The Preview: Why Am I Less Than Thrilled?

OK, so Amazon has all song snippets from The Other Side of Down:

My favorites so far are “Falling Stars,” “Things Are Gonna Get Better,” and “My Kind of Perfect.”

The rest just seems so…generic…so “boy band,” so … I dunno… like a pop female star’s rejects?

I want my Soul David back! What is this bleached out, flattened effect? Where’s my cry and my heartbreak?

I want “Angels” David back! I want “Contigo en la Distancia” back!

Kudos to David for trying out his songwriting muscles, but The Voice is where it’s at!

Here’s hoping that the next album is mostly standard and awesome covers…

unless a really good songwriter and music producer still exists in the music industry, who can equip The Voice with some amazing masterpieces.

Sorry, JMHO. And, as always, the jury is still out until I hear the album in its entirety.

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  1. Awe…. I was kinda thrilled with what I heard.- My early favorites are based on snippets are TOSOD, Stomping the Roses, Elevator, Things are going to get better and Fallin Stars. ( what a pretty melody- can’t quite understand all the lyrics yet- I am sure someone will write them up)

    • I really got excited by what I heard too! Look Around and Who I Am are the only 2 songs that didn’t thrill me. Then again, I thought I didn’t care much for Falling Stars before last night either. That changed in a hurry!!

  2. Seriously cannot wait to hear all of the title song- OSOD-Wow I love the cool vibe of it. David’s voice is so clear and distinctive.

    But I am sure as the past the early favorites may not be my long term. Ok – have a great day- off to work I go.

  3. I kinda love them all for different reasons. Production is a questionable in a few… but the VOICE…and the potential of what he can do with these live is exciting!! He’s still young and life experience is bound to help him lyrically. I personally don’t want covers…just 100% of what David’s willing to share. So thrilled for him and all his hard work.Can’t wait for Oct.5th!!!!No worries HG….angels and contigo David will always be there 🙂

  4. This is exactly the type of pop music that I like, so I’m thrilled (but he still needs a professional manager).

    • David needs the kind of manager that realizes he is not typical. They need to be able to turn all things unique about David into a marketing strategy and and preserve them BUT at the same time- be honest enough to give him tips on how David can maintain his integrity and inate honesty, but deal with the ever present, endlesssly nagging issues like dating, kssing and now holding hands. That is the focus today- some day when that paases, something else will be the hot button issue/question he has We we would like the focus to be music and talent- pop culture does not see it that way.

  5. I hear the cry in that voice and I love the new songs!! I don’t find any of the snippets to be generic at all. Hopefully you’ll like the full versions.

  6. this may be useless to track this anymore 😦

    55 63 DAVID ARCHULETA Something ‘Bout Love 186 262 -76 0.518

    125 113 DAVID ARCHULETA Elevator 45 32 13 0.1

    SBL # 63
    E # 113

    waiting anxiously for the album 🙂

  7. free form thoughts on a nice friday morning…

    this cd is showing a very clear progression in growth from the debut – and that for me is a very good sign for david. imo, it’s becoming clear to his fans, and those who have been actively following him and his career, that he isn’t content it seems to want to be put into a musical box – for his critics, nor for his fans. sure, she does soul very well, he does rnb well, he does soulful pop very well. these are givens, and for someone as artistically driven as david, relying on singing those styles may seem somewhat lazy. and safe. for many fans, it’s a thrill to hear him when that is the style of song he sings predominately, but for many an artistic soul, ”lazy” and ”safe” kills something in the creative soul, and i’d never want david to lose 1 iota of the creative spirit that fuels him, because out of that flows these gems – many gems of many different styles and genres that may not be commercially accessible to the public at large at 1st glance, may not be personally accessible at first to many fans on 1st listen… david is very gently but firmly forcing many of us to review the paradigms in our heads regarding just who we thought david he was as an artist, and a singer.

