Daily Archives: August 29, 2010

For the Long Haul

It seems to me that, if we are to believe hearsay – that Jive sees David as a “long term investment” and that this latest promo shows their support of his music career (despite the long, slow climb out of obscurity for a single like “Something ‘Bout Love”) – then we need to keep the faith.

I think it was the fan roller coaster story, in which David’s label set up a fan moment on a Six Flags roller coaster ride, that made me rethink the label strategy.  What if these little moments – the fan package deal for the Arch Angels, the Tosh comedy episode, the various radio station visits and fan meet-and-greet moments, the “family” event performances at amusement parks and the like – are part of that “long term” deal? What if the goal is not to sell  a chart-burning single but to simply sell David to a core fan community that will grow up with him?

What if Jive has no intention of turning David into Bieber – which they could have before Bieber became Bieber – because they do intend to launch David when he’s more mature? What if these are the “growing pains” of maturing his fanbase until he’s of a certain age when he can sing the songs he’s supposed to sing?

What if they are quietly catering to his “teen pop star” image so he can subtly grow out of it?  As a result, there’s no real push for his pop music to chart if only to avoid trumpeting this public image, which will be really hard to escape when David is, say, 25.

If David is in it for the “long haul,” is this all part of a bigger plan?

I guess I’m trying to connect these interesting appearances to the lack of SBL radio play (while “Crush” is still getting more radio play of late).

Is this the “long-term investment” game plan?