Someone’s in a “Good Place”

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  1. Now I understand MJ’s rule.

  2. IT ABOUT TIME THAT…well I guess we could always talk about David going to BYU…you wanna start?

    • Okay candy, There was a lot of fans thought he was going to BYU in the fall okay, have u seen fans tweets about it. Maybe david was planning to go to BYU with his friends and he was seen on campus there couple of times or prolly more but the truth got out from the people who go there tweets about it, I think that plan could have just changed, he was prolly angry or maybe he will go there next year,just posting my opinions, but did david say is in the ineterview that edcation was very important to him???

  3. freedom of speech,different opinions, and debate is what our country is all about. censorship of any kind is always bad. when that happens to a country it’s the beginning of the end. even if u hate what someone says u must support their right to say it, if u love this country! it’s HG’s site and she is free to delete or ban, that is her right. but it is not the job of posters to police other posters!

  4. recent events have led me to believe that david is NOT going to BYU at this time!

  5. I do think the BYU was indeed true but when david find out he was prolly really upset by it and fans were pressured david to come back to music again I think maybe he put college plans on hold and do music again to pleased the fans, just my opinion and I might be wrong about this.

  6. I guess we all have the right to say anything but that certainly doesn’t make it right to say anything and not care about others. I love my country and have a perfect right to discuss unkind, uncivilized behavior. Evil triumphs when good people do nothing and the bullies run the playground.

    • another anon

      This. The bullying. Because some of us do not accept bullying, we are automatically comment police? Nobody ever said not to sate your opinions on the vlog, the career, etc.
      It seems some people are just enjoying hurting others, most likely making other people cry. My god, that is f***ing sick.

  7. My head’s under water, but I’m breathing fine. You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind…….

    You’re my downfall. You’re my muse. My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues.

    Aww! I’m transported. Gnite ya’ll. Kudos to you Hg.

  8. Its about time…what do you get out saying this stuff over and over.

    • We all don’t know for sure if david was planning to go to BYU or not, again my opinion david was already plan go to college this fall when he got back from mission until three people who go there ruined it by tweeting about it, perhaps david doesn’t want to tell the whole truth about BYU part because it very personal to him?!? Okay I am done posting about BYU now ,have a great nite guys.

  9. SMH-reading someones comments is like fooling around with an ouija board, you never know what they can conjure up!

  10. I was reading the comments over at mjs blog and felt there was a very insightful comment that was posted by a commenter regarding David’s vlog and TODOD. I don’t think this comes from a diehard David fan but perhaps someone who probably liked Archie during S7 of AI but then became not so much of a fan. I am posting it as I even though I did not write it- I do agree with it.
    Eilonwy_has_an_emu • 8 hours ago

    “Upon reflection, I’m going with the theory that, while TOSOD was Archuleta’s blandy mcbland mistake, it was also his response to label pressures to be commercial at a level that covered the runner-up’s sizable advance. So without that pressure, he’d make different decisions. I literally could not get through the album, but it was screamingly obvious that he was trying to Mraz himself as a means of coming up with something in a super-commercial vein that wasn’t teen pop.

    My tolerance has something to do with my having exhausted my store of outrage on other Idols’ Dance of Disavowal, and also something to do with the sizable amount of evidence that Archuleta has musical tastes that aren’t really aligned with TOSOD and that his engaged fanbase would be happy to see him explore.”

    • Yes, a new perspective.

      • peter-That comment reminded me just how much David did not want to be a teen idol singing teen pop. Although I still really liked his first pop album. The Label and management of course wanted to make money so I guess I see the pressures. Ironic that Jive is no more even around isn’t it. lol. 🙂 I feel kind of bad as it seems like 2 popular idol alum signed to labels after David- twangy Scotty M. and Phillip Phillips did not have to deal with that.

