Throwback Thursday (#SYTYCD)

So You Think You Can Dance is still my favorite of all the reality competition shows, even if it only has a modest following.

This is a great beginning to a new season (voted for Syncopated Ladies!), and of course, it takes me back this Throwback Thursday:


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  1. I LOVE this show! It amazes me what people can do with their bodies – such grace and elegance, then a switch-up to popping and hip-hop. Some of the performances are so beautiful or intense they can make you cry.

  2. hell0g0rge0us

    I absolutely agree! It’s one of the most quality-based programs on TV

  3. I did watch SYTYCD last night and it was very good. I usually don’t watch the auditions (I wait until they get to the top 20) but it was very entertaining. I like having Nigel and Mary as the 2 judges and then having the 3rd as a guest judge. Cat Deeley is just the best host. I am surprised at the recent decline in the ratings but it has been on 9 or 10 years. I hope it does better this year. I remember watching that amazing performance of them dancing to David’s version of Imagine. 🙂

  4. I enjoy STYCD too. I’m love reality singing and dancing shows.

    On another note I read this as MJ’s – Billboard reports that Phillip Phillips sophomore album “Behind the Light” debuts with 41K in sales. That’s good enough for 7th on the BB200 giving him his second top 10 album. His previous album, “The World From the Side of the Moon,” opened with 169K (in 4th).

    Phillip Phillips had all the promo for this album that we wished David had for TOSOD, but it still only sold 41K. That’s because music sales are just terrible now even with a major label and lots of appearances. I know its going to have to be a whole new way of doing things for music artists now because they aren’t going to make it on music sales.

  5. That is very interesting Grammyj. Thanks for posting. If a music artist also has no or low sales for their “singles” on the album then that is an issue too. Seems like sales are singles driven right now but they sell for what- $1.00 a download. The music industry is so tough and competitive. Hard to know what the answer is as far as making a decent living as a music artist/musician these days. Almost getting impossible to break into mainstream music but for a select few but still think you need some kind of a music label to help you. A music artist needs all the help they can get these days. Appearances and touring must be where the money is at-I guess. Not sure.

  6. Even though Phillip Phillips first week album sales were low he is actually one of the the few AI winners or alum that to me is doing well. He is also one of the few AI alum that I like. He is touring and has appearances and his singles are always playing on the radio. P2 seems to have appeal for a diverse fan base-which is good for him. One of his singles was in the new Spiderman movie.

  7. One of my favorites, SYTYCD, thanks Hg for the great video. Can’t wait to get back home to watch the recording. Am enjoying fun vacay time with a dear friend, good times!

  8. One of my favorite dances ever was Coming Home from a couple years ago,Sasha and Alexander. Love that show still.

    Marie, I like PP also. Actually except for David, his type of voice and style is much more what I’m drawn to. David’s remarkable talent made me divert from my normal preferences LOL.

  9. I peaked over at the fansite that shall not be named and saw that David has unfollowed ZZ Ward. Oh my the speculation on that. Also he is doing a facebook chat for LDS youth in late June. Lots of lively conversation last night/this morning at that site.

  10. soul newbie-I just fail to see how any of this is helping David with his secular music career but maybe he does not want one. 😦 Time will tell. If I were David or on his team I would be concerned about younger folks unfollowing David on twitter. Not so concerned about who he would even bother to unfollow as it makes no sense to me. I am older folk that does not have twitter so it does not matter to me. lol. David must have more money than I thought as he acts right now like he really does not need a secular music career. Good for him if he does not have to worry about money. lol.

    • Marie, I go back and forth with all of this. Maybe his LDS fans (who know way more about a missionary returning and adjusting) and other fans are right and it is just taking him a lot of time to adjust and he will get back to secular music along with his church work. Looks like he doesn’t need much money, just eating out and fuel for his car. He probably has the same car, is living with is Mom, step-dad and sisters so no rent, and obviously is not spending on clothes LOL. I read someone say that maybe he feels like he has a calling to reach out to the youth of his church. I think callings are a huge deal in the LDS faith (I’m sure they are in any faith) so he may feel he has to do his church duties to fultil the calling. I will hang in to see if there is any possibility of secular music but I am kind of “iffy” today LOL. I also noticed that gentleman he met with from Mali is also LDS so he continues to surround himself with pretty much only LDS people at this time.