    i think to the marrow of my bones that he is a honest to goodness artist – with all the requisite quirks and everything that entails, lol. crush 2.0 would be lovely to have preceding this cd, but the sound of crush would not have been a progression, a song like ”angels” included on the cd would not be a progression, imo. he’s been there, done that. i think he’s going for something much different here. whether or not it yields the same commercial results of some of his pop peers right now remains to be seen, but what it looks like it may yield for him critically and artistically may be more valuable for him going forward.

    i want to hear him, and these songs from start to finish, in their entirety to feel and absorb the cohesiveness of this cd. david is very much a work in progress – artistically/musically and personally. some phases of his evolution may not resonate with some as strongly as others, but for me, as long as he is progressing, not content to fall into those zones of ”safe” just to appeal to and appease his fans or critics, then he is staying true to himself, and the artistic spirit that fuels him. it for me is a joy, and a wonder to watch him grow. i just hope i can live long enough to see him when he really comes into his own, and hits his stride.

    • I loved reading your post, GG… with my cup of coffee in hand. LOL

    • I am surprised by what’s on the new album. It does seem very young. Some songs I didn’t care for until I realized that if I just listen to David’s voice singing the melody and try to ignore all of the loud insttruments banging the beat, I liked it much more.

    • I myself wasn’t referring to “regression” vs. “progression” as I was referring to musical style. That’s what didn’t thrill me (as we shall always have The Voice).

      Nevertheless, I always have a different opinion once I hear the full songs. Let us wait and see…

    • Beautifully stated and I couldn’t agree more.
      David is so much more than a guy that can “saang”. Why in the world would “fans?” want to put him in a box of their choosing, not only for style of singing but,,, please David,,,, don’t even try to write! He is nineteen, with an amazing musical talent. Be a fan, let him breath! (I gently and gracefully get down off my soap box.)

  8. lawd hammercy – please excuse the typos and grammatical errors in my last post, lol… i blame it on lack of caffeine, lol…

  9. from twitter

    aoltv David Archuleta fans: On Mon. @AOLMusic will stream his entire new album for free! Check @AOLMusic & @AOLRadio for link

  10. “Falling Stars,” HQ version:

  11. oh boy…not too sure about this…….

    David Archuleta to appear on new show

    “Ariel & Zoey & Eli, Too” (, a new children’s musical variety television show, will enter national syndication the week of September 27, andi in Salt lake City, it will be aired Saturday mornings at 7 a.m. on KCSG (MYTV) and Saturdays at 8 a.m. on KSL – DT2.

  12. tonight is the performance at Penn State York, The Pullo Center
    supposedly this is the set list for tonight:

    Something ‘Bout Love
    Stompin’ the Roses
    Other Side Of Down
    My Kind Of Perfect
    Things Are Gonna Get Better
    Zero Gravity

    I’m really want to hear the full OSOD!

    cellcast tonight around 8:30

    • woot! Glad tomorrow is Saturday and I HOPE David got a shot of B-12 and some antibiotics to deal with his flu/cold.

  13. I do like the soulful gospel sound that Things Are Gonna Get Better has on the album version. I love Falling Stars. The thing that bothers me is that I think his label is pushing him to write, and lets face it, not everyone is good at writing and singing. I know of some good writers now who are famous for their writing skills, but cannot actually sing that well. It’s hard to find both. Whatever happened to just leaving the writing to the writers and singing to the singers? Just give him some great lyrically written songs with great music and let him to the rest. The dude can saaaang! I think to much emphasis is put on singers today to be a singer/songwriter. Writing shouldn’t be that important. It looks like his label would want to make money. It’s all in getting the right song to the right singer, whether they actually wrote the song or not I could care less. I just want to hear him sing and be successful at it. Don’t know if the Beav can write songs or not, but he got songs that teens want to hear and BAM…he is a superstar!

