Daily Archives: February 4, 2013

Fascinating Ironic Moments at the Super Bowl

While nothing will ever transcend the way David sings “America the Beautiful,” I did like this early moment during yesterday’s Super Bowl:

And did anyone else catch the irony that both Jennifer Hudson and the Sandy Hook kids have both dealt with the tragedies relating to gun violence? “America the Beautiful.” Indeed!

All in all, the game was a good one, even though I had wanted the 49ers to make a comeback (which they did in a way, because by the time I returned to the game after Downton Abbey was finished, I was surprised to see how much they caught up with the Ravens).

Enjoyed the Beyonce Show during half time, and she’s probably the reason there was a power outage after the performance was over! Okay, it was kinda shady to bring Destiny’s Child for just two songs – “Bootilycious” and “Independent Woman” (both that have shaped Beyonce as the lead singer from DC) – and then have them do “backup vocals” on her solo breakout song “Single Ladies,” an ode to being solo! Is she wrong, or is she wrong?

But, where she throws her former group members under the bus, she more than makes up for with her full on girl-power – from the all-girl band to the all-girl dancers to the all-girl fans in the mosh pit.  What’s with this full on female energy?

And right smack in the middle of a full on male sports game!

Loving the ironies at the Super Bowl! 🙂