Hearing David’s Voice at Random

So, yesterday I said I was missing David’s Voice.  Imagine then, just going into J. C. Penney’s, randomly wandering there, after purchasing some new shoes for summer in Macy’s. It had dawned on me that I hadn’t used my J.C. Penney card in quite some time so while I was shopping, I decided to go and check out their merchandise.

And just like that, I hear on the intercom…a familiar Voice! 🙂

What is that song? I know that song! Wait…wait for it…

That just made my day.

Oh David, to hear you regularly on radio or at the mall when I’m listlessly wandering from store to store! 🙂

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  1. I have no idea why David followed ZZ Ward other than he liked her music. I’m hoping it’s because he’s going to tour with her this summer. That is probably not it, but she will be singing at festivals all over the US this summer. I would love for David to do that. That’s what I thought he would do when he got back from his Mission. Yes, it would be nice if he communicated what his plans are for his music career. I think that is really the reason for our angst, the not knowing.

  2. Guilt should not lie anywhere within David’s fanbase. You are not even guilty of misunderstanding him if it comes to that. I feel sad for his fans and I know you can list everything positive which is a good thing. But and there is a ‘but’, fans have gone through years of surprises not always very pleasant, that may distance many. It is not just the music but the whole presentation. I look forward to hearing him sing again because of the quality of his voice and the effects it has on people. Everything else can just go away.


    • years of surprises ??? in your head only , tell me them please

      • Then rooster tell us, what do you think is really going on that has fans here right now and many times before wondering what is going on?? Fans on most sites have been wondering for many months. I am talking now about the fans going back to droughts years ago that were not understood. They just wanted to be informed which is a natural progression of events. Maybe not surprises to you but everyone thinks in their own way and rightfully so.

  3. Shanny in Australia

    It’s not about whether David needs protecting or not. It’s about respect, human decency and right versus wrong. To be honest i can’t believe we even have to say these things. It’s like having an argument over whether the sun shines or not. It’s a no brainier.

    Maybe it would be more productive if the discussion were more about where the line is between reasonable considerate opinions and disrespectful unreasonable criticisms because surely people don’t think it’s ok to trash David however they want, simply because he’s a ’23 year old man now’.

    • Shanny, is it fact or is it your opinion that David is being trashed by almost everyone here. My opinion is that he isn’t being trashed (yes, there are a few comments that are harsh, but again, imo not that many). To say it’s a fact might just be yours and others opinions.

  4. For me, posters fall into three categories; 1. Those who dont take all of this like its a life or death situation. 2. Those who feel they must tell fans every chance they get how they disapprove of what they say. (The comment police) 3. Those who sit in lurkdom waiting to pounce, and attack and do it in the name of “Defending/Protecting David.” Of course we always have the BYU troll to liven things up!! 🙂

  5. I see kind of a core group of trashers who pride themselves on being open and honest and seem unaware of their effect on other people. There is a constant negative undertow. It creates ripples and gets people in a twist.

    David has said repeatedly that he isn’t great with words, isn’t a great communicator when he speaks. So, I take that information, freely and humbly shared, and I apply it to his communication with fans. Reading between the lines while keeping David’s generous heart in mind. That leaves me expecting and seeing the best.

    • There is one thing I’ll say for Bliss–he would extensively quote the exact words that he objected to. Ninety percent of the time, I’d think–really? One time when he completely thrashed several points of a very nice person’s, very reasonable comment, I had to say something. She came back later and kindly explained every point to his satisfaction and said she held no animosity. To me, that’s the problem with comment policing. If you insist on seeing comments in the worst possible light, there’s going to be a lot of fighting over people just being people.

  6. Candy, why is having a different opinion considered policing? You can’t see me but I’m asking nicely 🙂 .

  7. ITA Smanda. And it’s why I don’t comment nearly as much anymore. As a Catholic (non-practicing) I’ve felt offended for David’s LDS fans on too many occasions. And I am extremely liberal. Of course you can say whatever you want, but I come from the school of thought that you shouldn’t say everything you’re thinking just because you can. No need to pull the comment police card because this is all JMO.

  8. Smanda-I love discussing different points of view, opens my eyes to other ways of seeing things, many times I realize Ive only seen it through my eyes. Its when it crosses that line and feels like scolding another adult that to me it feels like policing. And I realize that what feels that way to me, may feel differently to someone else. I say bring on a good discussion anytime!

