, THAT’S when I feel my eyes tingling with sudden tears.

    Why? Because I FEEL David in them. I feel the pen scratching the paper, writing words like “things are gonna get better”, “paint it over if your world is grey” or “nothing’s gonna break my stride”. I feel David driving home from the studio, feeling so happy to have succesfully put his vulnerable soul out on display, feeling like he left his diary open accidentally on purpose so someone would read it, and learn from it or relate to it.

    I can almost touch his face, caress the dimples that form when he’s smiling widely, being so excited and proud and happy to open his heart and mind to his fans and to others who perhaps don’t understand, but soon will. I feel David the way I feel my own fingertips typing this right now. He’s so real to me through these songs, and the thought of having someone like him in this world makes me want to cry with joy.

    • Been lurking for awhile and will continue to do so but wanted to say that your words brought tears. So heartfelt. No doubt you get David.

    • embe- that was beautiful. Wow!

    • me too, I feel the same way. Your words are tearing me up. According to an interview I read today, because this album is very “personal and still fresh”, he is feeling the jitters knowing people can hear the entire album in like an hour, what he had worked on for the last year and worked hard at it. He’s been excited about sharing this with his fans, but he also suddenly feels exposed. This is his first true artistic effort and we are feeling him in it.

  7. Pat Marino is featuring his favorites from TOSOD on Sunset Cruise this week Sun 10/3 -> Sun 10/10

    “We need more positive things like many of these songs in today’s world and media and I cannot wait to share my own personal favorite’s ”


  8. I still love that Jeff Fenster line…. It just sums up in a neat little package David’s priorities- which is why I am sure some people are scratching their head when it comes to him and he does not buy into the ego driven fame game….Gotta say, I would imagine Jeff was been totally charmed by David like the rest of us and he was way cool with being momorialized in a David song. Gives me a new appreciation for Mr. A & R guy- even though apart from reading a few artciles and that you tube video- I relaly kinow noting about him…. But, heck- who would not want to live in one of David’s songs forever?

    • neato!

      He gave Good Place a 10 out of 10!
      Good Place is my favorite song today!

      • he also plaigiarized almost 100 percent of my comment on mjsbigblog in the 1st 2 paragraphs, made the day before, about my impression of the full cd, lol. i ain’t mad at them, if it helps bring positive attention to the cd it’s all good. it’s just weird seeing something you wrote being lifted and used in someone else’s byline without consent, or linking back to the source. i don’t care about the credit, because i’m not a professional writer and don’t depend on it for my livelihood, but it is weird nonetheless.

      • GG, I agree. It is so strange to have a professional writer copy what you had written. In a way, it’s a compliment to your writing skills but he took the lazy way of writing a review.

  9. All these recent print interviews with David sure is painting a new David Image 2.0. Without a doubt he has taken his art into his own hands and come hell or high water was going to do things HIS way no matter what and regardless of the album having a hit or not. All attempts to blockade his particulat vision was seemingly firmly rejected. Next stop – album production. David has also stated in another article posted on SA that the next time around he wants to control every aspect of what goes into a song. Is he headed into forming his own recording and production studio in the near future? The implication of these revelations suggest the emergence of a leaner, meaner, tougher David with a smile firmly fixed in place. Passive-aggressive much? Yikes! we’d better sit tight and mentally reset our expectations for David – right quick.

    • i’ve been waiting for it, and i love it. i like assertive people, and david has used these few years of being in this business full time to begin asserting himself and his ‘voice’ into more and more of his music. i can’t do anything but applaud him for that, even if his vision doesn’t line up 100 percent with mine, or some other fans. i will meet him where he lives, because where he lives there is great music, and greatness lurking, just waiting to mature and find its eventual way to the surface. i remember a few months back, after listening to the first of many interviews he was giving about the forthcoming cd, that janet jackson’s song ”control” kept playing in my head when reading or absorbing david’s words. this song marked her declaration to the world that she was moving out of the shadow of her more famous brother, and family, and the image of her as this sweet, malleable, blank canvas to be projected upon pop singer and person – she was taking over the reins of her life, her career, and boy did she. caught a lot of people by surprise, but it also marked a turning point for her personally and professionally that rocketed her into superstar status, and she has never really relinquished it. not that i think this cd is going to be anything that game changing careerwise for david, but it very clearly draws a line in the sand, demarcating him very clearly from the other teen or young singers out there, and demarcates him further from the ”ballad boy” or ”singer of pretty songs” image that idol tried to affix to him. i don’t think he is content to be that blank canvas for fans or nonfans to project whatever image they want upon him. he’s showing he is going to be quite capable of defining himself, and who he is. at the core remains a fierce talent that keeps me guessing, and in anticipation of where it will go next… he’s taking control, and i like it…

      Janet Jackson Control [go ahead david, lol]

  10. woot- my deluxe set scheduled for delivery tomorrow! Now, experts- I have a question- Going to purchase 2 CD’s next week and surprise two DA fan/friends at my work. Guess it is possible to be a casual DA fan because I am confident they will not be running out the first day to buy,
    What is the BEST way to ensure it counts to sales? Or will they all be tallied?

