Daily Archives: May 24, 2014


Sometimes I get the feeling that David had a “coming out” moment when he announced that he was going on a mission, and once he publicly embraced his faith identity, did his rite of passage, and has returned, he’s still transitioning into “life after mission.”

He’s testing the waters, as an “out” Mormon, and sharing elements of his faith and his thoughts about that life.  Those who don’t share his faith identity may get quite impatient, maybe even turned off, because we may feel we have no common frame of reference to share his passion/beliefs, but I do respect the process.

I imagine, some time down the line, these tweets won’t be that big of a deal – for either his secular fans or himself – but for now, it’s where he’s at, considering there is no news of any upcoming musical releases or performances.

It’s weird insofar as, pre-mission, David took great pains not to mention his religious life, so careful was he not to offend. And many of us liked this aspect about him because he seemed to really want to come off as “neutral” in that way that doesn’t alienate different groups of fans.

But I also realize that he’s wanting to not be “ashamed,” as it were, to present himself as a man of faith (and a man of a particular faith), and I applaud him for not wanting to “go back in the closet.”

In short: this golf and Mormon tweet seems innocuous enough, but I can see how non-LDS fans would take it as some kind of “in your face” assertion of his identity.

My question is: would we feel differently if he were being more open about a more conventional faith than a religious minority faith? Or, if this were a different identity altogether (i.e. one based in race, ethnicity or sexual orientation) would we be supportive of his being “open” about who he is?

In other words, with David being more open about who he is – faith wise – does this necessarily change the dynamics of who he was before the Mission and who is now?

What say you, Soul Davidians?