  11. soul newbie-Exactly- he is only surrounding himself with his church members. Which is fine (nothing wrong with that) unless you want a secular music career with a diverse fan base. Maybe he doesn’t. It is his choice not mine. 🙂

    • Only time will tell. I have made up my mind he is not being purposely exclusionary. I just don’t think his mind is considering non LDS anything right now, fans, music, work etc.

  12. I follow other music artists and whatever David decides is fine with me. I just do not care as it is on him not the fans. I just feel bad that so many fans(especially young fans) have left but what are you going to do. The music industry is tough and very competitive. I don’t think anyone can disagree with that statement. lol. 🙂

  13. LDS Church announces live Facebook chat with David Archuleta

    On June 24 at 7 p.m., Archuleta will participate in the interactive discussion regarding his decision to serve a mission, as well as his mission experiences.

    “He will also share stories from his mission, give advice for future missionaries, and share his testimony in word and song.”

  14. Not interested. Honestly-Kind of bores me and I am an older fan. lol. Just interested in David’s secular music career-if that ever does happens. 🙂

  15. This made me laugh. David goes on a date and the boutique uses it to advertise their lacey top! it’s a blonde girl this time. Nice to see him dating.

    Style Unlimited ‏@styleultdbtq 25m

    Style Unlimited Boutique
    Who recognizes this young mans face?!?! Yes it’s David Archuleta off American Idol!!! Our lovely Mindie who once worked with us in Blackfoot has a sister Brittnie that was able to go on a date with him this past weekend AND of course we donated her fancy lace top for her hot date!!! How awesome is that?!?!:) Way to go Brittnie, you look amazing! Cong

  16. Happy to see david is going out with different kind of girls. Boys can be picky who they dates but not david.

  17. cq, you asked why would David’s non-LDS fans be interested in the live chat he’s doing specifically for the LDS youth? Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprising, some of his not so young non-LDS fans will probably join in just to hear David speak & sing! Personally, I think if you are over 25 & not a Mormon, it would be like not getting invited to a party & deciding to crash it anyway. I just don’t think David wants his non-LDS fans intruding, IMO. And anyway the announcement says nothing about all are welcome to join in on the chat.

    Now the question I have is he or is he not going to Manila when Kari has a break from JT? I’m inclined to think not. I would think if he agreed to do some promos for Bench in June wouldn’t there already be some kind of announcement by the Bench people? Just wondering and thinking David is showing less & less of an interest in reaching out to his non-LDS fans. Before I get “scolded” for voicing my opinion, I’m not the only one who’s thinking & wondering the same thing.

    • Oh there are plenty of fans that agree with you. Just go read the comments at FOD today. It’s obvious that David is currently mainly participating in LDS activities and doing things with mainly Mormons. If he would have been a missionary for any other religion we would have known that he would most likely have a religious career. However, since he went on a Mormon mission we were told by fellow Mormons that he would come back and take right off with what he was doing before he left. So far that has not happened. I think that’s because David was not your usual returned missionary. He is basically an LDS celebrity so he has more opportunities to speak about his mission experience and be almost a Mormon missionary recruiter. That is what I think he is doing along with writing some music. I have no idea how long he will continue being a Mormon singer/speaker, and I don’t think he will be going to Asia in June.

    • After all the scolding, this is hilarious. Suggesting that he would have a “local, semi-religious” career was regarded as the craziest thing you could ever possibly say, but here we are. And it’s far-beyond “semi-religious.” Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  18. No- you are not the only one wondering about that- Ya Ya Blue.

  19. this will suprise you all, ii think david better start thinking where his fame came from,,dont think it was all lds people,,think he shoul show more concerns for his non lds fans,unless the church is going to support him in the furture,about time he stopped playing games and made uo his mine, and said somethinh to us rant over

  20. rooster-wow-We agree. 🙂

  21. Oh my gosh, have to rush outside to see if pigs are flying.

  22. Nicely said rooster. But hey if I said that you would give me heck!! Haha, if I said what I feel sometimes yes you would do just that.