  11. Another reason that I enjoyed that comment as it was not about his religion, hair, or whatever else-it was an honest comment regarding his music. I don’t care if you loved or hated TOSOD- it was about his music. Now it is on David and his team to put the focus of the fans on the music. His professional social media accounts-Twitter,Instagram, and facebook-should just focus on his music and things regarding his music career. Of course cute tweets regarding his family,friends, girlfriends and where he eats ect. are more than OK. Or tweets regarding “social or humanitarian causes”. JMHO. That is more than my 2 cents for the day. Now I am off to enjoy the sunshine. 🙂

    • Marie loved mj’s comment about the video too.. was a look into those that are not uber fans are thinking and it was good.
      kind of think his vlog gave him street cred of sorts.. no mamby bamby sucking up to fans and the biz if you know what I mean.
      my fav vlog of his to date.
      he grew up and I love it!

      • lol street cred, love it. Being a people pleaser, being sweet, never rocking the boat, doing things the way others want, not what you want, can only go for so long. I truly believed that’s who he was and I truly thought he was being real, but after listening to the vlog, I get a feeling that wasn’t David. I think is why so many felt, still feel, the need to keep defending him from any negative remarks, protecting him for lack of better word. I too really like this vlog, especially since we know that is the real David. Very complex man…I’m hoping it will translate into brilliant music.

  12. Shanny in Australia

    I haven’t read any further down this thread beyond where the vlog was posted…and I haven’t read any responses elsewhere either, so these are all my raw emotions and thoughts I need to get off my chest.

    I have seen his Vlog! Oh joy, joy, joy, we got a vlog! But……..I’m almost brought to tears watching it! In a sad and mad way.
    I need time to absorb the emotions before I go reading other peoples comments.
    I’ve made a number of controversial posts here recently, probably ruffled a few feathers. I wanted to back off for a while. I still do. But this vlog just raises all my passions all over again!

    I always knew he had his finger on the fan pulse before but I only hoped he read the fan sites – there never was really any evidence of it…….until now. And I’m just mad, mad, mad and sad, sad, sad. And I think he is too. Even my husband who only hears me occasionally rant about things, could plainly see that David was not a happy camper in that vlog.

    I feel disgusted that he had to address all the things he did. Nearly every sentence he said seemed to be in response to all the rubbish that has being circulating recently by people who supposedly have his back. Ugh!

    This is not supposed to be offensive to anyway, just me releasing my emotions on y’all.
    I was one of those who have expressed disappointment over him not having done a vlog yet, I just hope that was my only contribution to David’s pain/frustration/pressure/sadness whatever you want to call it…… I’m truly sorry David for any contributions I may have made. Please forgive me.

    David is a person. With feelings.

    • I don’t think he reads this blog. You would have to apologize on Twitter.

      • Shanny in Australia

        I used to think that Peter. Not now.

        Still trying to absorb it all cos I know some of the comments in this thread will start me up even more. Lol

      • I agree peter you need to go to twitter and apologize if you fell the need, that is what he said get got most from.

      • Peter, your insistance on that point is amusing and confusing given the plain evidence before our eyes. Denial is not just a river 🙂

        On a happier note, loved that comment from MJ’s upthread. David is so richly talented. I love it when people can see – and hear!! what is clearly in front of them.

      • Exactly-It would need to be twitter. 🙂

      • Shanny in Australia

        More than once he said he had been reading at twitter and ‘other places’.
        But that’s a minor point, so I’m not going to argue something silly.

        And to me, wherever the trash talking has happened doesn’t make a difference. Speaking unkindly of someone is the same whether to their face or behind their back. *shrugs*

      • Smanda, glad that you are amused. 🙂

        It’s just that people still seem to be under the illusion that David is their personal friend.

      • Smanda, with do respect, I’ve listen to the vlog many times and he mentions twitter and yes, other place, but I do believe that is his first form of fan feel back. On twitter fans are directly addressing David, I think because they are following him, I think that’s how it works anyway. Btw, I’m not saying that maybe someone from his family or friends might be checking on fansites to get a feel as to what fans want. Of course we now know that what fans want doesn’t mean a thing to the new, I’m doing things my way David, lol.

      • I’m bringing down my comment about the “other places” David has read:

        “….on the topic of whether the fan site comments upset David or not, I was looking at the tweets to davidarchie, and it seems to me that the same people tweet him repeatedly, plus there’s a ton of requests for stuff, and marry me type comments, and even if they’re nice, it might get a little too persistent and tend to make him crazy. Plus there’s the Instagram comments, and his official site comments all directed at HIM.” ALC reminded me about his Facebook as well–full of comments for HIM.

