“Don’t Run Away” Now on iTunes!

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Already downloaded it! Can’t wait to pump up the volume in my car! 🙂

In other news, according to my recent poll, the majority of fans think David needs a combination of a killer management, song, record, album to gain critical acclaim. And a few fans reminded me that the real issue is in getting the right producer, which I agree.

Think of the magic created by

Michael Jackson + Quincy Jones


Adele + Paul Epworth

Who will be David’s ideal match?

At any rate, I will enjoy listening to “Don’t Run Away” (which is a really well-produced song when you get down to it) and think of all the coulda, shoulda, woulda, right? 😉

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  1. Made my itunes purchase!!! Come on DRA let’s go. You can do it!

  2. Bought my copies…lets hope it does a decent showing on the charts.

  3. I bought my copy at iTunes first thing this morning. Good song, great vocals.

  4. I bought it on iTunes. Anyone know where the song is on the iTunes charts??

  5. I just answered my own question. lol. I believe it is #174 on top pop singles. Not bad.

  6. I GOT MINE!!

  7. I have my copy!

    I just read on the Snowangelz website that Tofan is giving up all things David for Lent. That would be very difficult for me to do.

    • Yeah, same here. I’ll stick with trying to give up sugar. lol

      Got my copy too. Sounds good on my iPod!! I’m ready for snippets. 🙂

  8. would love for David to find that magic combo….David and ? maybe Paul Epworth? Hope that someone has already contacted him before he left and is gearing up to get the ball rolling in 2014..crossing fingers.

  9. cq I could not agree with you more about David gearing to get the ball rolling in 2014 by hooking up with a great music producer.

  10. Hopefully more people will find out and get it higher. Since it only gets posted once or twice on his twitter, most followers probably don’t even see that tweet on their timelines. Wishing for just a little promo

    • I did read that about the song peaking at # 153 but I am guessing it is lower today on iTunes?? Hope the sales of the album are OK but it is hard to know.

  11. Unfortunately we can’t expect much. There is a difference in promo between a major label and an independent label. The artist needs to do some of the promotion and David is not here. So far all the marketing for this has been online and social media, his single on sound cloud and You Tube. The BEGIN album had marketing at Deseret Book, a billboard near Salt Lake City, videos that David made about the album, a mv for Everybody Hurts and promo for his album before some movies. Not sure what marketing is planned for this album. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is even less. I will buy and enjoy the album, but unfortunately others that would like the album won’t even know about it. I wish it were different but that is probably what will happen. We can be sad about it or just enjoy the new music that we are lucky enough to know about, purchase and enjoy because we are David’s ODD fans. David is lucky to have a core group of fans and will need to build off this base when he returns. But to all ODD fans of David my suggestion is to enjoy the music and let David and his team worry about David’s music business -sales, music publishing, touring, money matters, bookings , etc. I’m sure that’s not going to happen because we know best what David should do even though none of us work in the music industry!

  12. I hope for the following:

    1) They scrap the album and leave David’s career alone while he finishes his mission.

    2) David seeks a fresh start when he returns. That means he allows himself time and space once his mission is completed (easily 6-12 months).

    3) He’s able to get out of the TV 5 Krapatid contract. The hoped-for Krapatid $ is the tail that is wagging the dog IMO.

    4) Once he returns, he seeks new management — managers without any personal and professional ties with AI, AI alumni and/or ex-managers. I would also prefer management that reflects more diversity.

    5) The AI fanbase that views David as their 24/7 idol mascot erodes even further.

    6) He works on his Spanish album, gets offers from Univision, and seeks to build a new fanbase through those channels.

    7) He gets an invitation to perform again with the MoTab choir at Christmas.

    • Ok this is stupid to reply to you, but I have to….Do you really think that all that is being done while he is away is against David’s wishes…..I think he was the one that wanted this for his fans…so by saying that the album should be scrapped is ridiculous. BTW, who’s not letting him finish his mission in peace, he doesn’t even know (I’m guessing) what the heck is going on with anything pretaining to “worldly” things here in the states, except what his family and Kari tell him.

    • Actually Anon I think the big mistake in terms of music management was David’s mismanagement in 2008 when he was right off of AI. That was when he should have had great management to capture his extreme popularity from AI. I just was never a fan of family management for any music artist and David’s mismanagement just confirmed my beliefs. That is all in the past now and David needs to move on when he returns. I do agree that he should explore all options in regards to music management and record labels when he returns as he should go for the best fit for him . That includes music producers and taking time to release new and great music. What can you honestly expect in terms of management when David is gone for 2 years on a mission? Gina and Kari are doing their best but they are not miracle workers. Their music artist is not even here to promote anything. lol. End of a response to you. lol. Watching AI tonight. Some of these girls are very talented. Better than the guys. I would bet a girl just might win this year.

    • Anon, there are times when you post something which is thought provoking.

      I’m not sure scrapping this new album at this time would be a smart thing to do. But some of your other points do make sense & have merit. Actually I agree with all the points you made except for number 1.