  9. RIP Maya Angelou

    “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time”

  10. That’s beautiful and perfect, Kim. RIP Maya.

  11. Why are people upset at all about this? Honestly I think this place is extremely polite and tame in comparison to some places like those sited above, People, CNN etc etc. It’s fine we all express our opinions but why the worry about David? He has no clue how people are feeling about all this apparently as he has not addressed the issue at all. Or perhaps he just doesn’t care, which is fine also.
    Some celebs say they read fansites etc because they want to know what is going on. Some say they avoid them like the plague. It’s all a matter or personal choice.
    I am sorry some feel so offended here by the David bashing that is supposedly going on or the LDS bashing. I just don’t see it. I see criticism, yes. I see personal stories that may color one’s opinions, but I also see very thoughtful comments and back and forth comments that are respectful. Outside a very few posters who use inflammatory language, I have never felt this was a mean spirited place.

  12. Aw, RIP Miss Maya Angelou. Lovely quote kimak

  13. Yes, RIP Miss Maya Angelou, she leaves words to guide many generations to come.

  14. Want to hear another example of “offended” that does not necessarily involve perceived offenses taken by some regarding David’s religion? How about some fans of David that are not LDS, conservative or very knowledgable about LDS until becoming aware of a talented young man they heard singing on a cheesy reality show trying to constantly keep things that offended them on a lot of levels in the background while striving to keep focus on the talent and potential and “goodness” they saw in this artist? Just a couple of things that offended me during this tenure as a fan that until now I had resolved never to discuss on a David fanboard… anyone else here “offended” when David’s team thought the G. Gordon Liddy show appearance was a good idea? G. Gordon “Watergate burglar, convicted felon” Liddy??? Given the history of the LDS denying the priesthood to minorities until late in the 20th century, anyone taken aback or did the “not having the black skills” comment David made during Idol register? I have tried to keep “little” things like this in the background as David’s talent I try keeping in the fore… pushing niggling doubts and questions constantly aside while trying to seek and look for the good can get tiresome – but here I still am, looking, seeking, hoping that the talent in this young man gets a proper platform to shine… there is no desire to turn this into a pxxxxxxxg match regarding who has been “more offended”… I’m a conflicted at times fan of David… but still a fan.

    • I truly had my moments when David announced his mission. Some fans have said, when obviously troubling truths about the LDS church have been discussed,” but we don’t know if David believes that”. And my thought and answer always was why would someone go away for 2 years to preach for and try to convert folks to a church they didn’t believe all the teachings? I know potential missionaries are asked if they accept the teachings of their faith. If they don’t I am told they don’t go. It has troubled me quite a bit frankly and I too try to keep the voice and talent separate from the religion, although he makes it more and more difficult with his recent openness about his beliefs.

    • I really appreciate this comment ( except for the “perceived offenses” part which is a lil bit belittling).

      Like Candy, I love a lively, respectful discussion. Words matter. Empathy matters. Difference plus open discussion equals enlightenment and problems solved.

  15. Shanny in Australia

    Why do we have to compare ourselves to the worst behavior? Just because people at CNN etc carry on badly, doesn’t make it alright for us surely. Lol

    Candy, I think your list is a little too short. Lol

    Frankly, I’m past caring if people call me the comment police or whatever. As I said recently, let’s not pretend that all behaviors are desirable. Or reasonable.

    Cq, I never said David was being trashed by nearly everyone here. In fact I think it is actually a minority but it is a vocal minority and sometimes they can fan the flames of frustration and criticism in other people who might otherwise not behave that way.

    • Ok Shanny, but when a blanked statement is made, that’s what comes across. Sorry if I misunderstood.

      • Shanny in Australia

        I really think you and cc halo are making too big of a deal about this blanket statement stuff. There you go, I used your names.

        I do get it. I’ve been annoyed when people have talked sarcastically about me rather than to me before today. Although I suspect that is more to do with the sarcasm and belittling rather than the ‘blanket statement’ nature of things.

        On the other hand, should i name exactly who has been sarcastic and rude? Call them out publicly by name? Try to really rub it in and embarrass them? Believe it or not, at times I have chosen to leave names out and simply talk about the issues, so as to focus on the issues rather than the individual people.