  23. Ok was that really rooster that made that comment *faints*

  24. As we speak , david is not working on music as right now if he was, david would be talking about it and being exticed too, we all would. It just sad to to see that he have not mention it. All he is doing is singing from of people For LDS church for Utah and califorina all we know now so far…. :/

  25. When it comes down to the real nitty-gritty you will see people agree with each other.

  26. Maybe after all the attention he pays to Mormon youth, they’ll all be *yawn* him again, ha ha.

  27. On music part again, I just don’t get is Some people still believing that he is but we all can see it by now that he is not and we are not blind here and that david had not saying one word on twitter or vblog. Seven bigs words why he keeping real quiet is COLLEGE!! I think the real truth behind it, some people or more such in dential about that part. Bye

  28. Shanny in Australia

    Peter, you said…..

    “After all the scolding, this is hilarious. Suggesting that he would have a “local, semi-religious” career was regarded as the craziest thing you could ever possibly say, but here we are. And it’s far-beyond “semi-religious.” Not that there is anything wrong with that.”

    You know, I didn’t know about David during the height of his hey day and I’ve always been interested in him maintaining his sanity amid the craziness, so I don’t think I’ve ever had ‘expectations’ of him reaching super stardom. My hope for David has always been that he would be able to have the career HE wanted to have, whether that was Beiber-esq, ‘local semi-religious’ or just singing in the shower.

    I have also never had expectations that he would return to a sky rocketing career or that he’d be ‘blessed for his sacrifice’ in a career sense (in a personal sense, yes). In my mind, I always knew that there was the possibility that while on his mission, he could come to the conclusion that fame was not for him and he would just stick to singing in the shower. When Kari said the best was yet to come, I always assumed that was simply her being optimistic because she doesn’t have a crystal ball into the fickle entertainment industry. And while I hoped David might have a few things lined up in the Phil’s upon his return, I always just assumed that his ‘plan’ probably looked more like a loose outline rather than some set in concrete contract because he has always said that he simply takes each opportunity as it comes and that he struggles with not knowing what is around the corner etc, etc.

    Having said that, I’m feeling more impatient than ever before and somewhat disappointed that he hasn’t vlogged for us properly. I find it confusing as to why he hasn’t although I firmly believe he has his reasons. And I agree that he is leaving the fans hanging a bit. HOWEVER, and this is a big however, i don’t think it automatically means he is no longer interested in a secular career. There is still evidence to suggest otherwise and the evidence that suggests he just wants a ‘local semi religious’ career is more a case of jumping to that conclusion simply because he hasn’t used the word ‘secular’ in conjunction with ‘music’.

    All that to say, I never thought him becoming just a local singer was out of the realms of possibility and I still don’t think we should give up hoping he could one day become a super star. Because the jury just isn’t in yet.

    As for your comments in the past about him being a local singer. I think the overwhelming consensus was not that your observations were accurate crystal ball gazing but rather a sarcastic criticism. So if he does CHOOSE to be a local artist, then I’m sorry to say Peter but I won’t be conceding that you were the only sane one around and we were all just being ridiculous.

    • Wow.

      I honestly thought he was going to have a local, semi-religious career. Of course, it is still too early to say anything.

      There was an “overwhelming consensus”?

      • Shanny in Australia


        And yep.

        😆 😉

      • Neither of the above. Speculation, just like anyone else here.

      • When HG had a vote about David’s “future career” I also voted “local Utah career” or however it was worded.
        I don’t think the vote was an “overwhelming consensus” for anything.
        David needs to “talk” to his fans that have been here since the beginning. Is he going to sing all or just Mormons? He is ignoring long supporting fans. That is not cool.

      • Shanny in Australia

        That’s why I put a laughing face and a wink….cos I understand that I can’t speak for everyone and there is a possibility that ‘overwhelming consensus’ was a little too liberal choice of words lol …..but I do think the majority of people would agree that when Peter used to say David was just going to be a local singer, it was said with sarcasm and not really based upon a sound and thorough examination of the circumstances at the time.

        if everyone gets on here and says that they all thought Peter was fair and reasonable each time he made those comments, then I will willingly step back and admit that ….hey, I read Peter wrong. At this point however, I still think he was mostly being sarcastic and shouldn’t claim that he was right and we all couldn’t see the facts as they stood.