      I’m thinking we would all be shocked or at least surprised if we knew your true identity. 😉

      jus’ sayin’

      • Yes, sometimes it does appear that there is a real deep-seated resentment and almost “possessive” tone about the comments. and it even reminds me of a long-ago poster on another site who stirred the pot often. But who knows.

    • I don’t agree with anything you said. I have a long post below. I think you are going to continue to be disappointed with David’s choices. Maybe you should just move on. David might not be the artist for you to follow.

  13. don’t be shy Anon, reveal yourself. 😉

  14. Someone just tweeted this link to Straight No Chaser feat. Sara Bareilles, singing the Jackson 5’s ‘I Want You Back’. It sounds terrific — Sara’s voice is so clear. Me thinks David would enjoy this too.


  15. That was good. I really liked it.

  16. I disagree with absolutely EVERYTHING that anon said except performing with MOTAB again. Anon, you might as well just accept that David is a different artist than your wish. I pretty much have accepted that he wants to be a working musician and not a superstar. He probably will stay an indie artist. He loves his Asian fans and will go back there and earn money for music projects and living expenses. I LOVE when he goes to the Philippines as he is a big star there. I have NO idea why you don’t. Is your job perfect and you never have to do something you don’t exactly want to do to earn money? If David follows your plan his music career will be over for lack of money and we won’t get new music for years from him like Jordin Sparks who hasn’t put out an album since 2009 except the movie sound track maybe that is what you want but not me. I love all the music we are getting. I can’t wait for the new album, but I loved TOSOD. It was one of my favorite David albums.

    I could care less if David does a Spanish album. I don’t speak Spanish. Why would a Spanish album be great but going to the Philippines beneath David? I don’t get that at all. Jessica Sanchez has a big concert on Valentine’s Day in the Philippines and several endorsements there but is not doing anything for her Spanish fans and she is half Filippino and half Spanish. An artist has to go where there are offers. Too many fans have no common sense and I include you in that category anon.

    David’s problem in his career was not management at least at first. He did have big time management and his Dad when he started out. He did have a big hit with Crush and did very well at first. Fans seem to forget that. His problem came that radio wouldn’t play his singles after Crush and I have heard many reasons why which mainly point the fingers at Jive. I don’t think we will ever know for sure what happened. I just want David to be able to be a working musician that tours and puts out albums that I can buy. I don’t think David will ever be a superstar. That ship has sailed…..

    I also like American Idol and like it or not David got his career because of American Idol. He will always appreciate that and be thankful to AI. He will always be known as an Amercan Idol alum. All AI alumns are even Kelly, Carrie, Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, etc.

    • I agree with you about AI grammyj. David got his career and fan base because of AI whether folks like anon like it or not. He will always be an AI alum. I would never have even know about David if it was not for watching him on AI S7.

    • I also don’t understand why anon wants David’s fans to erode further. Sure David’s fans don’t need to be on twitter and David fansites 24/7 but he needs fans to promote his music like this single via social media and buying it. The sales he got for this single were purchased exclusively by his ODD fans as no one else knew about it . He is lucky to have his very loyal fanbase and he knows it. We are the ones that can keep his career alive by buying VIP tickets to his shows and some fly from show to show. He needs fans to purchase his music, merchandise and tickets to his shows. Pretty sure if David follows Anon’s advice he won’t have a career or we won’t hear from him for years and then I think it will be too late. A two year break is long enough for me. I really don’t think he should get back and then wait years more to try to get some elusive perfect Spanish song. Is the Spanish market that great? I do not agree with anon at all. Of course I am right lol! The Phillipines, Asia market and the U.S. is where he should concentrate. I’m not against also expanding to the Spanish market and even Europe or China, Russia. Australia , etc. I can see David as a worldwide artist. Adam Lambert has been touring in these countries and seems to be doing better there than in the US.

    • Grammyj, I really don’t think anyone knows what David’s future singing career will be. I for one want a big successful career, but I don’t claim to know that will happen, I just want it to happen…it’s kinda is puzzling that you know that he will never be big enough to be a superstar.

      • Of course I don’t actually know that. It’s just an educated guess, but I could be wrong . I hope I am. I am just basing it on the interview David did a couple years ago posted on Snowangelz right now when he left Jive and WEG and decided not to sign with a new label either. He sounded so unhappy and burned out. Hopefully this two year break serving his church will give him new focus on his music and he will know the direction that he wants to go. Right now we don’t really know what that is. Anon wants new management, even longer break, no AI, and Spanish album and David on Univision. I know many like you want him to be a superstar. I’m hoping for lots of new music and lots of touring. He can be a superstar or just a working musician and I will be happy. I guess I’m not hard to please like some fans. I just want David to sing. Heck, he could just post videos of himself singing and I would be happy. I liked his low budget videos he did in the Philippines. It keeps his name out there. If you don’t have the money for big production videos you make do with the money you do have to keep the fans interested IMHO. You have to work with the budget you have and take the opportunities that are offered, and fans need to have some common sense!!

