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A Wired Fandom: How Technology Changes the Fan-Artist Relationship

Fan Love Series #6
Archived TDC Article by Freofan (5/31/09)

In 1967, Canadian media theorist Marshall McLuhan coined the term, “the medium is the message,” to describe how the way that the media’s message is delivered to us (such as through the medium of television) shapes how we think about the information. One of my favorite activities reflects this thinking process. When taking breaks from working during the day, I enjoy listening to David’s song, “Somebody Out There,” at a high volume on our large stereo system. The music’s richness that physically surrounds me helps me reflect on life experiences invoked by the tender lyrics.

McLuhan died in 1980, and thus did not live through the computer age, but he left behind a partial manuscript that described the computer as a new medium that would impact people’s thinking and culture as a while. Focusing on the computer’s general impact on society is beyond the scope here, but we have certainly seen computer technology’s impact on the relationship between musicians and their fans.