      • Shanny in Australia

        I’m a Mormon. He hasn’t sung to me either.

      • Everybody here was and is speculating or guessing. It’s just that a “certain person” was trying to make one type of speculation unacceptable. Of course the counter argument is going to come out snarky, given the atmosphere of extreme scolding.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Cc halo who is ‘ a certain person’?
        Are you speaking about me being snarky? Or Peter? Or someone else?
        You were telling me the other day I should direct comments to the person involved. Lol and you’re sounding kinda snarky yourself.

        I don’t mean to be snarky. Kinda just straight talking.

        A person can only sit back for so long and suck everyone else’s straight talking up, without having their say.

        And my point anyway is that it’s not really accurate or fair of Peter to imply he was right about David having a ‘local career’ and most everyone else was wrong.

      • No, no. He who shall not be named. Peter was often the only sane, comic relief, in the extremely persistent assault of Mr. B. I think Peter was most definitely implying that after all the abuse he received, that his ideas were not so ridiculous as they were repeatedly made out to be. He still says that it’s too early to tell (at 11:07 pm).

      • I was not implying that everyone else was wrong.

      • I think Peter was most definitely implying that after all the abuse he received, that his ideas were not so ridiculous as they were repeatedly made out to be.


      • Shanny in Australia

        Cc, Peter, hmm….something there doesn’t sound quite right to me but I’m trying to multi task in real life here and I’m not into trying to win an argument or anything, so I’ll just accept your explanations at face value for now and say to Peter…. I’m glad that’s the case. Thank you.

        And I guess after everything, the jury is still out and we’ll see what happens with David’s career. I’m sure something is going to have to happen soon and we’ll know more about what’s on his mind.

        Ciao for now. 🙂

      • peter-I always knew that you were spot on right despite all the criticism you received. I got it at times too as did cc halo and cq. Sometimes the truth hurts or you just don’t want to read the truth. Some fans just didn’t want to deal with it but they are now. We all wanted David to have a successful or even semi- successful music career but you don’t have one the way he went about it. He had soo many opportunities that thousands that wanted a music career would have loved. And yes he just threw it away. He should have worked with a top music label and a top music management team(not family or friends) and at one point in time he could of. Not now. Why fans gave him credit for not doing that is beyond me. It was David standing up to the big bad label. That was just ridiculous and I stated that numerous times. Most people have to do what a boss tells them and David was no different. I still say-Maybe he never wanted a music career. I repeatedly stated that this 2 yr mission was not going to help his music career and would in fact hurt it. Unfortunately- I was right but I wish I wasn’t. The fact that David does not seem to care about his Non LDS fans that did so much for his music career is very hurtful for them but very telling-not me so much as I already knew. 😦

    • maybe he is waiting until kari comes back and helps him with it as she did his last one?

      • Why wait for kari to come back. She is busy doing her own thing with justin timberlake until end of this year or unless someone is taking her place if she is plan to go back work with david again? What music had to so kari being In a recording making songs and I don’t get that really?

  29. rooster I remember his first solo concert in Virginia.. it was so much fun. so manyof us came out to cheer him on. would love the opportunity to do it again one day.

    • I was there. I still think it was his best concert ever. As you said kimak…so much fun.

      I have been staying out of the conversation because DA’s return actions have been a surprise and my impressions are confusing. However, my thoughts are beginning to take form.

  30. easy to forget.. when you are king of the roost at the moment.

  31. It almost feels like david is not back yet. It’s like he’s here but he’s not. I don’t want to sound or appear to be melodramatic, but some days I feel like crying out loud.

    I’m so desperate to see the old david. I have nothing against religion, charity and goodwill. Those are all noble things but… he did promise us that he’ll be back. I guess he didn’t lie about it because he really did come back, only we don’t feel him as much anymore. We don’t feel the love anymore. I wonder if he still loves us his fans.

    I still adore him as an artist, and most especially as a person. But I do miss him… so badly.

    Any of you here feel the same way I do?

    • I do feel the same way sometimes.

