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Grammy Awards: American Idol’s Bragging Rights

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show

Congratulations to both Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, two Idol winners who still manage to give the show its credibility, when they won more Grammy awards last night.

carrie-underwood-grammys-2013-press-room-apWatching how both singers have aged gracefully since their Idol debuts, it’s no wonder the show is doing everything in their power to get another female winner (don’t tell me you didn’t get from last week’s Hollywood rounds just how bloody awful the male contestants were and how I imagine the female contestants this week WILL be edited to look like they blow them away). For whatever reason, all the female contestants (winners and finalists) from Idol are just at the top of their game, while the male contestants (yes, including our David) continue to struggle.

My theory: due to the inherent bias in Idol voters to gravitate toward cute and competent male contestants (or male contestants that impress with their guitars), it’s obvious that a female contestant has to have EXTRA to win (both Kelly and Carrie had extra, which carried them to victory).  Seeing as how white-guys-with-guitars are ONLY successful as front guys for bands and NOT as solo artists, Idol producers really have to figure out how to get back to their former glory and crown a girl after five long years of the same type of winner.

Not that I’m wringing my hands for them, mind you. Had they rightfully supported David Archuleta instead of undermining him while he was on the show (with those ridiculous stage-dad rumor leaks), they wouldn’t be trying to dig themselves out from all these WGWG winners that at best have only been able to produce for them one-hit wonders.

So, having noticed who goes on to big and bright things after the show (white and black girls who can sing ala Kelly, JHud, and Carrie) versus those who get their one hit song and then struggle to climb back up (all the guys), what exactly does David need to do to really position himself for critical acclaim (not even going to talk about charting the Billboards at this point, just the potential for winning things like Grammy Awards)?

Here’s my next poll, Soul Davidians!