    • I actually see it as the other way around. Do you remember when David was going to first start working on the new album there was a call for songs? ( which I cannot recall how we knew it was David but we did). Shortly after that maybe – gosh IDK- a month or so- we heard David was meeting with the lable about the direction the album was gong to go. He came away from that meeting saying how well it went. We know that David wants his music to be authentic and put himself into it. He has said again and again- so there is really more of a connection to the song & the audience. We also know Fenster the A & R guy doew not totally buy into the singer/sonwriter trend of today. So I feel really strongly David pushed like heck to get songs he created to put his stamp on this album. One never knows what the future holds and I suspect he wanted to take full advantage of this opportunuty. Just like he did with the book and the Christmas album. As DAvid or someone tweeted- Opportunuty is a short visitor. 🙂

  14. One of the writers did tweet that some really great songs were not put on the album, due to the label, producers, or artist rejecting them. It looks like they would want to make lots of money so they would give him access to the best songs out there whether he wrote them or not.

  15. *YAWN!!*

    Frankly, I don’t know why we keep going in circles as fans. So, some of us (who happen to be in the minority, I might add) are not so excited by the previews. Some of us might actually change our opinions when we get the full versions.

    Why is it that, when some of us state our honest opinions, and they’re less than “gushing,” we then get accused of not letting David “breathe” or sticking him into a box?

    Last time I checked, David set the bar high for himself. If he can make friggin Christmas carols sound brand new, it shouldn’t be too hard to make new songs sound … you know … “new”!

    Just from a few snippets, I wasn’t getting that feeling of freshness and newness. I already acknowledge that I may have a different view when I hear the album. That’s all I’m hoping for. If that means putting David into a “box” or not wanting him to “grow” (as if moving from vocal excellence to subpar pop shlock represents “growth”), then excuse me for imposing my “limitations” on the man.

    • Have you wandered over to youtube tonight – check out the most recent additions.

    • hi hg – no need to be defensive at all about my random thoughts. they too were my honest opinions, about certain attitudes and thought processes encountered over the past few years, dealing with a wide swath of david fans on and offline. it has nothing to do with wanting or expecting everything written about david to be ‘gushing’ at all – and to try and diminsh what was written by injecting that into your comments negates for me your statement about the expression of open, honest opinion. if that’s the way you feel, cool – it’s your blog, you can feel any kind of way you want. i’ll state my honest opinions and then skedadle. imho, there are those in this base that have painted david into a corner, or a certain box musically, and any attempts he makes to assert his own ideas about who he is, or wants to be as an artist are met with some resistance… david may not be the best songwriter out there yet, but he is daring to grow beyond just being a singer of pretty songs. imho, any artist worth their salt does not stay static, they will reach beyond and out of their comfort zones to deepen their craft – even at the expense sometimes of alienating some fans, but they cannot even let that stop or paralyze them from going in directions that they think best suits them. i am not over the moon gushy about anything i’ve heard so far – because i haven’t heard this full cd, to see how these songs are going to flow to build one cohesive unit, but i do admire david for daring to challenge us with songs and a musical direction that he thinks best exemplifies who he is and where he is right now in this stage of his career. sure, there are benchmarks of sales i’m sure his label has in place for him, and any artist on their roster, let them sweat the small stuff. it’s david’s evolution into the singer/songwriter he intends to be is what i find interesting. peace.

      • GG, no need for you to “skedaddle.” I was mostly responding to others who took your honest opinions and used them to insinuate that those who weren’t gushing were painting David into a “box.”

        I know who in the fanbase is imposing limitations on David and those who are not. I was merely reminding folks that not every “less than gushing” opinion is an attempt to undermine David.

        I totally respect your comments here, GG. Sorry that wasn’t made any clearer.

  16. Full versions here (compromised sound quality):

    Sounds like an excellent album. I hope it will be promoted.

    • hmmm … should i listen or should i wait until 10/5. i’ll compromise and listen to the song that mentions Fenster. 🙂

      • Which one is that?

