Daily Archives: February 19, 2013

To Feature or Not Feature a Music Video

I’m so conflicted on the subject of a music video, which is designed for the express purposes of promoting a song.  As I had previously mentioned, I take my music videos seriously, having grown up watching the most creative video concepts from the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Bjork, Missy Elliot, and all those British artists from the ’80s and ’90s.

When “Crush” debuted, it was a simple and cute, non-offensive little gem that rightly focused on David and creating a scenario that he would have been comfortable with: hanging out with his buddies at a camp and shyly tossing glances at his beloved.  It was sweet.

“A Little Too Not Over You” came out of nowhere, and was released quickly and disappeared equally as quickly when the song failed to make a dent on charts.  It was a far more stylized video than “Crush” but it didn’t have the same innocence nor the same effective storytelling, seeing as the main goal was product placement for the latest glossy camera.

After these two debuts, I have not been as impressed with the music video fare, allegedly promoting his songs. “Wait” had potential, but it was much too slow and looked as if David was literally frozen backward and going nowhere (is that what “waiting” for #DA2014 really means).  “I’ll Never Go” was simple enough but not enough drama (seriously, packing a suitcase and literally leaving us as he goes away on a mission? Thanks for being so literal!).

And “Everybody Hurts” never quite got on the deeper level of pain that the song, especially as sung by David, conveys.

My favorite videos are usually so out there and so loopy (I would’ve enjoyed an “Elevator” music video because you can do some crazy looney-tunes stuff with that ditty), and so I’ve been itching for something truly unique to launch David’s music.

So, listening to “Don’t Run Away” on repeat (hee), I’ve been getting a strong visual of David reaching out (POV shot since he would never be in the video, seeing as how he has “run away” from us) and pleading to that certain someone: “I can see you hurting (turn around) / I will be right there / Don’t run away.”

When you think about it, it’s the perfect song for us Archies who were “hurting” with his absence, and there is David’s Voice, still there to make music and pleading with us to not move on to someone else, to “not run away.”

So, in my mind, the music video alludes to David’s disembodied presence/absence, while the “fan” is at once isolated and lonely, yet hopeful and longing because that “presence,” that Voice is still there.

How do you make that concept into a unique music video?

David’s “Team” should offer to do a music video contest open to fans, just to get some creative output.  Still, I’m conflicted between wanting a really well-thought out music video and a video that exists just to promote a really good song.

Any ideas for a really cool music video concept for “Don’t Run Away”? 🙂