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Invisible Girls

So, you all know one thing David loves apart from music is humanitarian efforts, especially linked to the LDS-supported Invisible Children. Well, today, I’m taking a page out of “What Would David Do?” (new category) and spread some awareness of the disappearance of 234 Nigerian girls who were kidnapped from their high school by the terrorist Al-Qaeda linked group Boko Haram back on April 14, 2014.  News reports now say the girls have “disappeared” into forced slavery and forced marriages, even trafficking them outside the borders of Nigeria.  If you’re just now hearing about this issue, it’s because CNN refused to cover the story, saying basically that “mass kidnappings of abducted girls in Nigeria isn’t shocking.”  Because, it’s more important to search for any little debris in the Indian Ocean for a plane-load of people presumed dead than it is to search for hundreds of school-aged girls who could still be alive but who could disappear forever in the global sex trafficking industry!

For more info: check out this Al Jazeera Story.

In the meantime, a mass rally in New York City is being planned for Saturday, and all folks are asked to wear Gele/Headwraps in solidarity and to raise awareness.  And, of course, as David would say: “Please keep these girls and their families in your thoughts and prayers.” #BringBackOurGirls (spread the word!)