        “But on the fan sites, we’re talking to each other, so it would be a little strange for him to go on them and read comments day after day, when he’s said that he doesn’t. He talked about tweets, so in my humble opinion, that’s the thing that set him off, much more likely than fan discussions with each other. I could be totally wrong.”

      • Peter, you have no idea how funny that is.

      • I’m sure it is, as are many other things.

        Hi, David! Nice to see you here!

    • Shanny so do you think his last two years he was sheltered.. never hearing folks get on him for whatever? I bet anything he has heard worse then what is online and to his face.
      not saying what is said here or in other places is ok just saying I loved the video. he isn’t a yes man anymore and for whatever reason I love it.
      sometimes it takes being away from your parents, etc to grow.

      • Shanny in Australia

        No he wasn’t sheltered the last two years. I don’t think he ever has been.
        Why do you ask Kim?

      • If I may, kim’s saying that he wasn’t sheltered, that he’s heard much worse in the past two years.

  13. David is a good place with his personal life and is working on knowing who he is, I do understand what that’s about. I think that David had a positive mission that he enjoy very much and just maybe would of like to keep doing for the rest of his life, but I guess he wasn’t himself during so that part of growing and trying to figure who he was, might of been put on a shelf, (I’m hoping this ok, for lack of a better word I’ll just say, for one side of the fence), Now he has that to deal with working with music. IMO, most great artist seem to be tortured souls and with that comes great music. Having David in this good place, which imo, is a place of discovering who he is and again, jmo, is angry at the world at large for being self absorbed (minus Utah, hehe, sorry had to do that), might bring a brilliant album.

  14. one thing though.. I do think that some posters here and and in other places do have an agenda that is more then David and his music and that saddens me.
    but I also think that David has a lot of different kind of fans and for that I think it is a good thing to speak your mind if you wish.
    I do right or wrong.. I think all fans should be heard even if I do not always agree.
    why I celebrate the idea of this blog.
    why I am here.

  15. ITA-kimak. 🙂

  16. David’s latest vlog.. he now looks like my 22 year old son does. confident, full of life and a man with a purpose.
    he is not a scared little child any longer.

  17. I sense great anger and hurt here from some contributors. At the same time there are many who simply share and converse, raising different opinions on a wide variety of topics, while not offending others. All of this makes me think that perhaps sometimes we become too adversarial, as in debates, where there are winners and losers, rights and wrongs. Debates are contests, requiring attacks and defenses. If i may be a tad bit philosophical here, it seems to me that fan sites are better served by conversing as opposed to debating. When we converse, have conversations where we share our opinions, no one wins or loses, no one is attacked or needs to defend themselves. By talking this way the spirit of mutual respect remains alive. Differing opinions should never be stifled in discourse here, but at the same time, we should all remember that how we say things will set the stage for more conversation or for further debate. IMO conversation, without stifling differing opinions, is preferable to debate. The spirit of mutual respect will be created as we listen to everyone’s opinion and try to learn something from each other.

    • Very very well said. We’re so much better off discussing the ideas, rather than going after one another for having those ideas.

    • ITA – I do totally agree with all you said.

    • Anon (the other one)

      Carol, very well said. For those who feel that they need to bring balance to the site, instead of adding to the negativity by attacking others, how about adding something positive in the way of a nice comment about David? There are ways that things can be said, on both sides, without this blog dissolving into a battleground.

      Sorry for butting in but I just hate to see people hurting each other unnecessarily when it can be so easily avoided.

      As for David’s latest vlog, I say kudos to the guy for standing his ground, for acknowledging that he knows what’s going on in the fandom, that he’s working, and that he is doing so at his own pace and in his own way. (Even thought I got the impression that he wasn’t thrilled about NEEDING to explain himself to fans.) For the FIRST time, he’s taking some time, he’s trying to figure out where he wants to take his music and to get it right instead of “throwing things” at fans just to pacify them.