    I have a Barnes & Noble discount card that I could use- but I also have a Justice coupon- and I am sure it will be in Justice since they seem to be a promotor/sponsor ( which reminds me I was happy to see that Justice/Limited Too banner at that recent event- because David should have those types of sponorships- although I think a water company would be more ideal….)

  11. And here come the unfair, rage-inducing reviews where the reviewer never listened to the album:

    But it can’t elevate the array of yawn-inducing pop songs on his second studio CD. Nothing here shows much of the personality behind the pipes, even when he opens up about struggling to find his identity on the mid-tempo “Who I Am.”

    Yeah. Right. Unfortunately, we have reached an era where only fake and showy personality is acknowledged. In the process, we have lost the ability to listen.


    • Wouldn’t it be refreshing if someone publishing a negative review actually listened to the cd first?

      And actually had some constructive criticism to offer instead of just being cruel and insensitive?

      I swear the people who slam him are just trolling for a lot of traffic/hits for their articles. Pshht.

    • to be expected… just the first of many that will range from the ridiculous to the sublime. it is the ones from the more respected music based sites that i give real attention to – those that will take more time to give a more critically objective review/analysis of the cd… as polarizing as many of these songs were initially to the fanbase, that response gives me an inkling, or foreshadowing, of possibly the same kind of polarity/critical reaction from the public. the hope is that the casual listener will use their own ears and minds to buy the music… some may be sheeple and let reviews, positive or negative influence them, but i think once you really listen to david, this cd, it’s game over.

    • I am interested in a review bu Masterclass Lady.
      Her reviews are very thoughtful.

    • when a reviewer implies in the first sentence of his review that maybe he was good enough for AI but …. That shows an indeniable bias towards David. If they expect to find the “boring ballad boy” image created by AI and the idol blogs in this album they’ll be disappointed for sure. And if they expect to find songs about sex, drugs or with explicite lyrics, they’ll be disappointed. This album is full of personality but maybe not the personality they are looking for.

      For me, it’s a great album no matter what they say and David can be proud of it ! It’s far superior than the first one, especially the lyrics !

      Oh, and I know there will be bad reviews too for this album but it’s difficult to accept them when it’s obvious that the reviewer didn’t listen to the album and didn’t give any real constructive criticism to support his point of view.

      • unfortunately, reviews produced by people of this type are getting to be more the norm than the exception in many publications. like everywhere else, many papers and blogs and other music based sites have cut staff to the bone, and many long time respected music reviewers have been replaced with whatever warm body is left to fill the chair. many people sent to review concerts and critically review cd’s just don’t have the qualifications, or they are just plain old lazy. i think the answer is a combination of the two. but on the other hand, maybe he did listen, and these are his honest opinions. we of course disagree, but he is entitled to it. the only thing i’m certain of is that reviews of this cd will run the gamut, and i remain suited up in my armour. being a david fan requires it.

    • Unfortunately, it seems many of the reviewers attack David’s music because of what David stands for – goodness and excellence (versus darkness and mediocrity). If someone is not living their highest self they are often threatened by those who are. The darkness will always attack the light.

      I, too, would much prefer to read a review with specific musical examples than a thinly-veiled attempt to thwart the success of someone who is so obviously mega-talented.

      As Marianne Williamson has said (as referenced by Nelson Mandela) , ” . . . There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t fell insecure around me. I am meant to shine . . .”

      Keep shining, David!

  12. TOSOD is #69 at iTunes/POP/albums

    that’s not too shabby….. 🙂


    • Oh no. Melinda just tweeted to say we should email/tweet Ellen if we want to see him at The Ellen Show:

      RT @dreamskyhigh: @MelindaWEG I want to see David perform on Ellen! 😀 *me too, maybe you guys should be emailing/tweeting @TheEllenShow
      8 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter

      This doesn’t look promising 😦

  13. A message from our dear old friends:

    Judging by the metaphors David Archuleta employs on his sophomore studio disc — see ”Falling Stars,” ”Elevator,” and ”Parachutes and Airplanes” — life after reality TV has been an up-and-down ride for this fresh-faced Idol finalist. Yet his vocals still gleam with so much dewy naïveté that the music never succumbs to the bitterness it seems to circle. Maybe state-fair meet-and-greets are what the kid was born to do? B

    Their all-time favorite artist does state-fair and casino meet-and-greets for a living, but I guess a thick layer of makeup and fabulous clown outfits make all the difference in the world. Well, I guess this is one way of writing reviews: close your ears and take a few half-hearted cheap shots. Yawn.


    • Do reviews really matter ? I don’t care about reviews when it comes to music, They are just the opinion of one person and I don’t think people buy an album because it gets a good review.

