A Few Days Late and a Dollar Short?

Any thoughts on why David’s official Twitter account only advertised the availability of “Don’t Run Away” on iTunes just yesterday?


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  1. It was tweeted out the day it came out. Actually it was the *night* it came out lol since iTunes releases songs for the next day usually around 11pm est the night before. If I remember right, those tweets came through around midnight.

    Feb 12 David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie
    Don’t Run Away updated on the OS —-> http://davidarchuleta.com/home/?p=5388 (TeamArchie)

    Feb 12 David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie
    Don’t Run Away available NOW on @iTunesmusic —> http://iTunes.apple.com/us/album/don't-run-away-single/id601766483?ls=1 … Whose already purchased their copy? (KS)

    I do wish that Kari had tweeted it out again from D’s account the next day because a lot of people aren’t on twitter late at night (U.S. time anyway) and don’t check back on their timeline in the morning.
    It was posted on his FB around that same time as well.

    • You are correct. It was tweeted about 4:00 pm EST that the song would be available for DL at midnight. I don’t think it would’ve made a difference in terms of DLs but it was very last minute.

      The press release about NMHF was also delayed and then released right b4 Superbowl weekend. Again, I don’t think that will cost David millions in sales. However, it does show how things are being run.

  2. Ahem…perhaps Kari was busy with JT.

    Jus’ sayin’

    • That’s actually most likely true. The JT gig is probably paying her alot more than David right now lol.

      • Do you think she charges different rates? You’re little David and you’re on a mission so I will only charge you peanuts. You’re big, bad JT, of NSUCK fame, so pay up!

      • I think she’s doing different tasks for JT than she is David currently so yes I do believe she is being paid more for what’s she’s doing for JT right now. I’m not privy to her finances though so I don’t know for sure. Your sarcasm is noted and appreciated, thanks.

  3. Let’s put it this way, JT’s album will most likely debut at number one on Billboard & all the other charts. And I read someplace that JT is planning a tour with Jay-Z. If it’s true, Kari may be involved. Jay-Z has his own people, but Kari has worked with JT so he “knows” her and may want her on the tour if it happens. It will be a BIG deal for her. Who would blame her?

    David did want everyone to do their own thing while he’s away didn’t he?

    • I see no reason why Kari couldn’t be keeping up with David stuff and working for JT too. She has been for the past several weeks, between traveling to New Orleans for JT’s stuff with the Super Bowl and then LA for Grammy week. Now she’s in Houston for something with the NBA All Star Game but don’t think that has anything to do with JT. Other than wanting to see another tweet about DRA being out on iTunes, it doesn’t seem to me that she’s missed anything. As things are slower in David’s career while being on his mission, I’m sure what she’s doing for him doesn’t take a ton of time each day.

      • I agree with you Ali, why couldn’t she still keep up with David’s things…it’s not like it will be to much for her…being that his career is kinda in a stand still…still keeping somewhat of a connection to the remaining fans would be great for David…

  4. As we saw when Kari was travelling with David, that girl is a multi-tasking professional & all those that she met loved her with Ben Chan even following her on twitter. I think that Kari builds trust in all her client relationships and that is huge. And I think after certain trust was broken (with coughmwcough) and very unprofessional tweeting behavior of that person, I am happy that David (and JT and any of her other clients) can feel that there is someone who is watching out for them.

  5. Well, I don’t blame her if she takes a haitus from David business so she can concentrate on JT. Because after all, JT is here taking care of business.

    And don’t forget, she & MW are still close friends.

    Another thing I find puzzeling is that Kari has so few twitter followers, less than 5000 I think. I Don’t follow her so I’m not sure why I’m puzzeled except that I would think that she would have at least 50,000 followers since she is so loved by David’s fans. Oh yeah, I forgot she uses David’s twitter to relay messages supposedly from David.

    Jus’ Sayin’

  6. I actually like Kari. She at least has some connections in the music business. Good for Kari that JT likes her and might use her on his tour. She has to support herself in her career. Kari is still close friends with Melinda and I don’t have an issue with that. What really confused me was when David had so many twitter followers but the sales were so low for TOSOD. It just proves that twitter followers do not mean much in terms of sales except if you are someone like Taylor Swift or JB or Gaga. David also never told his twitter followers to follow Kari or any other member of his team for that matter. I think that was a PR mistake as David should encourage his twitter followers to follow members of his team especially Kari. Maybe he will when he returns.

    • David not only did not encourage his twitter followers to follow Kari he also never even sent tweets to her or other members of his team. At least I can’t recall that he ever sent her a tweet. I hope David becomes more PR savvy when he returns or has someone that guides him to be.