      That’s what most of us here have said all along. We want him to take his time to make something worthy of his voice. It’s about quality, not quantity. I think that’s what he’s aiming for, something commercial but that has meaning for him, something he can be proud of. I say, it’s about time. You go, David! Do it your way! I look forward to seeing/hearing the results.

      Oh, and I think perhaps his comments about L.A. may have something to do with his conversation with Shay. Shay is all about self-promotion, “I’m so great, and look at me.” I can see why, at this point in time, David might not be ready to start the “all about me” promotion of himself. However, I do hope he’s able to do that in the future when the time is right, when he has something to promote.

      I also think it took guts to put him self out there like that and show us how he’s really feeling right now.

      My 2 cents. 😀

  18. Shanny – your perception of trash talking and mine as as far from one another as the east is from the west. It’s your perception and opinion, so be it.

    Smanda – You point up the problem I and some others have with the state of David’s “career” since he lost his label – there has been nothing musically new or interesting for people – fans or the casually interested to “hear”. Believe it or not, some of us are here for the music, the artistry and could care a tinker’s dam about his religion, how he practices his religion, the condition or state of his character, how his hair looks, his love life or anything else many in the fandom spend hours here and elsewhere debating, defending, or glorifying. You notice there is hardly ever any real talk or discussion of anything musical or career oriented, whether it’s David’s or someone else’s, that doesn’t always seem to get derailed? I’m a MUSIC fan, who happens to enjoy David and discussions of David on a musical level. But it is apparent that the music side that I most relate to him on isn’t a priority, and hasn’t been for a while. *shrugs* There is no way of knowing when the ONE thing that drew me to David and has kept me here so far in spite of many reservations and doubts is the hope that his musical talent will take on a maturity and polish and the natural progression it deserves. David does not have a musical career right now – that is evident. It’s doubtful that he will ever have any sort of “mainstream” music career again unless these writing sessions are producing material of an exceptional caliber. We won’t know until we hear it, so I will reserve judgment until there is new music. That’s really what I see going on here at present- there is no new music, there is no “career” or those things like appearances and tours and interviews people with active musical careers are trying to sustain or maintain. Each of us will eventually have to decide if all this is worth it. Some will, some won’t – neither are wrong. I’m waiting for something interesting musically from David. In the absence of anything musical or career oriented to discuss, it is what it is. David is in control of that. Imma sit back and LMAO at some of these comments and seek musical enjoyment elsewhere. Soap operas are alive and well – never thought in 2008 I’d be equating his “career” in 2014 to that of a soap opera. Oh well – wake me up when there is some real music news.

    Carry on.

    • Well said.

      For me, I have always had enormous faith in David and am completely comfortable with taking the long view. I believe that his gorgeous talent will carry him and us into a future of powerful music. I believe in the person that he is and that every step of his path will lead him into a life filled with music. I’m willing to wait patiently because I believe that he is young and is gathering all the pieces of himself past, present and future into a very fine man. I enjoy the process of watching him doing that. I would never want to rush that. I believe in him. I like who he is.

      People get all huffy about the moms here. Go ahead. Get huffy. I’m claiming it. I’m a mom and being a mom influences the way I see a young person unfolding. It’s a good thing. Moms rule 🙂

  19. Shanny feel he was sheltered somewhat before he went away.. for a variety of reasons. he himself said he is more confident now.
    I think this new David now knows how to address the comments he sees or the pressure he felt to post a vlog when he wasn’t ready. just like he did.
    that being said kind of think he was waiting for Kari to come help him edit like he said in the beginning of the vlog.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Ha, yeah I did think of you and your comments about waiting for Kari, when he said that Kim. 😉

      I guess I just feel that it doesn’t matter what you’ve been exposed to in your life, meanness is always meanness. But yeah, I’m more than glad he has spoken up. He should keep doing it. Lol

  20. I am trying to hurts any fans feeling but do have my thought and opinions what I think wrong with david, my favorite was vblog when he came home from mission and if u look at thr one he just did, there a slight different change on david with his self, he was very happy but thr one he just did, not seem happy at all , yes I know he was away from 2 years I think he had changed a lot and that is a good thing for him and what he need to do with part of his life and truly believe he did in his heart and but music career overwise taking about idk, I just feel like he is being forced to do everthing for the fans, maybe david wanted to do other thing just not singing idk but I don’t know why I feel that way and repeat it, it just stucks my head. That new vblog he just did wasn’t his best one. Other thing I want to add that if david dislikes doing vblog I don’t know even know why he was doing them in the first place, he should be honest about dislike doing them anyway Can’t wait to hear david new songs and what he is doing. Have a great day everyone.

