Daily Archives: September 4, 2010

Beyond Pop Music

Greener Setting Series #1

I hate to say it, but I’m looking forward to David’s PBS Christmas special with the Celtic Women come December more than I am to his pop album come October. Case in point: the studio version of “Elevator” (see above).

I think it’s a cute and bouncy little pop ditty. But here’s my issue: I don’t want some cute and bouncy tune that any pop star – from the Bieber to Jason Mraz to any nondistinct singer out there – could sing to.  Yes, David’s falsetto on this song is truly lovely, but we all know The Voice and its potential.  I want some good vocal accomplishments, and more and more, I’m afraid that pop music as a genre just isn’t giving The Voice the immense workout and star treatment it so deserves.

Now, I’m impressed that David is getting credit co-writing these songs, and here’s where the real money comes in: he’s got some great potential with songwriting.  If David’s image isn’t popular with what’s hot right now, then let him shop around his songs and give a tune or 2 to the likes of Katy Perry or Ke$ha or the Blackeyed Peas.

Kind of like when the Bee Gees stopped being “cool” when the ’70s were over. They just laid low in the ’80s but dominated the pop charts by writing songs that other singers sang (think Barbara Streisand’s “Guilty” or Dolly Parton and Kenny Roger’s “Islands in the Stream”).  Let David’s songs get the pop exposure they deserve through the “hot” pop artists of the moment so he can rake in the cash, and instead give David the opportunity to showcase The Voice in live and televised performances where he can show off his skills with some really great showstopping tunes.

The excitement I feel over the Christmas taping has everything to do with knowing that David will “let loose” vocally in a concert like this, in ways that “radio-friendly” songs just won’t let him do.  I want to CRY when I hear David sing, not bounce around to some song that’s fun or catchy. Great that David is penning some pop songs, but I’m starting to agree with David Foster, who thought it would be a grave mistake for David to pursue a career in pop music.  Not that I completely agree, but The Voice doesn’t really get to achieve what it can in pop.

In short, I want The Voice to show off.

Sounds like I might get that chance with the Jerry Lewis telethon this Labor Day weekend. At least I won’t have to wait until Christmas for that! 🙂

And a new song – “Things Are Gonna Get Better” – to boot for tomorrow night!

I just wish there was a more concrete way for David to show off his vocal skills through popular music without having to do this double dance of getting some “radio friendly” songs out while doing these performances (televised or otherwise) on the side.

In a “greener setting,” David wouldn’t have to play both sides of the middle. He would have already found a happy medium. Maybe his label will figure this out sooner than later.