      I have a couple of David CD’s in my car to listen to on the way to and from work, as an alternative to my normal radio station. I’ve had the same fairly small number of favorites for two years, plus the Christmas songs in heavy rotation at the appropriate time of year (and beyond). In the past week or so, my heart just isn’t in it–I get so that I’d just rather listen to commercials and traffic reports, rather than switch over to David. I do feel a kind of melancholy about it.

      I’ve got to get some new, non-David music in there, maybe that will help.

      • cc halo – I understand what you mean. What I’m going to say is crazy but to me, it does feel almost like a painful break-up, isn’t it? Like he developed this really good relationship with his fans, and of course we fell madly in love with him, then he left, and now we’re just waiting and hoping he’ll come right back to us.

      • Yes, that’s a good description, I think.

      • cc halo – Well, thanks for being here at this hour. I was kinda going fan crazy by myself with nobody to somehow soothe the wound. Nowadays it’s hard to find someone to share your ODD with. I’ve been his fans since the very beginning and have developed some friendship with some david fans. But one by one they’ve stepped back and either they’ve completely moved on, or have just turned from active fans to being just lurkers.

    • Broken, I also feel the way you do at times. Although some here have scolded fans for feeling like we are losing a “love” so to speak that never in reality was. I think you described it so well though, a relationship that was between fan and “the adored one”. One that in the past was mutual, I believe. It’s gone now. He has become exclusive. He will continue to be exclusive in my opinion. I’m sorry. I’ve gotten away from your main point a little.

      I can’t listen to his music anymore. I do hear his songs sometimes when I’m shopping in certain stores. I get mixed emotions. I used to love it, bask in it, like the proud fan that I was. In my excitement I was always so tempted to ask the stranger next to me “Do you know who that is? Do you? Do you?” Now, it just brings back memories of an artist that I once loved and enjoyed, but is now lost, gone to me. There is sadness in that. My favorite voice in the world has gone in a direction I can’t support anymore. I do feel like crying when I think about it and sometimes I do cry.

  32. A quote I would like to share. I think of david when I read this:

    “Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night. I miss you like hell.”
    — Edna St. Vincent Millay

  33. I thought the last 2 years of waiting for him to come back was hard. I never knew that I could be in a situation right now where it becomes even harder because at least in that 2 years, I knew the length of time that I would have to suffer. Now, who knows till when I have to wait.

    I guess he was right when he hinted for us to be patient.

    • I’m not trying to be dramatic or start a huge war or anything, but David is not the person everyone looked at him as being. He is rude and mean and I know from experience. He doesn’t care about his fans and that’s why people need to realize there’s a line and a huge difference between thinking you personally know him and he loves you for the person that you are-and a difference between realizing that you are just dollar signs to him and that he was forced to be nice to fans because they are what makes him money. Stringing you guys along…I’m telling you…

      • U are serious?!? , first time I ever heard david being rude to
        Anyone, maybe he was having a bad day, I know he is not prefect either, well i am in shocked. Hope david isn’t two faced now.

      • I feel sorry for u, but my experience w/ D was different from what u said rude. He was very nice to me everytime we encountered each other. Maybe I’m lucky. I know he is not perfect, but I’m so thankful for the wonderful experiences he gave me.

      • Oldtime-I am quite sure that you have your reasons for stating what you did. David should never have been put on the pedestal by fans. The fact that David is only interacting and communicating with his LDS -family/friends/fans and fellow missionaries since his return is very telling and concerning. That is a fact. Anyone notice that his manager Gina Orr is now even managing a LDS rock group-Synderes. There is Nothing wrong with that and they are doing more with their career than David is at this point. lol. Gina also manages other artists like Crystal and Casey Abrams. Good luck to Gina and Kari with managing David’s career. 🙂

  34. For him to do a interview on June 24, could be some breaking news on david himself and I wonder what he is gonna and music or not and I feel a college will be mentioned?

    • Please please please stop mentioning college. It is getting very old. I’m sure you are a perfectly sweet amazing person but I am so sick of hearing you talk about college. Maybe just put it on the back burner for now until it is confirmed or denied.