  21. has anyone read the comments on the vlog.. they should. folks love it and for good reason.
    boy has swagger now.

    • Well kimak that good fans like it but People will have different opinions on the new vblog , for me I didn’t like it too much because the way david ‘s actions was, he doesn’t seen look happy. Again forced and pressure.

    • Yes, absolutely being real, swagger, lol. never thought that word would be a description for David, hahaha….
      One thing that is going to be interesting to me, how in the world can he fit a music career into such a self absorbed industry (not only in LA) without sometimes having to compromise (I feel not only in the music industry people have to at times compromise), this will be very interesting to see. I hope he does it, that would be great, but he has his work cut out for him, go David, show them how it’s done!!

  22. another thought that came to mind and a good thing was folks felt David was shy off stage and then when he got onstage he let things loose. well it seems to me he is confident and bold off stage now too and lol what I am thinking is holy moly look out world what will be when he gets back on stage!? 🙂

  23. Thank you cchalo.

    I also love that David’s singing voice has brought together a huge diverse group of people. But like this country, there is a cultural, economical, political, religious, etc, divide on the internet and on this fan site. Yet I believe that if people learn how to express opinions without offending or confronting, we can learn how to be enlightened by each others’ diversity while not giving up who we are as people. This fan site is such a perfect place for this to happen and to let new ideas touch us and expand our own awareness.

    HG is an enlightened intellectual and has offered the perfect venue. Confrontation, bashing, bullying, offending and defending really has no place here IMO. The fact of the matter is, learning to converse without offending is an art and a skill that takes time and effort. Social media sometimes removes from our consciousness the realization that another human being with feelings just like ourselves is on the receiving end of our posts.

    • Nice post Carol, you express yourself with words very well and I love everything you said. I always struggle a little with that,have a hard time not sounding abrupt when I comment.

  24. My apologies for going on and on…..

  25. Kimak i agree with your thoughts about David losing his shyness. Wow, it’s really beautiful to me watching his growth from kid to young man.

    • Carol isn’t it really.. I am over the moon excited to see what is to come. might not be what I wish for so be it but it will be his way and if you think about it if he did it any other way wouldn’t be all that it should be? don’t think those plastic artists David was eluding too are as interesting as he is. take Ariana Grande for instance she opened up for David in MB I was there and well I admit I was laughing. she has a glorious voice gorgeous but she was dressed as a Disney Princess and acted as such. bet reason she is famous today she plays the part well.

  26. Shanny, many of your thoughts were mine. Been working through that.
    One of my thoughts after the vlog…I kind of think part of the reason LA was such a culture shock was because he went there SO soon after he got home. He had just left people he loved, in a remote, away from big cities part of Chile, living very simple lives. The contrast of that very simple life, and trying to serve others, compared to show biz, promoting youself LA had to be huge for him. The life he was living in Chile was probably still more real to him than what he was seeing in LA. Also he loves being altruistic and being in LA and meeting with his agent and whoever else in the”entertainment world” apparently just seemed so self centered and hedonistic to him and thus the freaked him out part. He was in no way ready to just think about himself and promoting himself like that yet. He had been totally immersed in another life for two years, cut off from all the frenzy here and when you think about it, it is understandable how he reacted. I think maybe after getting acclimatized to life here at home longer he wouldn’t have had quite the same reaction and culture shock. That may have changed things a lot. So how much will this experience determine his future? I guess we shall see.

    • Good explanation. Being from the LA area (originally San Francisco, though), I couldn’t help being a little miffed at the anger about “LA”, lol. He may have gone to LA just a couple of days after returning from Chile, before his trip to visit ShayCarl, because Kari tweeted from there.

