Daily Archives: September 28, 2010

Waiting a Week From Now…

By now, I’m sure some of you are wondering what my thoughts are, now that the full songs are released.  And I’m pleased to say:

I’m waiting.

Yes, with all the hoopla and praise and wonderful reviews I’m hearing (including the crying and the tears I’ve been wanting to shed over The Voice), I suddenly feel the need to wait.

To wait for the noise to die down and the crowd to dissipate and just wait.

I want to wait for my album next week.

I want to wait for the experience of downloading an entire album off itunes when it becomes available.

I want to wait to see a CD in store.

I want to wait and let the Voice just hit me from the speakers on my stereo or from my car or on my headphones.

In the midst of a crazy work schedule this week, plus personal developments with family, I want something to wait on when my down time gets here.

Waiting for The Voice (and for The Voice as I want to hear and not how it’s being suggested through some snippets) to hit me like I want it to.

This means, of course, that I must deliberately stay out of the loop.

So, don’t be surprised if I keep a low profile for the rest of the week.

(This of course won’t mean that I won’t be checking the comments to measure the anticipation and give rise to my expectations).

Finally, I’m learning something David has had all along:

The Virtue of Patience.