13 comments on “Grammy Awards: American Idol’s Bragging Rights

  1. I went with album (although I think I’m the only one that picked that at this point lol). Obviously my preference would be for all of the above but since the question was specifically about a Grammy, I think the killer album would get him there. There are lots of people without killer management to get their music to the masses who still win Grammys. The Grammys are actually kind of famous for leaning toward those who have not gotten the most commercial success, as opposed to what you see at other industry award shows.

  2. One more thing I’d add to the list, a producer who can get David to project some of his “live” voice into his sound recordings.

  3. On a related note, Rihanna got her 1st Grammy for the song “Umbrella”. When it was written, Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige (and possibly Beyonce) were also being considered to sing it. Back then, Bey was still being managed by her dad. JayZ is obviously a powerful manager, producer, etc., because he was able to get the song for his protege, Rihanna. In this case, she had a killer manager and a killer song.

  4. My answer is none of the above. David has never received much love from the critics. Certainly not from the idol critics. Go to iTunes, search for CFTH, and read the review. That will tell you all you need to know about how hard it will be for him to get critical acclaim.

    In order to get an invitation to perform at the grammys…Here’s the most likeliest of scenarios. Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell simultaneously get the tragic news that they have an inoperable brain tumor. They host Rockin’ New Year’s Eve (or whatever that show is called) together, announce the news, and openly weep as the ball drops. Then they tragically expire a few days before the grammy telecast. At last, David is invited to perform a tribute — along with every other idol who ever walked the idol stage.

    • Great post hg. I picked all the above and desertrat was right I would add a great producer. Adele’s producer would be great. David’s needs all of them to get a Grammy and he needs the strong desire to get one too. David has never had “all the above.” That was a big part of his problem and will continue to be if he does not have all of them when he returns. We all know David has the talent but if obviously takes more than that. Good news about the single being out on iTunes. If you have no or low expectations like I do then there will be no disappointment.

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