        One thing you’ve got to wonder about….and this question really intrigues me…..is why do so many people get run off this website? Even Bliss retreated!!! Lol

    • Really Shanny? Bliss could dish it out but couldn’t take it if they truly left this site. I was repeatedly insulted by Bliss here with his use of inflammatory words which he dang well knew were button pushers.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Actually I thought bliss took it better than anyone else I’ve seen here before. Yeah, he could dish it out good and proper too but that’s not the point. The point is so many people get driven away from here. Why?

      • You deserved to be insulted as you insulted David too.

  16. Shanny-unless you have been on the receiving end of some of Bliss’s personal attacks, and yes they were personal, there is no way to undestand how that feels. To attack someones family, is way beyond a “lively discussion” for me and why I left this site for some time. And then to do so in the name of Defending David, thats an issue in my book and goes way beyond the realm of defending or discussing.

  17. Shanny-I just stated why…there is a reason he isnt welcome on other sites…yes they are public forums and anyone can post there but when someone goes on a personal rant, and the mods of one site have to shut it down to end the tirade, and another site has to block the person…you think THAT is acceptable? Sorry but I dont, call me old school, whatever you wish but that is no where near respect.

    • it’s not necessarily what you say it is how you say it.

      • Yeah. Someone somewhere said that if you aren’t kind on the internet, then you aren’t kind. That feels like the whole issue here – on both sides. Its as though people don’t think that someone who disagrees with them is “real”. We’re all just folks trying to figure stuff out. Soul, when you say you don’t see it and shrug your shoulders like anyone who does see it is a fool – that’s exactly what I mean. You don’t see mean spiritedness so therefore there is none. You are real, the other people are not. Does that make sense?

  18. Why folks spend so much time here to bash David? Do you have work & family?I saw those mean folks almost everyday. Spending many hours to discuss non sense topic.

  19. Candy, it’s CQ & Bliss who rant on other site. I like Bliss anyway.

  20. Tina-originally I admired Bliss’s way of promoting David, his undying support…for me personally it crossed the line at some point. If it didnt for you, thats great, thats why there is chocolate and vanilla.

  21. dont mean to burst your bubbles here and all david archuleta fans site out there as well but what if david tell the fans that he want go to BYU than all sudden want retire from music for good out of nowhere, i will come back and laugh it off because all this fighting and bashing about david for nothing!. all the fans will look like fool from david all this time, i mean think about it perhaps it could happen???

  22. Shanny in Australia

    Candy….Bliss’ MO is a whole other issue that I choose not to get into really. I’ve said that I disagree with his style…..so I’m not denying your feelings as being legitimate…..but I guess I don’t define him by just that. I see good in Bliss too. Just like I see good in some of the people who nearly drove me away too.

    My question is why have so many people been driven away from here because it has happened before, during and probably after Bliss. We can’t blame it all on him. Lol
    Maybe because this site is more argumentative due to its ‘anything goes’ nature? That’s probably a part of it, I just feel there’s more to it and perhaps a lesson to be learnt there. I just can’t put my finger on it yet….

  23. want to retire music for good out of the blue not nowhere oopie my bad.

  24. sit back and think for him being in chile for 2 years make him thinks he want to do more lds temple church works like firesides and sing for lds members and go to BYU for couple of years but no music for him??? could be right in the future for david???

  25. “Soul, when you say you don’t see it and shrug your shoulders like anyone who does see it is a fool – that’s exactly what I mean.”

    Smanda, I never characterized anyone as a fool, nor would I. That is your interpretation, then I am sorry for you. I would never call a person a fool, you just called a lot of people a fool which I hope you did not mean.

    I stated things as I see them, my opinion only. Please reread my post. Thank you

    • I read it a few times before I responded and again just now. I’m saying that is how your comment sounds, that is the meaning conveyed.

      • Soul you said : Smanda, I never characterized anyone as a fool, nor would I. That is your interpretation, then I am sorry for you. I would never call a person a fool, you just called a lot of people a fool which I hope you did not mean.

        And thats kinda exactly what Im talking about. I responded with my understanding and feeling about what you said and you respond by feeling sorry for me and saying I insulted people.

        Maybe Im not making any sense and I apologize if I’m confusing. I do think part of the tension here is inherent in conversations where you can’t see the other person’s face.

