Feast Your Eyes…

Because I miss this side of David too! 😛

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  1. Blue is his color. And some people were dissing the shiny pants. I kinda like them. 🙂

  2. i’m just gonna say ”lawd hammercy”, and leave it at that… 😀

  3. I predict a lot of smiles in this thread. LOL

  4. What an excellent album! Love the singer-songwriter vibe.

    Interesting tidbits from the previous thread:

    “Melinda Bell is reportedly EXTREMELY LOYAL and is the type to really fight for the artist.” (Kizzi)

    “On a more unpleasant note, #MIC# was holding court with fans again. And, the fans now have a new VRS: Mike.” (YJFOD)

    MelindaWEG needs to promote the heck out of this album.

    • I love the album also but one this I miss is a real tear inducing crying all out BALLAD 🙂 LOL

      I really am liking Good Place & Look Around is really interesting!

      Wonder what HG thinks of it?

  5. Ok, the picture is GAHHH-some, though the shirt is too long 😉

    The album…. I don’t have any words to describe it. It’s joyful, but longing, young but so maturely deep… I love every song (well, Elevator is just okay for me) and I seem to get emotional even when I’m listening to the happier songs, ’cause I really FEEL David somehow. I don’t know, I guess that’s just stupid, but I’m so so so very happy for him. He deserves this.

    • It’s not stupid at all, embe. I feel you on this. I’ve gotten a bit teary myself. Good Place is so poignant. So is MKOP. It’s him talking. It’s ALL HIM!!!! So happy he decided to share!

    • awd Embe- so sweet, I really do see what he meant about putting his personality in this album.

  6. The picture…no words! No sophmore slump for David.Here’s hoping this album’s a grower…too many great songs for it not to be. It deserved better lead up promotion…..he’ll prevail, true talent finds a way and he’ll be on the other side of down!!! On repeat listen, some of these lyrics are so darn clever. He is pure joy!!! Happy listening all!!! 🙂

  7. from mj over at mjsbigblog (mj is not really a David fan)

    ” Just finished listening to the entire album. The Other Side of Down is another step–no a huge leap–toward a self-assured adult-oriented sound for David. The album holds together as a work in a way the 2008’s debut did not. A big evolution for David, for sure. I am really impressed!”


  8. Loving the album ! Like Embe, so proud of David and feel that much closer to him. I feel like we just heard about the birth of a child after monthe of following every step of the process since before his Christmas album. There’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears that have gone into the making of an album and if your looking for SOUL ,it’s here.

  9. O.M.G!!!!!!!!!!
    This album soooo rocks. I am so proud of David and what he has been able to accomplish at what 19? Its a combination of while I’m trying to find my own place in this world – don’t despair, don’t give up. The entire thing is so seamless and cohesive from beginning to end which was a flaw in the first release. As David has been saying all along – its a bit of a snapshot into his way of thinking about things. Like Embe says – you feel as if you know him a bit more in songs such as OSOD, WIA, GP and MKOP – which totally slayed after singing along with the words from Snarky Archies. The lyrics of each song tell me a complete story and I completely understand by the end. Out of all the personal songs, for me MKOP is the most poignant and tender ballad I’ve heard from David in a while. That yearning and cry in his voice fit naturally and rendered me SLAYED. The single voice and piano also emphasizes his aloneness in a personal quest. GOOD PLACE just sits in the juicy part of David’s register and is soo beautiful without straining. The chord choices are also quite intriguing.

    As with the first album – I never really can pick a favorite song. I try to appreciate each gem on its own merits, the thought process, musicality, lyric and note choices and the overall end product. Hearing this complete CD leaves me in a really good place.

    • Waiting anxiously for your take Joymus… so thanx! **passes Joymus the tissues after listening to MKOP another 10 times**

      I too followed along with the lyrics and watched the waterworks just spontaneously flow.

    • Thanks Joymus. I, too, love this cd! I just love good music and stellar singing. But, what’s with the tears I’m shedding? I guess knowing how personal all of this music is for David touches a tender place of knowing inside of me.

      The videos of him performing these songs are loaded with pure joy. He seems so thrilled with this music and it comes across in his performances.

      May tons of people hear and be affected by this music and step up to support the career of this supremely talented artist!

      • But, what’s with the tears I’m shedding? I guess knowing how personal all of this music is for David touches a tender place of knowing inside of me.

        Bright Light Bingo!

      • Thanks Jan A and Bright Light. You hit it on the head. Love it or hate it – it is a personal breakthrough for David. Taylor Swift writes all her own songs and while I don’t think it is exceptional, I admire her grit to do her own thing.

        On repeated listenings I would wish for less synth on some of the songs to let the voice through some more but I guess this is the “wall of sound” most artists incorporate into their albums nowadays.

  10. Streamed the Other Side of Down all day at work. Amazing how quickly he day goes. My early favorites are TOSOD. Amazing so fantastic- lively, upbeat, cleaver, smart. A good place- so so sincere- love the lower register in that. ahhhh…. Elevator- yepper when that one comes on I smiile. Guess I just see David having phone and doing those cute hand motions… Stompping the roses. Wow- I am telling you I WILL be using that phrase in my daily life. Kinda a jazzy sound- ( to me) like OSOD. And gahhh the Fenster song. big smile with that one- the country sound ot complain, and of course last but not least- the sweet simplicty of My Kind of Perfect. I LOVE THIS ALBUM. WORTH THE WAIT-
    Hopefully Elevator or SBL will move up ( or is it down….?) the charts with this release and promo. Gahhh- the OSOD so so so catchy.

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