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David’s New Music Video for Something ‘Bout Love

The wait is finally over for David’s newest video in support for his single – Something ‘Bout Love. What are your thoughts and comments?

The Candy Man: Making the World Taste Good

Fan Love Series #4
Archived TDC Article by Joymus (5/17/09)

“Who can take the sunlight, sprinkle it with dew,
Cover it with chocolate and a miracle or two….
The Candy Man can…”

Prologue: Anatomy of an attraction

David Archuleta seems to possess one attribute above everything else that stands him in good stead no matter the occasion. A high likeability factor. While this observation is nothing new to anyone who has observed David or crossed paths with him since he burst onto the music scene, what makes it remarkable at all is its penetrating and lingering power.

First Inklings

It started innocently enough when we were introduced to a fresh-faced young singer named David Archuleta during the early audition stages of American Idol Season 7. From the moment he sang Waiting On The World To Change and wowed the judges, the first nascent stirrings of attraction began percolating within us. When he was through, for some inexplicable reason we were immediately attracted to his personality but there was no rhyme or reason other than what was just witnessed by all.