      • “Who I Am” but unfortunately I don’t see it listed at that utube link. Per a poster on “The Voice”, the lyrics go:

        “I’m gonna step back from my new ring tone,
        I don’t care if Jeff Fenster is calling”

      • uhh, If David included a lyric like that, I’m sorry that is pretty stupid.

        And would help explain the lack of promo.

      • I completely agree with Cosette.

      • Seems David is trying to be like Sara Bareilles – “I’m Not Gonna Write You A Love Song” was directed at her label who wanted her to come up with that type of song.

    • I listened last night. Can’t wait to download form I-tunes. It ffelt like opening presents. Did not hear the fenster line yet-What a hoot!! Won’t go into details for those who are waiting- but will say loved the beutiful melody and sweet lyrics in My Kind of perfect. Blown away by TOSOD. Good Place amazing. Some songs I would have liked a tad less production – but all in all I feel this CD far superior to the first. I am a very happy camper

      Tour pretty plase.

      • There was a song on the album that I read his mom cried when she heard- I bet it was My Kind of Perfect- I love the simplicty of it and how the melody shines. Sorry- Wonder if the leads were intentional to create buzz? or not.

      • I’m in agreement with your choices, rae!! There is something so poignant about the lyrics in Good Place. There will be tears shed during MKOP at concerts. Just David and the Nord. GAH!!

        TOSOD is fantastic, Complain has a kinda jazzy bluesy feel to me. I’m happy to say lower register is well represented on the album. LOL

      • I agree, less production!

    • I heard it all. I love it more than I thought I would from the snippets. Some songs I was kinda meh on… I actually REALLY like. Of course, David will take them all to the next level when he sings them live. I AM EXCITED!!!

      I have Who I Am if anyone wants it, but it has a download link. I feel like it should be deleted right away if I post it. Still not loving that one, but the Fenster line is hilarious!

  17. Stealing from James Joyce and having only heard the clips, I’m looking at this album as a “Portrait of the Musician as a Young Man”. I think the combination of music, lyrics, photo shoot pics, vocal styling and liner notes will give us deeper insight into D’s personality and lessons learned.

    From listening to the clips, what’s missing for me is those “closed the door and left me blinded–blinded by the light” painful/angsty experiences you have prior to figuring out how to move on, how to put one foot in front of the other. I’m looking forward to hearing the entire album and seeing how it all comes together.

    • You couldn’t have said it any better.

      • fist bump hg… i cannot tell you how frustrating this whole 2nd cd/single rollout has been. i have just resolved to accept whatever happens, and just keep hoping some things will change. there is just such an attitude of perceived indifference from jive, the lack of support for 2 singles on radio, the lack of promo in the media, outside of the regis and kelly appearance, the lack of clear management and the implications from that, and at the base of it all, we have a super talented budding young artist who deserves at bare minimum a team supporting him that has a clear vision and focus regarding how best to promote and market him. there is something going on behind the scenes that cannot be good, dunno what the tensions may be between he and the label, or their expectations for this era, but it just has such an unprofessional ragtag feel it’s almost laughable. i am heartened to see the outpouring of support for him on these radio promo shows, and appearances. there is a lotta love out there for david, and it is just a shame that the people charged with this rollout, and the mgmt of his career seem to be so disorganized. /rant and frustrations done, lol.

  18. So, instead of rebelling against his parents, he is rebelling against his label? Well, I’m sure M. La Casquette is pleased. (This management issue — or, more precisely, non-management issue — is gnawing at me. It’s so annoying to see his talent go to waste, but que seraaa, seraaaaaaaaaa….)

    • And this was supposed to go under desertrat’s comment.

    • it’s the mgmt issue that has me frustrated beyond belief. how could he not at this important juncture in his career have mgmt. i cannot wrap my head around this. lack of mgmt could be impacting a lot of what jive could or could not be doing for this cd – i don’t know, i just wish someone would be straightforward enough to lay the question to rest once and for all. there are so many unanswered questions, and so much perceived incompetence swirling around this whole rollout it is disheartening. i just feel he is not being served on the business end as he should, and am unable to discern if this is by design, or something else. i think i am just going to enjoy the cd, enjoy david when i get to see him in person, and just let go of any and all expectations beyond that.

