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It’s All About the Voice

It’s Sunday morning, and here again is… The Voice! 🙂

Memories of Christmas in October

Last year around this time, I was so inspired by The Voice who gave us “Christmas from the Heart.”

Just starting the holiday season two months early (who wouldn’t when we’ve got David Archuleta to listen to?) 🙂

The Sincere Voice

Song-on-a-Loop for the Day: “My Kind of Perfect”

From Grand Rapids performance (10/2/10):

Enraptured by the Voice

I have decided to devote my Sunday posts to The Voice in all its glory. Meaning: focusing on earlier performances of David, which captured our awe and our respect for his immense vocal talent.

Today, my feature performance: “Contigo en la Distancia” (what can I say? I’ve been missing this side of David for quite some time). Enjoy! 🙂