  35. kimak i was thr in va.also maybe we met then. although i still am a fan for now

  36. So oldtime do tell , was David mean and rude to you?

  37. David is a singer and a real person. As ODD fans we think we know him but we don’t. He has to live his life as he sees fit. There is absolutely no way he can please all of us – this is a very diverse fan base. I know I also expected him to pursue his public music career almost right away when he came back, and I too have been disappointed. That doesn’t mean I don’t still love the music has has recorded nor will I ever regret being his fan. It’s been mainly fun. If he chooses to step away from a music career, so be it. I will miss it, but there is lots of other music out there, books to read, other entertainment. But I understand the disappointment – I feel it too.

  38. In hockey, Wayne Gretzky once said, “as a player you are only as good as your last goal”. I have always remembered that. It can pertain to anything you do that exemplifies who you are. You can’t rest on your laurels. So why I am saying this is because it is who we are right now that matters to our life, our future and how we are with those around us.


  39. So true-SB. You also have to have the motivation and desire to achieve that next goal.

  40. I see the light

    You’ve all convinced me. Clearly David is a well-known jerk that doesn’t care about a single thing except himself and his church. And since he hasn’t proved himself to us over and over before this (because people should never trust someone who has been good to them for years because that would be resting on their laurels. In fact, I have many friends & acquaintances who have been good to me throughout my life but there were periods where we didn’t talk so I decided to cut all of them out of my good graces because they showed their true colors of not caring nearly enough about me in those few months because, I mean, come on, it’s all about me, right?) so yeah I have decided David has always been an asshat who just duped pretty much everyone he ever met. Definitely time move on and I suggest everyone reading this does the same.

    • If that’s the case, he is a jerk, everyone should not talk about him anymore, move on, don’t spend your time here posting about him. Why all of you still here?

    • I realize the tone of your post and I doubt anyone accepted that David is rude etc from Oldtime’s post. It is so confusing and puzzling though, why David can’t just put out a little news. We all believe he is aware of what is going on in his fan world so why not a paragraph or half a paragraph? Not even a vlog, just a teeny blog? As folks have sad over and over, just a word. “Hang in there guys, I am working on some contemporary stuff you all will like along with doing my mission gig”. What is the big deal in him doing just that for all of us? I just don’t understand that part of this puzzle.

  41. To Broken: How sad a poem by Edna St Vincent Millay, one I believe was written about loss,perhaps the death of someone close. To me, David is very much alive, however far away he seems at this point in time. I also share your sense of loss (of the David we knew before he postponed his career for two years). Yet, I am encouraged by his tweets and suggestions of collaborations and writing music. Those “music” tweets are for all his fans. And I am proud for him that in becoming a man he has chosen not to hide from who he is. So now we know more about his LDS activity as well. At present, since we have no artistic product to discuss, it seems his religious activity has taken over. But I feel certain the artistic side will soon emerge for us to enjoy. I am optimistic.

    David is still a relatively young man, still adjusting after a life changing two year mission. He is evolving, and I sense a deliberate slow and thoughtful attempt to do things “right”. Doing things right may include finding and maintaining a balance of who he is as both a secular musician and a devout Christian. I think the final music and or acting product will be genuine and creative and reflect the impact of his experience and his coming of age, so to speak. And someday, we will look back and dissect this artistic phase of his life in his 20’s, while musing about his new direction taken in his 30’s.

    As a rule, I am an impatient person and have struggled to contain that trait my whole life. Yet for some reason I have an abundance of patience in this phase of David’s life because it makes sense to me on a logical as well as spiritual level. I am not explaining this well. My apologies….

    • Carol, I appreciate your opinion. Just to be clear, I am a devout Christian. I would not have a problem at all with his direction if he were being bold in promoting the love and grace we receive from Jesus. That is not what he has been doing. He has been promoting his church, his prophets and authorities, being Mormon, and inspiring young people to become missionaries for his church. That’s different. When he said he is not afraid to share what he believes now, it has become obvious that what he’s talking about is his belief in his church, not his belief in Jesus.

      • Hi ALC –
        Quoting from the Articles of Faith of the LDS church:

        “The principles of the gospel are First; Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ…”

        More about this later.