      • Grammyj, I do get what you mean and respect your opinion, but I will forever want more than an average career for David…to me he is so much more than a struggling artist. As a fan, I want him to have a big career….it’s my wish…don’t know what he wants….we’ll see what will unfold in 2014.

  17. Since it is now Valentine’s Day I think a little Rightgeous Brothers is in order http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGPcDiiFhRs

  18. Why do so many fans of David insist he never wanted fame & fortune as if that would be a bad thing?
    David went on AI in order to become a recording artist and be successful enough to have fame & fortune. Come on! Why else go on a reality talent show? He wanted all that came with being even a 2nd place winner. Does not make him less than the person we think he is. Just makes him human.

    Is it so unthinkable that David would be happy to be as successful, famous & wealthy the likes of Adele, Celine, Groban, Clarkson, Underwood and even *gulp* Bieber (without the circus atmosphere), or Beyonce? Come on! All you have to do is look at his face when he’s surrounded by his adoring fans when he’s in Asia to know he LOVES it!

    An artist who truly wants the fame & fortune which comes with success CAN have a private life. It’s up the him or her. We don’t see Groban or Adele all over the media but when they sing, most of the music loving public listen. David is young still. He can come back and choose the fame & fortune in Asia only OR he can work for recognition & success here in the US where he got his start.

    jus’ sayin’

    ps…Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

    • I agree with you jus’sayn’. Why wouldn’t even David want fame&fortune? It is not such a bad thing. lol. I just hope when David returns he no longer has any of his family involved in his music management. David has been there, done that, and it did not work as you have to have the needed “connections” in the music industry and his family does not. At least Gina and Kari do. Happy Valentine’s Day to all!!

  19. Great points everybody. I have some thoughts with regards to the Spanish speaking market here in the United States. I think this market is emerging and would be one to tap into. I believe they would be a loyal market like the country music one and they are passionate about their music. But all of this is mute if David chooses to narrow his song choice themes and doesn’t appeal to the youth. Latest census numbers show a very young population is emerging into the biggest consumers. JMO

    Good point That David needs to expand his fanbase. For me David’s voice is achingly gorgeous wrapped around those dramatic lyrics of love, loss and longing. Maybe that’s only because I speak Spanish. But omg he just slays in Spanish with that voice of his and if he should dare to move around a bit on stage with a little salsa, merengue, bachata or whatever, count me DOTF (dead on the floor). lol

    • I have to agree that the Spanish market for David is a good one for him to tap into. I have always thought that. I also agree with zara that I never understood why David did not try to enter the Latin market. Missed opportunity is right. There were many but I guess David just needs to move on when he returns.

  20. I think it’s great that David and his team are releasing new music for his loyal fans, it makes the wait for his come back to music a little easier. That being said, I hope that when he’ll resume his career, he’ll take the time to create the music he really wants to do and to put more focus on the production of the songs (TOSOD is a good album but some songs are not well produced IMO) and on the songwriting (to dig a little deeper when he shares his feelings in a song and not stay on the surface of the topic, again it’s just my opinion).

    Also, I underdstand why they are releasing music while he’s away and I understand that sometimes one needs to accept what is offered to make a living but I think that quality when it comes to artistry is more important than quantity. As fans, we’ll take anything but I don’t think it’d help him gain more fans or the recognition he deserves for his amazing talent.

    I don’t understand why some fans think that David needs to focus on the Asian market and pursue his career there when he comes back from his mission. I understand that he has many Asian fans and that it’s a profitable market for him but I think that he shouldn’t only go where there are offers. I think that he shouldn’t limit himself to one market and that he (and his team) should try to make his music known internationaly by touring everywhere, even in the countries he doesn’t have too much demand. He can create the demand and expand his fanbase by opening for other singers. Also, I’ll never understand why they didn’t try to enter the Latin market and I will always think of it as a missed opportunity for him, especially considering the interest showed about him in the past (ALMA awards, charity single in Spanish , articles in the Latin press, etc). He’ll gain more by taking risks and not limiting himself than by only focusing on pleasing his existing fanbase imo.

    And ITA with your comment Just Sayin’.
    There’s nothing wrong with wanting fame and fortune and that doesn’t negate being a respectable artist at all or succeding to have a private life. There are many examples of great singers and actors who managed to have it all and considering David’s personality, I think he can make it work for him too (finding great success and preserving his prersonal life).

    I know that my comment is already too long but I just wanted to add that I think that if he wants to resumes his career, he’ll need a creative management team. Indie or major label doesn’t matter that much considering the state of the music industry but he needs a good management to help him be more known and heard outside of his fanbase. There are other ways than radio to promote his music and only a creative team with good connections can make it happen for him imo.

  21. Hoping when David comes back, that he focuses more on the U.S. The Latino community here is supportive too!!

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