Daily Archives: February 2, 2013

No Matter How Far (David Has to Please Us)


Not sure this counts as a “more coherent blog” than what I posted last time.  I’ve been trying to squeeze in time to learn more about Entertainment One (the independent label releasing David’s new album, No Matter How Far, come March) and what, if anything, makes this new album “new.”

It’s interesting to see that E One has its fingers in a wide variety of media, like TV (The Walking Dead!) and different types of music artists.  Still, the website doesn’t feature David Archuleta as one of its artists (will this album be a one-time deal?), and I’m wondering what new material we’ll be getting.

Is No Matter How Far simply a recycle album – featuring songs that didn’t make the cut from the previous two albums – or will there be genuinely new songs that David put out just before going on a mission? And since David had agreed to renounce the world – if only for two years while serving on his LDS mission – does releasing a new album while he’s away count or not count? Is this a conflict of interest?

Either way, I was totally floored because I was expecting a new song or two or maybe an EP, but an entire album? That was not even what I had anticipated!

And, when you get right down to it, David was really being generous with his time to try and keep his fan base satiated while he’s away. I do appreciate the gesture and the willingness to work so hard to have enough output to cover a two-year absence.

But, I must confess: I worry about the quality of this upcoming album: both in terms of whether or not this album represents a “rush job” or a “leftover” music deal. Will we get the best the Voice has to offer?

And do we represent the kind of fanbase that wouldn’t let our idol take time off (and I mean genuine time off – as in, not expecting any new music projects in the time he’s away) so he felt pressured (or did others pressure him?) to put out another album? I was fine with BEGIN. as his generous offer to us Archies while he’s away. Who knew he would have yet another album for 2013?

So, I’m a bit conflicted, peeps. On the one hand, this is why we love David. He cares about us, his fans, and not wanting to leave a big void while he’s doing what he feels he must (his mission).  On the other hand, I feel kinda guilty that we may have put this kind of pressure on him to give us not one but two whole albums before leaving for Chile (and I’m not even counting the Forever album, mind you).

Perhaps this makes good business sense, but does it short change his artistry?

Only time will tell.

But I’ll say it once more (with feeling): This is why we love us some David Archuleta! He tries so hard to please us. I just wish we, his fan community, would try harder to give him breathing space to make the best art he can possibly make.