Daily Archives: August 24, 2010

Wish-fulfillment Series: Call for Contributions

To all my devoted Soul David participants, readers, and lurkers:

I’ve been enjoying both your comments and blog posts that you’ve contributed this past month.  So much so that I want to try and do another series devoted to SDers and their love for David.

So, since we all have our hopes and fears and anxieties about what’s happening for David (or not happening), I would like to invite you all once again to contribute an article for Soul David.

Theme: “What I Wish for David.”

This could be anything from the new album to a new label to a new direction in promo to a new direction in music to a new public image.  What do you most wish for David, either in the next year, the next decade, or for his legacy?

Please send me your ideas and proposals privately to hobsjayceeh@yahoo.com.

Looking forward to them! 🙂