      • Smanda we all see things from our unique points of view IMHO. We all bring different thoughts to the table based on our personal experiences and explorations. That is the way of the world IMHO. I am good with any and all ideas and expressions brougnt here. I disagree with you but respect your right to say what you want and disagree with me also. I do not mean this to lecture, this is all just my opinions. And yes, it is often hard to understand context when using the written word. I totally agree with that.

  26. I love this site and HG because while it is a fan site it is a site for divergent thoughts and opinions. If folks don’t like it there are other places that are full of undying love for the ground David walks on. Yes that sounded rude but I don’t know how else to say it and I don’t mean people should leave. We need all views and opinions here IMHO, just if you need a fix of David adulation, there are other places to get it besides here, which I still think is a site that admires David’s talent greatly.

    • Long Time Lurker

      Like my name says, I have lurked here for years, but am one of those Shanny referred to. I no longer comment because my opinion, no matter how respectfully I worded it, was always labelled and dismissed as “not based in reality”, “rainbows and unicorns”, “overly-protective”, and yes, “comment policing”. I never denigrated another’s opinion or “scolded” anyone, just shared my personal opinion, which as continually stated, is the purpose of this site. I don’t understand why one opinion is policing and another’s is considered honest, frank thinking.

      • To be honest ( and I always am. lol) to me- there are more comments here at SD now then there ever were in the past. lol. Some folks that did post here originally I think left as fans of David as they were just no longer interested in his career-I mean he did leave his music career for 2 years. It had nothing to do with being offended. They were just not interested or even bored with his career and moved on. But David could regain those fans but it looks like that will not happen as it stands right now. Things can change. As always -JMHO. If anyone (will not name names-not going there) has ever been mentioned for scolding or policing comments I would suggest you look at previous posts as they deserve it. Again JMHO. Have a nice nite all. 🙂

    • Sad to say, but this site is no longer known for “divergent thoughts and opinions.” Every comment section dissolves into the same old tiresome career advice and frequently disrespectful anti-Mormon drivel, time after time after time. It is a terrible disservice to HG who provides interesting topics and perspectives to discuss.

      Not every commenter is guilty of course; and there is no denying the entertainment factor that draws people here like onlookers to a car wreck; but I can’t remember even one thread now where the entirety of the comments provided a thoughtful discussion of David’s artistry.

      • I think David would need to produce some artistry first.

      • Meaning that every possible aspect of his old performances has already been discussed.

      • I still enjoy those “old performances,” but then I am an optimistic fan with any-day-now anticipation. In the meantime, I do appreciate the videos you bring here, a welcome intermission to the bickering.

      • ITA-peter. So True.

    • You are rude, soul newbie, are you the owner of this website, HG didn’t said anything like that.This site is created not for people like you. This is for celebrating all about David artistry.

  27. why u people fighting over david what think he is going to do, do u think david’s cares nope! he dont!,. people dont know what is next for him and cant read his mind either?

  28. do u all think david cares what fans think of him and your opinions, that would be a big letter word NO!.

  29. Just wondering


    • sybil??? i dont know what that means? i am just trying to make a point. nobody being attacked. it is just crazy when fans acted like that when dont know david personailly and his feelings, u dont know what is going with his mind with music, Byu or church related stuffs only he knows that himself and bashing and fighting on over david and other DA fans websites it is just little stupid

  30. The thing about “policing” that’s distinct from discussion, is that it’s personal–ad hominem–complaining about the people making the points and why are they doing so, rather than disagreeing with the points being made. I try to take a deep breath and make my points non personal, even though I may get excited and break my own rule especially if I think people are being attacked.

    I think scolding gets a lot more attention than quiet disagreement, so maybe that’s why it happens.

  31. I wish we could have a conversation here without Sybil jumping in. That’s just my opinion. I would like to say that I enjoy reading everyone’s comments and opinions. Some I agree with and some I don’t. I still stand by what I said about hoping David doesn’t ready some comments. That’s my opinion, too. I for sure wouldn’t ever try to stop people from making those comments that I would rather he didn’t read. Of course, what he reads is out of my control. Most of all, I don’t want anyone to stop posting….even the one who can annoy me occasionally.

  32. it would be nice david should say something what he want to do with music/BYU rumors so he can STOP the fans MADNESS, that would be very helpful. leaving.