      • Lol, cc halo, I too admit about being a bit miffed as evident from my comments, lol. I know he was only talking about the industry, but him saying he had to leave to the ‘safe haven of Utah’ (my words not his) is what got to me, kind of got me into defend my home California mode, lol.

  27. Carol, don’t apologize. I loved what you said. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  28. Kimk, I love your positive vibe. I’m ready for the fun times. 🙂

  29. Thank you Dfan. I so rarely have several hours to read and digest things, much less time to actually participate here, that I ended up just going on and on today. On a personal note, my husband has had a stroke and i spend 12 hours a day with him in rehab, and have little time for myself. So i catch up on fan sites on my iPad during the day when possible. Today is a rare exception in that my day with him will be shorter.

    The artistry of David has been a joy to me throughout this period of adversity for me. I listen to his CDs on my way to see my husband and on my way back home each day. I also enjoy the occasional videos shared by Peter, sharing beautiful new voices and the new talent out there. Sometimes I share Peter’s videos with my husband so that he too can stay up with the new talent.

    Does anyone think that in time, the shock of L.A.will become less so for David? I quite agree timing is everything and that he perhaps went there too soon after his mission. The contrast between selflessness and self promotion must be like a blinding light in the night and the best place to go for relief is back home where the lights are low. Will this change for him in time?

  30. I think so. Maybe Nashville will be a half way house. LOL

  31. Carol, You have been going through a lot and I hope things get better for you. David’s voice and music helped me through some hard times too. His “blandy mcbland” ( from comment at MJ’s) “The Other Side of Down,” in particular was very healing. I will forever love it for that.

  32. Anon (the other one) I totally loved your comment at 10:55. Kudos to YOU.

    “As for David’s latest vlog, I say kudos to the guy for standing his ground, for acknowledging that he knows what’s going on in the fandom, that he’s working, and that he is doing so at his own pace and in his own way. (Even thought I got the impression that he wasn’t thrilled about NEEDING to explain himself to fans.) For the FIRST time, he’s taking some time, he’s trying to figure out where he wants to take his music and to get it right instead of “throwing things” at fans just to pacify them.”

    I also think it took guts to put him self out there like that and show us how he’s really feeling right now.

    • I agree about the video—lots of moxie!! At the same time I sense a very tiny degree of petulance the result of taking a barrage of criticism to heart. As others have said, it’s good to show his humanness (and in fact it’s quite endearing and charming) but at the same time, he will hopefully learn to take the harsh criticism that comes to celebrities and brush it off more easily. Aging gives a different perspective and this ability will come to him in time in my view.

  33. I finally got through all the comments on this thread. All I can say now is bring on the new music soon, David. That’s what we really want and need to talk about. Not sure how soon that will be though. I hope it won’t be like Jordin Sparks. She’s hasn’t had a new album out in five years even though she’s had one ready for four years. But she is still on a major label and they have held it hostage.

  34. cchalo, that is the time frame I’m thinking. Explains a lot.

    Kimk and Carol, Watching him grow up. I like how you put it…
    “Wow, it’s really beautiful to me watching his growth from kid to young man.

  35. grammyj and Jordan has over 4 million followers now!

  36. Carol, Is it ever easy?

    • Well, that is a good question. In my experience in public life as well as in my earlier profession, it took me a while to learn just HOW to deal with harsh criticism but once I learned the right mind set, I was able to take it and brush it off, presenting a more neutral response publicly and professionally. It is really a matter of getting the mind trained and of rewiring the meaning of the criticism so that it does’t cut, but only registers for information and learning purposes. It is imminently doable, but not without some training or mentoring.

      But, it is never easy for anyone, much less a young person, or even a kind well meaning adult to hear unfiltered conversations with harsh criticism going only one way. Still, anyone in public life gets hit by it and must learn some strategies to cope with this.

  37. Ha ha, My comment made it sound like GrammyJ and Jordan both have 4 Million followers.

  38. Another little thought about Twitter vs. fan sites: I’d compare it to meeting David at a VIP vs. discussing the concert amongst our friends. I just shook his hand and told him how much I liked his Dapo version of Drummer Boy, but later I went on and on with my daughter about how it was so worth the ton of money, how I was glad he didn’t accompany himself on the piano (sorry David, those mistakes), how mean the ushers were, how adorable were those little kids, etc. etc.

