Daily Archives: August 27, 2010

One Hit Wonder?

I heard it today while waiting on line in the bank, and while I was overseas, I heard it while eating in a restaurant.

It’s amazing to me how, as a fanbase, we’re wringing our hands to hear SBL, but all we hear of David on the radio is “Crush.”

Is David destined to be a “one-hit wonder,” or will SBL eventually find life on the radio?

If we are to believe David is a “long-term investment” at Jive, they must have big plans for him.

But what does it mean, really, that what I do hear of David on the radio is his debut single and not any new material?

I mean, it does give me chills, still, when I hear “Crush” out there on the airwave.  It certainly seems that his label is making sure we still hear the Voice.

But why an old hit song and not a new one?  Is SBL really a bit of a struggle?

Perhaps it doesn’t have the magic “Crush” has? (And yes, I am one of those who believes SBL is not on par with “Crush”).

Does it mean anything substantial that, when I listen for David on the radio, it’s “Crush” I hear and not “Something ‘Bout Love”?