  33. I think someone has given new meaning to “Broken record” “ad nauseam” “Stuck on repeat”

    • That made me laugh out loud, Candy. I think you’re right.

    • Just wondering


    • that wasn’t me I post thoses comments and I said that I was taking a break until david make a statement and fans thinks a like so what and fans said the same things all the time because there not much news on david and his singing career right, we all can see that so anyway Some need get over it think I am with the different undernames it is getting old already, move on okay.

  34. I rest my case!!! 🙂

  35. Shanny, I think you have a really good question when you wonder why so many have been driven away from here. I agree that people have moved away from many of David’s sites but the tone has been different here–and it’s not a tone of HG’s direct creation, not the tone of her thoughtful posts.

    Here’s a very close approximation to the fan-policing comment that nearly did it for me. If you doubt its authenticity, I will find the exact thread.

    “Commenting on David’s hair or clothes infantilizes him and is ruining his chances to be taken seriously as an artist.”

    Why should I be a regular participant in a fan site if I can’t have fun there?

    • That sounds like something from Bliss’ earlier fixation about older women appreciating David’s looks, which he used to beat posters with, until he jumped on the bandwagon about David’s church. He got a lot more traction about the latter subject.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Bianca, I can see why a comment like that would bother you. And no need to find the proof. – I remember it and have never doubted your honesty.

      You know, I have made a comment or two about David’s clothes and hair before but I never took that comment personally (cue the cliche about the shoes that fit and the shoes that don’t). Maybe because I’m all about the smile and the eyes and my jealousy about that constant glowiness lol…..or maybe because long ago some peeps expressed concern about the appropriateness of commenting about David in those sorts of ways, that I took their advice way back then and decided to stay far away from any line that might even hint of inappropriateness. That’s not to say I have any problems with people gushing over his hair or liking his outfit etc, a lot of the times I find the comments harmless and sometimes even humorous. I guess my point is, I have listened to the advise of others and tried to learn from it, whether or not I was at fault was irrelevant. The fact that their advice had at least some merit was what mattered.

      I’m not defending Bliss, I’m merely saying…..we should consider people’s advice and either wear the shoe and learn from it or realize the shoe doesn’t fit and move on.
      Let me reiterate again….I am speaking generally and not specifically about any one person or any one issue. Just speaking generally. Sharing lessons I have learnt and benefited from.

      And as many people who have popped up out of the woodwork recently have said…..they were driven away long ago. Nothing to do with Bliss.

      I want to say a big thank you to all who have put their hand up recently. I feel it has provided some balance here and hopefully caused a few people to pause and think for a moment.

      As for me, I’m reminded of the midwife I had with my first baby. She had been practicing in-home care midwifery for 20 years and said the secret to her longevity in a very demanding job was that she didn’t take on too many ladies at once – she moderated her caseload and maintained her sanity and energies. So with that in mind, some of you will be glad to know that I’ll now go back to building up my energies for the next round of scolding. 😉 Believe it or not, I prefer peace and friendship and squeeing over the awesome guy we all love. I’m really a simple gal at heart. Lol

      • Awww, Shanny, I think you’re pretty wonderful and delightfully maternal with your “scolding” and peacekeeping.

        While the shoe metaphor doesn’t quite do it for me (yet–I’ll work on it) one thing that does is realizing that what a person says about or to others is mostly about the sayer, not the others. Think you’re defending David? Maybe it’s your own thoughts/beliefs/comfort levels you’re dealing with.

        And Shanny, I never meant to imply you’d think I was dishonest. Rather, I was brought up by a theoretical nuclear physicist to be EXTREMELY careful about quotes and attribution and facts. So I was trying to explain my lack of the exact quote to my own conscience. You see, it was about ME!

  36. Shanny in Australia

    Lol. Thanks Bianca. 🙂
    You sound like my grandmother. She’s the biggest literalist a person could know I think lol and as such is very particular about defining everything accurately and precisely. 🙂

    • Your grandmother and my dad, LOL. I’m way more forgiving of everyone else than I am of myself. ****hugs for all who wants one****

  37. Soul newbie, you responded to me upthread and I can’t figure out how to respond to you so that my comment lines up under yours. Dopey of me!
    Anyway, yes, I completely agree with what you said and I really hope that discussions here can happen in that respectful way. I’m sorry that I singled you out in a way that made you feel hurt. It was thoughtless of me.

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