      • One LDS Opinion

        ALC, I have sincere respect for your beliefs. I can tell from your posts that you live a Christian life. And while this is a dangerous place to talk about doctrine, I have to say that Mormons are Christians too. The church is called The Church of Jesus Christ after all. David does not use Jesus to talk about belief in his church; he uses his church to talk about his belief in Jesus Christ, including the love and the grace Jesus offers us. It is what he taught as a missionary and it only makes sense that he would encourage others to do the same.

      • One more thing – we haven’t heard the content of a single one of his talks and its virtually a given that every talk he gives is in part about his Savior.

      • Wow. Thank you both for discussing with me what you believe. I am very interested in hearing about it from your perspectives. I have also studied your articles of faith and your standard works, but actually having a respectful conversation with those of your faith who are willing is something I would enjoy. *note – I have had some brief respectful discussions with other lds members on this site. This probably isn’t the place to talk about doctrine, but that is surely what we will get into if we continue here.

        I was very careful not to say or imply that David is not Christian, although I have asked him that question myself and he didn’t answer me that he was. He answered me that he was a member of your church.

        One LDS opinion, How are you? Do you still know that I don’t hate you, lol? I understand what your saying about promoting his church and using that as his way of promoting his version of the gospel of Jesus Christ. What I’m saying simply is that my problem with his promotion of late is not that he is, according to Carol, a devout Christian and is promoting the love of Jesus and the Word of God. He hasn’t done this publicly. He has promoted his church. I would be completely on board with him using Jesus, the Bible, to promote Jesus, instead of using his church.

      • ALC I would really love such a conversation. I’m just about to begin attending a Christian college and they’ve assured me that they are ok with Mormon me. I’ve spent years learning about the differences and similarities in doctrines and love what I’ve learned.

      • Very nice, Smanda, what Christian college is that if you don’t mind me asking?

  42. i said this site was a virus and now i hve got it.

  43. I know some posters here are LDS. Is there any chance David is being paid by the church for what he is doing? Could that be why he has no sense of urgency to return to secular pursuits due to finances? I vaguely remember talk when he went on his mission about a “deal” with the church to promote for them upon his return. Does anyone remember anything like that?

    • That is my question too. I always thought he would go back to secular music because there was no paid career path within the Mormon church for him.

      • The approved Mormon music also seems quite limiting too. I could be wrong on that too. Can any Mormons elaborate? Seems like traditional hymns and approved Primary songs are acceptable. And of course the MoTab Choir.

      • One LDS Opinion

        To answer Grammyj, the music for church services includes the hymns and songs you mentioned. We don’t use secular music in those meetings, which is exactly where we hear about David these days. However, there is plenty of secular music heard at other LDS activities/functions. Obviously it’s not going to be heavy metal or rap filled with vulgarities, but Mormons do love and listen to all kinds of music. I do not expect David to become an “LDS artist” per se. Too limiting for his talent in my opinion.

    • One LDS Opinion

      David is not being paid. The firesides and church meeting talks are considered service. David responds when asked, and he is not the only returned missionary who does them, just has a higher profile. I think these church related activities simply provide a comfortable place for David to get back into a public stream of things.

      For whatever it’s worth, I am not surprised about the timing of David’s adjustment, even though I am less than patient about it at times. I am anxious (understatement) to hear him sing secular music to all of us again. However, I have seen too many missionaries go and return, including some of my own, to worry yet. It can take a few weeks to a few months. It is often more than an adjustment, it is a cultural shock, especially if they serve in an impoverished country. David may be as surprised as anyone at how long it is taking.

      • Thanks One LDS Opinion. I found your comment concise, well written , and you did not lecture. lol. I also learned something from it. Nice to have a different perspective from someone who knows the church. 🙂

    • I have heard nothing about a “deal” and I can say with certainty that David is not being paid by the church for any of these post-mission activities.

  44. As for me that david maybe just don’t care about making his own music and for him being away for mission for that long made him thinks that he doesn’t want to sing anymore put out new music for the fans? I do get mixfeelings on david right now. Yeah david should speak up what he want do to, he says patience, we have since he was on his mission?!? the fans are kind of sick of hanging around waiting for news now?