    If you want to try to communicate with David, you go to Twitter, in 140 characters or less, or maybe FB. But if I want to discuss him with people as interested in him as I am, the only real option for me is fan sites, where you all understand this strange quirk of mine. David should know that even if the conversation is about him, we’re not talking TO him here. IMO, he does understand that.

    • I think you make a good point about Twitter vs fan sites.

    • P. S. One thing I didn’t discuss with my daughter was how good he looked in those outfits. That conversation happened on the fan sites. Think that alone would be enough to keep him away from the sites, lol.

  39. I too doubt very much that he reads fansites. I’m of the opinion that he probably sees the stuff on “his” accounts I.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and maybe his OS. He’s a pretty busy guy and even when he does have the time it seems pretty out of character ( my perception of his character) for him to seek out sites that are focused on him in the way cc halo stated, fans talking to each other “about” him, if that makes sense.

    I didn’t think he seemed angry, more mildly, annoyed like “don’t you have anything better to do than worry about….?” my hair, what I’m eating, etc. etc. and I honestly think he thought he had made it clear he was coming back to music in his mind so didn’t get all the pestering on twitter about it lol. I didn’t explain that very well but anyway he seemed pretty happy to me overall. Probably fun and liberating for him to feel more freedom in creating his music.

  40. I am enjoying reading the conversation today – thanks Carol for your thoughtful comments. Sometimes when it is especially adversarial here I think that HG should just right her amazing, interesting, topical essays for us to read with no comment section and just let us mull them over. Then, when there are no trolls baiting and people are talking to each other as though they are standing in front of one-another, it is really a great place to read and think.

  41. whoa “just write”. sorry.

  42. Hi Shanny. Allow me to highlight 2 of your quotes here:

    1) “I feel disgusted that he had to address all the things he did. Nearly every sentence he said seemed to be in response to all the rubbish that has being circulating recently by people who supposedly have his back. Ugh!”

    2) “And to me, wherever the trash talking has happened doesn’t make a difference. Speaking unkindly of someone is the same whether to their face or behind their back. *shrugs*”

    You are spot on with both points, Shanny. Some of the things that have been said here about David, in the name of merely expressing an opinion, are just flat out cruel. To make it worse, these things are said under the guise of “tough love” and “being real”. How many children, for example, have been abused by parents who justify the abuse as a way of “teaching a lesson”.

    Your second point says it all. Unkindness should have no hiding place on a fan site. This is a public forum. Anyone, including David or someone he knows, can read it, copy it, and show it to him. This is why it is important for supportive, non judgmental, and encouraging folks to post as often as possible, in order to neutralize the toxicity of the “other side”. I have been very happy to see so many such posts since I began my self imposed exile a few weeks ago.

    And, in response to a number of inquiries, may I state, hopefully for the last time, that I never, ever post anywhere, under any other name than Blisskasden. It’s as if some people cannot believe that people other than me care enough about David to rebuke some of what they read here.

    • Flat out cruel, I’m sorry, bliss, but don’t you see that on your comments too. I see cruelty in not just one side of this argument.

  43. Whatever, you said this earlier “When David said he didn’t like making vlogs, I thought he was referring to his frustration with the technical aspects doing it. After making the statement, he immediately said something like “It takes forever. I don’t know how to edit, and two years away from technology doesn’t help.”

    Could be wrong of course, but I didn’t hear anything that implied he didn’t like communicating with fans in a vlog, just that he didn’t enjoy the process of making one.”

    You are right in your analysis. David did not say or infer that his issue with Vlogs had anything to do with any reluctance or distaste for communicating with fans. It was strictly a “technical” problem that he had with the actual making of a Vlog. Those who thought and posted otherwise heard what they wanted to hear in order to further their “David is not as sincere as he seems, and he only posted Vlogs in the past for self serving reasons” rubbish.

  44. Just wondering

    Well, well,well…that’s all I can say.

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