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Where is the Realness? Where is the Magic?

AI709 Hollywood

Last night’s show of Idol in Vegas – featuring the guys who made the Top 40 vying for a Top 20 position – was all sorts of horrible.  In yet another desperate bid to cram a bunch of awful-sounding male contestants to prop up their chances for a girl winner (and by translation, another potential “Kelly Clarkson” or “Carrie Underwood” to reach pop star status), American Idol proves once again how shortsighted they’ve always been in presenting potential music stars.

Ironically, I’m actually in agreement with the folks over at Vote for the Worst.  Basically, VFTW claims, Idol will never get another female winner, and these crazy plans of theirs might really blow up in the faces of TPTB when they saddle themselves with a most inappropriate and completely unmarketable Idol winner.

Can’t you just see all the talented girl contestants voted off week after week while a Charlie Askew makes it to the finale? Oy veh!

And, this, ladies and gentlemen, is why David Archuleta must struggle against the Idol lable.  When the most respected contestants are the female contestants, who back in the day could rise to victory but nowadays get taken out by the most mediocre cute boy that Idol voters fall head over heels for, is it any wonder why folks get distracted by David’s good looks and downplay his ginormous talent? Mistaking him for any number of mediocre Idol boys?

And yet, last night’s episode really reinforced something for me when it comes to David:

Lightning really, truly, DOESN’T STRIKE TWICE!

We will never get another David Archuleta (and even though poor, stammering Lazaro Arbos is trying really hard to channel my favorite Idol, he’s going to lose viewers like me pretty quickly if he keeps trying to copy David – by singing songs like “Angels” or “Bridge Over Troubled Water” – and fails to live up to the original).

Newsflash, my beautiful Stammerer: The art of being a great Side-Idol is to never imitate and live up to the Main Man in someone’s life. The art of the Side-Idol is to resonate oh-so-slightly with the original while daring to bring something new and different. I’m afraid, next week, Lazaro Arbos won’t fulfill the void.

But then, maybe that’s a good thing seeing as this will only make me miss David even more?! 😛

(By the way, I made up the word Side-Idol, seeing as we don’t have a male equivalent to the word “sidechick,” and while David is away, I was seriously going to consider the adorable Lazaro as my Idol “sidechick” until my FAVORITE! IDOL! EVER! returned in 2014!! How sexist are we as a society?)

Sigh.  Still, I want some entertainment. I want some realness. I want some magic. Magic! Magic!

Re-watching David’s “Heaven” on this fifth anniversary week of “Hello Gorgeous” just reinforced for me how one-of-a-kind David’s talent really is, and how utterly and divinely magical and real I found him to be.

It’s amazing to me that, five years later, American Idol can’t even find someone that comes close to that moment.

No wonder I’ve often held the worldview of American Idol: The era BEFORE DAVID, the era AFTER DAVID.

Sadly, in this era of American Idol A.D., it’s just a real snoozer, a real disappointment, indeed a real “Vote for the Worst” contender.

If things continue this way, I just might have to finally give up this bad habit of being an Idol viewer.

At least this season has confirmed for me that David really did strike like lightning.  You can’t package or bottle that kind of magic.

Which, I imagine, is why so many of us O.D.D. fans are still here … five whole long years later.