      • well said.

      • Looking back, this seems to have been an issue throughout his post-Idol career. Record labels can be greedy and self-serving, but Jive can also make things happen: “Battlefield,” for example, was a hit. But what an anticlimax SBL turned out to be, after a long wait. Reportedly, David was not interested in promoting the song, so now there will be no promotion or video for “Elevator.”

        I just hope he isn’t surrounded by people who think they know better. Then again, if he is, there’s nothing I can do about that…

  19. Awe thanks Pabucke for posting this pix.

  20. Oh man, sorry to keep on-& on… and I am sure everyone has a different opinion- but I sure feel OSOD would have been such a strong first single.- and it also would be unexpected for many who thought they had David pegged.

  21. I listened to the full songs….

    I think it’s really a shame David didn’t support SBL. I think it is definitely the most radio friendly song, dynamic song on the album. I don’t get it – if SBL was a success, he could have had more say and had Elevator as a second single – don’t you think??? If SBL was sufficiently supported, it could be a Top 20 hit by now, and allow the album to open strong.

    I really like “Look Around”. This one to me is probably the 2nd most radio friendly, followed by “Parachutes & Airplanes” – more for Hot AC than pop though..

    It’s kind of too bad though that David seems to have abandoned the tender acousticy sound of “You Can,” “Somebody Out There,” and “Works for Me.” This to me is really his strong suit. “My Kind of Perfect” is okay to me but a little awkward..(jmo!!)

    There seems to be so much acrimony behind the scenes, and with the lack of strong management not helping matters, I think this will be his last album with Jive.

    • Again, I completely agree with you on SBL and its potential effect on everything.

      If he signs with a small label after this, everything will be even more dependent on SVBing, and some of his most loyal fans are getting tired already.

      • peter how do you think the album will open? I am guessing around 30K..

        If he signs with a small label, he won’t even get the radio shows. I don’t know though..the way he talks about a spanish album next makes me think he’s already been offered something by a hispanic label, and so isn’t too worried about the Jive deal ending.

    • but he has been singing SBL for all the radio promo, does not seem to me that he is not supporting it JMO. More to me that Jive is not doing anything to promote it !

      He has been working hard, doing all the promot tour but both the songs are not doing well ! So frustrating ! He need to work smart too, whats with the management thing?!

    • So interesting (but shouldn’t be surprising) that people would have different “favorites” because mine is from the time snippets came out, the title track TOSOD. I love love love that song. Everything about it. His voice, the melody, the lyrics, the rhythm, the vibe. And then after hearing My Kind of Perfect, I feel I was blindsided. It is so beautiful, the melody, the lyrics, and most of all, his VOICE!!! Gah!!! It reduced me to tears. So interesting to see the completely different reactions. Vive la différence!

      As far as management, promotion, any of that, it’s annoying as fans we can not know more so we can understand. But I am not going to react much. React to what? React to something that may or may not be?

      I only know David is a mega talent, not only as a vocalist, but as a songwriter. Yes! I believe he is very talented with melody and lyrics and I am so happy to see it all unfold. It’s only just begun.

      I agree though that the snippets are not a good way to get a good feel of the music because you hear no intro, nothing to lead up to the vocals, but just chopped up sections of the vocals, and the quality seems very low.

      • I also love TOSOD- It is just so modern sounding and just the right production to enhance David’s amazing skills.
        Also, re an earlier comment of DR about ( if I got it right) where is the song that portrays the pain- Because we know David has the depth of talent to do that- and surely the life experience also- the closest I heard ( although have not heard all of them yet) was Stomping the Roses. It is not the knife in the heart kind of song- but definatly expresses frustration. i really liked that one alot to and thought the lyrics were very cleaver.