    • It is not a question of like or dislike. It is that she was the one in the Philippines who stood by while he made bad video after bad video in a day. Would she treat any other artist she knows like that? I think that tells us how much value she places on his talent and on his music career.

      Have any of her connections in the music business even followed David on twitter? Again, that should tell you a lot.

  7. What the current management is doing (IMO) is trying to keep David’s career in the bicycle lane so that, when he comes back, he will still be popular enough in the Philippines so he (and they) can make some fast $ through TV 5. They are also trying to keep the lifers happy because they want them to tweet stuff like “Run, Josh Bradley, Run!” (down the road) and they want to make $ on a cruise. The only contacts that Kari tweets re: David’s career are the Filipiino contacts.

    What they are doing IMO probably ensures that David will never make as big or as memorable a contribution to American or Latin music as “Puppy Love.” Some fans will be happy with anything but others will drift away as they see the silver being picked from the teeth of his career…and new fans, well, LOL.

    I don’t know why anyone finds it puzzling that Kari has so few twitter followers. Not everyone who is a fan of David needs a nanny figure. The only thing I find strange is that a middle-aged white female tour manager is tweeting for a 22-year-old Latin male artist. That was the request of the lifers, wasn’t it, and I’ll just leave it right there.

    • Lol I’m sorry but that last part about a middle aged white female tweeting for a 22 year old Latin artist was too utterly ridiculous to be ignored. Last time I checked, neither Kari nor any of David’s “team” (whoever the hell they are) we’re trying to impersonate David. It’s clearly marked on the tweets that it is being sent out by someone else. What does Kari’s or David’s racial makeup or age have to do with that? There are a slew of managers in the entertainment industry and I don’t know of any that are matched to their clients based on those whether they are Latino and young if their client is the same. It’s whether they can get the job done.

  8. Huh? Impersonate David? I said that she is tweeting for him, using his account. That’s the facts. She put (KS) after her first couple of tweets because the fans, again, requested that.

    I don’t know why you’re comparing apples to asteroids with “a slew of managers in the entertainment industry.” David is on a mission for the Church of LDS. As far as I know, there is no one else in the entertainment industry on a 2-year mission, so I’m not sure how you can try to draw a comparison about how their twitter account is run.

    If you think the job is getting done, then we disagree once again.

    • Your exact quote: “The only thing I find strange is that a middle-aged white female tour manager is tweeting for a 22-year-old Latin male artist. That was the request of the lifers, wasn’t it, and I’ll just leave it right there.”

      You’re the one who said it, don’t try to turn it around into something different now. My response that her age, sex, race has NOTHING to do with her ability to do the job, as you clearly implied.

      And yet again I’ve done what I said I wouldn’t do by engaging you in your trolling. My God, it’s hard to lay off. I’ve tried. lol. Anon, I really really really would like to know why you still come here. Everything you ever post about David is negative and demeaning toward the work he has done and remind us of how much you disdain his entire current fanbase. I certainly don’t think that every fan should agree with everything that is done. But in being a fan of someone, you would assume that even one little thing about that person makes the fan happy. I’ve never seen you make even one post that indicates to me that you like anything about David. All you make are comments guaranteed to garner a negative response. Are you truly here just for the troll? Maybe if I know that, then I can finally learn to ignore it.

  9. So Anon, I don’t know why I bother asking, but exactly who do you think should manage David’s music career? If not now then when he returns to his career. A family member or friend with no connections in the music/entertainment industry? I do agree that he should tap into the Latin music market when he returns but he should also encourage his popularity in the Philippines.

  10. David needs to expand his fan base to include those younger fans again but also keep the loyal and devoted older fans too.

    • I agree. Clearly he will very much be in the rebuilding phase when he returns in 2014. I personally would love it if there was a Spanish album and he started to work on building a following in the Spanish market. In just the same way, I love that he has built a following in Asia. I would love it even more if he found ways to build more of a following here in the US.

      I feel like there are a lot of options open to him. None of them will be easy, for sure, and there will need to be plans in place as to how best to proceed. But to just turn your back on a market that has proven lucrative because certain people see it as second-rate is ridiculous. And not everyone feels that way.

      • I too have never understood why Anon wants David to pursue a career in the Latin/Spanish market but the Asian market is beneath him. David needs to go where he has a fan base and expand from there. That is how it’s done. Of course I guess he can sing on any street corner and put out a jar for money.

        I’m not sure why Anon is so upset about the videos. They were made to go with the Forevermore album for the Philippine market. He had a limited budget. I really don’t see any harm in it. For young people especially YouTube is the new radio and it provided some videos for his young Asian fans. But, of course, Anon, knows how everything should have been done and managed. Money is no object either I guess if you are Anon. Might as well blow all you money on super video.