  45. to ALC: Thank you. I understand what you are saying but I disagree with the disdain for what you assume to be his promotion of the LDS church and it’s beliefs, as opposed to promotion of Jesus. Whatever or wherever his direction in service of his religious beliefs take him is just part and parcel of who he is and the church he belongs to, and I accept that. Just as i accept that a friend of mine was asked by his Methodist pastor to assist in getting young people to church activities.He felt that he was asked to serve his church in this manor, so he did. I also support my Jewish friends who do not believe in Jesus in the same way we protestants, Catholics and Mormons do, so when they do service at the behest of their Rabbis, i accept that as well. I believe that David is a good person, doing good work and that he naturally will serve his church, post mission, as all the other young missionaries have been asked to do. JMO…meaning no disrespect to your beliefs as a devout Christian. I too am a Christian.

    • Thank you for sharing more Carol. Am I only assuming that he is promoting his church and not Jesus? Here’s the nitty gritty and why, because of my own very deep-rooted convictions, I can not support him in his promotion of his church.

      In order to spend eternity with God our Father in heaven, they would call it the celestial heaven, one must be a member of his church plus follow many steps of “progression” within his church. You can not spend eternity with Heavenly Father in the celestial heaven without these requirements being met. Everyone wonders what motivates him. This is what motivates him. The sad thing is, it’s not Biblical, its anti-Biblical. So, you can believe about him what you want. He follows a different gospel than that of Biblical Christianity. While I still have great love and concern for him, now that he has become a spokesperson for his church, I can not support him. This brings us back to my initial post.

      I don’t have a problem with him being Mormon. I do have a problem with him promoting Mormonism on a regular basis. These are my own personal reasons for letting go. They are much different from other fans of his, I’m aware.

  46. I was thinking that maybe David has been given a church calling, or job, which is unpaid, of course, to assist with missionaries and youth.

    • I have another question LDS related, when one is given a calling, do they have to give up their employment and if so, how do they live? Don’t some have families to support? Sounds like it’s asking a lot to go do unpaid work for the church full time but yes, I understand some think no sacrifice is too great for God.

      • One LDS Opinion

        I know of no one who has given up existing employment to serve in a calling other than full time missionaries. Those who serve as bishops of wards (congregations) have regular jobs/careers and also put in long hours ministering to the needs of the ward. The bishop has two counselors, also laymen, who assist; and there is other significant support. Every active member of a ward has a calling of some kind.

    • So why not tell his fans that he has been given a calling & that he needs to complete it before getting back to his career, you hnow the freer David that is not afraid as he said. It’s getting to a ridicolous place, IMO.

    • David has always been on the list of highest-earning Idol alums–even if spent a lot of it, he could live a modest lifestyle without working for a long time, I’m sure, so I doubt that’s an issue with him. I’m not saying that my guess of him having an official church calling, explains anything about his lack of communication, just that it might explain why his focus is where it is.

  47. What I have liked is that David’s fans are a rainbow of ethnic backgrounds, faith backgrounds etc. I remember it being said that his Muslim fans were drawn to him because he shared their conservative values for instance. I think IMHO only, that some of the angst we are seeing now is that he has seemed exclusionary recently. Yes, I know, he is an RM so his head is LDS 24/7, but surely he has to realize that his fans of other or no faith backgrounds are here too, waiting for him.

  48. To add, I still don’t think he is being purposely exclusionary, just he has to realize this reaction is happening in his fan base.

    • Very Good Point- soul newbie. Is there anyone close to David that he will listen to about fans concerns or doesn’t he want to hear it ? lol. Maybe Kari is the only one. Not sure as to me Gina Orr is just so low profile I can’t get a read on her as a manager at all. What does she even look like? lol.

  49. cc: I was wondering that as well. I know in our Methodist church, when I was a member in good stead years ago, I was asked to serve on several posts, one of which was to help raise money for the church. So I think these “jobs” are all unpaid and performed by a percentage of parishioners who are seen as willing and active.

  50. For those of us who wants to take a break from our heartbreak, here’s something to remind us of why we love the artist and person whose name is David Archuleta : (starting at 1:55 is where I think I “get” him all over again and makes me want to continue to show my love for him)

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