Daily Archives: August 21, 2010

David Dream Sequence #22

It’s quite fitting that, on the last night of my vacation, I would have my 22nd David Dream.  Yep, guess who I was missing this past month? 😉

So, in this latest dream, I dreamed that David had secretly gotten married to a young Jehovah’s Witness girl, who was also pursuing an R&B and gospel music career.

I’m learning this news while I’m boarding the plane, and when I land, I’m so eager to get home and search the Internet for all news David. Unfortunately, my Internet service was interrupted, as was my cable TV, so I couldn’t find out what I needed to learn about David, especially in light of this major news.

And then I woke up.

So, now it’s time for me to backtrack and catch up on Soul David and the Archuniverse.

A big shoutout to Joymus for refreshing this blog with up-to-date posts! Thank you, also, to Desertrat, Embe, Rae, Peter, Burkey, and all you fabulous SDers who kept my blog going in my absence.

Can’t wait to find out what I’ve been missing (and I didn’t realize I was missing it until my dream!). 🙂

Who knew that, this week when I’m getting ready to return, David would entertain us with some Bill Withers and Jill Scott?

I’m telling you! I want my Soul David album pronto!