  22. Thanks you everyone because finally, I am reading your thoughts that I have been feeling and wondering about and even worrying about. If there is a #1 issue I find it to be his management that I cannot understand. A little help from David Foster would go a long way….beam him up David F.!

  23. Some songs that didn’t make the album. Source: ASCAP






    • Interesting! An investment in writers to be sure. Hope those songs can be recorded by someone else and some $$ recouped.

      I am really interested in seeing who the producers were for each of these songs- because from what I heard- ( IMO) some hit it out of the park and some , even when I loved the song, I would have liked to heard a bit less-
      The voide, the voice, the voice please.

  24. Falling Stars pretty amazinf also- Eman did a great job showcasing David’s voice with a beautiful melody.

    This album is just fantastic. Really I know it is early- but my Christmas wish is LOTS of promotions for this album and a top 40 hit for at least three songs. I will throw in my birthday wish also.

  25. tweet from MelindaWEG: MANAGEMENT!

    Can’t hold it in anymore…It’s official we have a new client! Welcome @DavidArchie to the @WEGMusic family!! Letssss goooo
    6 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter

    • ha ha… 🙂

    • Yay! Re. the fanbase, I bet WEG doesn’t know what they’re in for because new we’re gonna analyze all their actions just like we do Jive. 😀

      • ooops… “new” should be “now”.

      • will we ever! we have lots of lost time to make up for!

      • so true, so true. Has there ever been a fan base as invested in an artist? Maybe so IDK….but I will say this one has an amazing ability to promote, vote, raise money for charitable causes and mobilze.

        I have thought about Joymus’s musings to “just be a regualar” fan. It may be possible for some David fans- but honestly IDK how to get there from here. It is like crossing a bridge at some point- not even realizing when- and the bridge is gone when you look around to get back. Yeah, kinda weird but I like analogies.

    • another tweet—>

      WEGMusic It’s official we have a new client! Welcome @DavidArchie to the @WEGMusic family!!
      3 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter

  26. Hot off the twitter press ( as I am watching Seminoles- go Noles!)
    Can’t hold it in anymore…It’s official we have a new client! Welcome @DavidArchie to the @WEGMusic family!! Letssss goooo
    8 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter
    Retweeted by you and 18 others


      • So she is not a nut case after all. 🙂

      • Seems that she began tweetin’ a little too early, before she was allowed to say she was David’s new manager. (Their clients also include Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson and Britney Spears, among others.)

    • can i do a cartwheel, lolol

      he finally has some damn professional mgmt – what took him so long, lol… i’m not gonna shake him now, i’m just happy he has secured somebody to handle the business/career side, and let him tcb of the artistic and the creative.

  27. Just want to say that I LOVE, LOVE OSOD song!

    Got it on repeat now 🙂

  28. Nice interview (if you ignore the Christmas album font):

    “Lately, I’ve kinda liked just kinda more quirky, goofy stuff, just ’cause I feel like, well, that’s the kind of person I am. I’m kind of a dork, so it’s like, well, if I’m gonna be honest, I probably should show more of that kind of side of me.”

  29. I’m happy to hear David has management. Woot woot!

    As for the album Im with HG. I’ve listened to the full songs on YouTube. The ones I like are Complain, My Kind of Perfect, Things Are Gonna Get Better and Good Place. TOSOD and Parachutes are well sung but I don’t recognise David. To be honest, David’s voice sounds quite different here. For me this is David light – David going the Mraz-Mars route. Vocally I can’t help but feel it lacking – too much falsetto, not enough power, not enough of his velvety lower range. Randy would ask ‘Where are the crazy runs, dog?’ Most songs leave me cold and there’s nothing I need to listen to on repeat. I’m sure there’ll be an album for me in his future, when he’s matured a little more.

    Anyway, I still enjoy reading all the different takes.

  30. Got back from the Columbus show today. I really enjoyed the songs live! The band also had a good sound and was tight.

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