    • Marie, totally agree!

  11. could it be that anon is our beloved melanda,after all she was mad that kari went to work for gena orr,and is stilled pissed david fired her

  12. and maybe her clients didn,t make it in the asia market. lol

  13. It was announced Feb11!! On David official twitter , Official Site and Facebook. The Fan video posted here with lyrics was posted yesterday as an added feature. The single/soundcloud was posted Feb 4 and a you tube was floating around for months.

  14. Thanks Heidijoy. I thought that it had been announced around then. I support all the good work David has completed in Asia. I hope that continues when he returns and it includes the Latin countries as well. David should be an international star here and in other countries.

  15. Tell me the reasons David can’t ‘make’ it in the US just like any of the other young singers who were becoming successful in the US at the same time….the singers being Rhianna, Taylor Swift and everyone in between? How can a magnificent voice not make it totally in the US especially when it is his home country? Isn’t it a little ridiculous to think even that he can’t make it to the top in North America? What is it that would stop him?

    I would never slight David by saying that he is not capable of making it where every singer from Europe, Asia, Australia and wherever want to make it as a singer. Why except anything else for David? He can be successful in his homeland if he wants to be and if not then there has to be a huge reason why not.

    If you look at the Bench advertising photos, they have him made up to have the same look as Bruno Mars. Why would any fan or producer want David to Change David’s looks when he has worked so hard to look and express who he really is? His languages are English and Spanish. Like he says, that was fun but he wants to move on.

    He will be successful when he returns right here in North America.


  16. Correction…Why would any producer want to change his looks? Do you ever see other producers do that to stars so that they appear to be of another nationality?

    • Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna et al (appear much lighter-skinned than when they started as regular black women).

      • There are singers who are constantly changing their facade by their own choice and it is who they are.

        They piled on the makeup on David until you could identify him at least by his eyes.. But it is all in each of our own values…….

        Like most singers, David has fans in many countries. Singers, pretty well all of them, tour Europe and Asia for the money. But they, including David, have their number one fan bases at home.

        If we are so easy to say yes, he has more fans screaming for him and buying his music over there blah, blah, so he would be best off going there then nothing is ever going to change with his success at home. If we say David is greatly admired in North America, his tremendous talents are recognized, then that is the truthful start, that is what fans want to read. This is what we can do for him. Believe in him or there is no value to David in us caring at all. The pen is mighty and we can be part of his success.


  17. Of course if talent were all that it took to make a living as an artist in the U. S., David would have nothing to worry about. Unfortunately it is getting more difficult to make a living as a singer in the U.S There will always be people that will want to hear David sing, and I hope he can make a living by touring. Like it or not, David is a superstar in the Philippines as Filippinos love excellent singers and David’s family values are embraced by the Asian culture. He can make money there to fund musical projects and tours in the U.S. I’m sorry that you didn’t like the make up, etc. but he was modeling and acting. Both of these occupations do use make up and change people to other nationalities, etc. for the role or for the look they are trying to create. I think they would like David to actually be Filippino and he can be made up to look Asian.

  18. I don’t know how the music industry works in the Philippines or in some of the other markets, but here in the U. S. the radio stations didn’t play David’s music very much and mostly not at all in some markets. So there does seem to be a difference in how much his music is actually out there on the air waves.

  19. We can go round and round about why he isn’t being played on the radio, but to me, it comes down to one thing, he needs another huge hit song and a right album to follow…that simple, yet that complicated..hit song, luck, label and management…

    • You are right, CQ. For big mainstream U.S. success he needs another hit or at least an album that generates buzz and sales. I love how you say it’s as simple, yet as complicated as that. I would love for David to be as popular here as he is in the Philippines. I believe in him and his ODD fans believe in him but he needs more than that as I don’t know that there is enough of us to guarantee his success here. Maybe there are. I still don’t understand why some fans don’t embrace his success in Asia that he can build on. He can be popular there and here.

  20. I’m another who agrees that his success in all other markets should be embraced and encouraged. The US market is complicated, and even those who have great success often get chewed up and spit back out at rapid rates. And it is ALL about image. Many young relationships are more about PR than truth. (See Swift, Taylor.) Lady Gaga worked for years before the meat dress era, and she was hot and is now not. Those who gain popularity at young ages often have to reinvent themselves to continue, and most fade away completely. I believe that David was aware of this and decided to take a slower approach. I hope he proves that his talent is larger than any hyped up image that he might have agreed to.

    The makeup in Asia? I just thought it was about the market there. He doesn’t need it but I sort of like his amiable relationship with the various teams he works with.

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