      Well, I think a B is good coming from EW, they hate David. Sleazak and MJ contributed a lot to give D a bad image during the idol days. They are not real critics but they think they are important because some AI fans follow them. But the truth is that my opinion is as relevant as theirs when it comes to music lol. I’m not a “specialist” and neither are they …

      Oh, I think Sleazak gave an A to Allison’s album … Yeah, he has zero influencial power lol and I bet that she would have loved to do state-fair meet-and-greets !
      (BTW, I think Allison is talented and I bought her album)

      • I really like Allison’s voice. I thought she should have gotten farther in the show. It all depends on the promotion if a artist does well. Also, great songs are a must and radio play. Of course, we all already know that. If she was given some really good songs to sing it would have been better.

    • Hi peter. Saw that review too. TOfan over at SnowAngelz (http://snowangelzz.com/2010/09/29/tosod-my-spoiler-free-first-listen/#comments) did a little research on EW’s grading. She found this:

      “….… to put that grade in perspective, acc. to @RJ0717 on Twitter, they gave Maroon 5′s new album a C+, Zac Brown Band’s #1 album a B, Jason Derulo C+, Leona Lewis 2nd album C+, One Republic 2nd album B- and Sara Bareilles B-….”

      Maybe not so bad, eh?

    • I expected such a review from EW. Hopefully we’ll see some really positive ones start to flow in!

    • “fabulous clown outfits” ROFL

  14. So, I have been happily streaming TOSOD at work and I am surprised how much I truly love Elevator. I don’t know if it is how clear David’s voice is- or the qurkly little “elevator goes up” that sounds like the intercome voice from a department store in the background- but it kinda has me. It is embarrasing when I start doing the hand motions unconsiously too. ( really insane).

    Ok- another observation- Am I the first to catch this? Probably not cause I am not that smart 🙂 ….. You know how David’s first album had a hand theme going on? Well this one has a feet theme. Walk on in Things are gonna get better-, walk in my own shoes ( Who I am), stomping the roses- panda ( jumping. walking on a wire) OSOD ( knocked me off my feet, put one foot in front of the other) The opening scene of Somehting bout love ( walking…) haha…..

  15. gush/sigh…the only way to listen to MKOP is with really great headphones.

  16. Not sure if this is a novel observation, but one of the reasons I get a little choked up when I hear “A Good Place” is because it feels like David is thanking us, his fans, for the good place he is in – and also reassuring us that he IS in a good place. To me it feels like his version of “When You Say You Love Me.”

  17. Like falling staaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaars
    Like crashing caaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaars

    I love this song.

    • Peter, Those are my favorite notes from the entire album!! I have been waking up every morning with those notes. Like falling staaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaars. Like crashing caaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaars.

      Desertrat, Glad you like my recap of New Albany. Just doing my Auchu-duty: R as in recap. 🙂

  18. Apparently David is going to be on the Today Show next week!

    saw that over at twitter….

    Good job MelindaWEG!

  19. The past week has been hectic for me and I haven’t had a chance to REALLY listen to tosod like I want to. With that said, I’m very impressed w/David and the clips didn’t do the songs justice. My favs right now are Complain, Parachutes and TOSOD.

    YJfanofdavid – Great post on “The Voice” by you and the others! Sounds like all of you had a great time. I can’t wait for a concert to come my way.

    Embe – your post here is very touching. I know you play in a band; do you write songs too? Also, I recently saw your posts on IDF. You really know how to hold your own and get your point across. You said things that needed to be said. Great job!

    • Hey desertrat! Thank you for showing interest in my band 🙂

      I’m the singer and songwriter for my band. You can listen at myspace.com/mojoplant. I’m Finnish, you know, so I hope my lyrics and pronounciation don’t sound too awful lol.

      And wow, I’m really honoured to hear that you’ve noticed my posts like that! Can you tell me what posts on IDF were the ones you liked? I’m just curious 😛

      • Thanks for sharing the link to your website. I look forward to visiting it. Re. the posts I liked, I’m behind on my archu-websurfing so maybe the posts are old. Anyhow, you took took someone to task for what could be perceived as continual negative/sarcastic comments about David and you let the person know that it grew “old” several thousand posts ago. I liked how you addressed the person’s comments and not the individual.

      • Oh haha 😀 No, that comment was actually new, like from a few days ago.

    • Really Nice Promo! with a nice write up too.
      from the article
      “Start sending in your questions for David now by tweeting to @billboarddotcom using hashtag #bblivechat.”

  20. The Today Show October 7th

    per MelindaWEG tweet!


    • Great news! That is exactly the type of publicity he should be getting. National promo on heavily-watched and quality programs.

  21. I enjoyed the Idolator video with A Fine Frenzy. Now if she could just get 2% of of her 1.6 million followers to buy David’s album, he’d have a good chance of debuting in the top 5 next week.

  22. TOSOD TV commercial (via Snarky Archies):

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