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In Pieces: Part Two

Authored by Embe


An unconventional guy for a “celebrity,” David defies all molds and expectations that are thought to be affiliated with fame just by being himself.

Humility, modesty

David’s humble attitude towards his fame and success is probably the most noticeable trait about him, at least according to numerous interviewers. David never takes anything for granted and always remembers to give credit where it’s due. Through that comes his modesty. David takes nothing for granted, thus he knows even looks can fade and doesn’t put too much emphasis on shallow stuff like that. He doesn’t realise how incredibly, mind-blowingly, out-of-this-world good-looking he is and even if he did, he’d never let it be the main focus.

Sense of humor

Ok, so apparently David doesn’t understand sarcasm. Perhaps it’s because sarcasm is considered as a “negative,” and we all know David’s all about the positive. But he is so funny. Partly because he doesn’t know it, but mainly because he says things you’d never expect to hear from anyone.

”I love Kendra too. Not that way, though – gross!”

”That skin, dang it!”

”Mazel tow.”

…. the list goes on and on. Not only that, but David also manages to get himself into weird and funny situations. His tissue caught on fire during a phone interview, he denied being ”Ricky Archuleta”, he locked himself out of the house in the middle of the night and found shelter under a neighbour’s roof.. this list, too, goes on and on.


It’s interesting how contradictory David’s character is. On one hand he’s unsure about if he’s any good, or talented, or famous, or if he even possesses a great voice! He thinks he looks weird and is a dork. But on the other hand he has the confidence of a brick wall. When a certain wannabe-famous-but-didn’t-quite-accomplish-that-or-anything-else-noteworthy former Idol contestant called David a ”punk”, David’s response was a gigglish ”that’s too bad”. When a radio DJ played hateful messages to David, he laughed and said ”I DO sound like Napoleon Dynamite!”. And finally, when people speculate about his sexuality, or call him any name that would make a grown man cry, David holds his head high, knowing that all that matters is that he knows who he is and is true to himself.


David might seem like an easy target; too polite to be rude, too sweet to raise his voice and too patient to lose his temper. Some radio DJ’s have tried to take advantage of this. They have failed, because David is as sly as they come. A fan on The Voice posted an analysis regarding David’s unique style of embarrassing the interviewers who try to humiliate him or ask stupid questions. Unfortunately I don’t remember the whole thing, but here’s a good example. When someone asks a dumb, immature question, David makes them repeat it by saying ”what, what?”. When repeated, the counterpart often realizes what a moronic question it is and moves on. So very true. David’s so clever, he defeats any idiot so sneakily they have no time to realize what just hit them.


To the fans, it’s all about David. To David, it’s never about him. At the White House, with president Obama standing in front of him, David’s eyes were on the kids of Children’s Miracle Network. When paying a visit to a school, David met a cleaning lady on his way to the bathroom and thanked her for keeping the school clean. No one else was around – the cleaning lady told the story forward. At the gym, David was running like ”a mad man”, ”full-on sprinting” on the treadmill according to eyewitnesses, but stopped to talk to an older woman and was in no hurry to return to exercising. That’s why, to me, it’s all about David.

So. None of you were thinking this was going to be a short list, were you? I couldn’t possibly abbreviate or sum up anything about a person like David. I could write seven books about him but that would only be a fraction of the wonder that is David Archuleta. David feels lucky to have gotten the chance to share his gift through music. I feel lucky to have found an idol in someone like David. And our journey has only just begun.