Happy Memorial Day!

I’m missing David’s Voice so much!

In the mean time, I’m actually enjoying John Mayer’s version of Beyoncé’s “XO”:

And yes, I would give anything to hear the Voice cover this! 🙂

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

This is the original Beyoncé version, which had NASA all upset b/c she sampled a recording during the Challenger disaster from 1986:

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  1. Happy Memorial Day. Glad that you posted this John Mayer video- hg- as I heard this the other day and I thought it was really good. Like John’s version of this song.

  2. Yes, once again Happy Memorial Day and a big thanks to all that serve/served this glorious country of ours.
    Oh man, yes hg, would love for the voice to come this song.

  3. Happy Memorial Day everyone. Especially HG, I have come to the conclusion you are a “Saint” to deal with all that goes down on this site.
    A special Thank you to all the men and women who serve and have served our country so that we can all sit here and practice Freedom of Speech without fear of being shipped to Siberia!

  4. Happy Memorial Day! I think we can probably all agree that we can’t wait to hear David sing a patriotic song (or any song). I’m continue to hope that we will hear him sing soon.

  5. Candy, I think there are some David fans who wish some of us were shipped to Siberia LOL

    I too would like to add my heartfelt thank you’s to all the men and women who serve in and have served in the military. I cannot imagine the courage it takes to leave everything behind to put your life on the line for your country and I am so so grateful. Prayers for those who have lost a loved one while serving and prayers for those brave people who are serving right now.

    On a personal note, my husband served in the Marine Corp when he was young and I just want to thank him also for his service to my beautiful, precious adopted country.

    • I want to shipped you to Siberia, how so you know that hahaha

      • I appreciate that Haha. It’s quite hot here and I could use a change of climate. How kind of you to think of me today.

  6. Ever wish there was an age minium to post on this site…like over 12!!

  7. Yes-Candy. lol Trolls. I think. 🙂

  8. On this day it is good to remember the freedoms we have in this country. We have freedom of speech and freedom of religion which some countries do not have. I am thankful for the freedom we have here in the USA.

  9. Well stated Grammyj. 🙂

  10. Happy Memorial Day, all! I’ve just reaffirmed to myself to focus on family and being thankful and appreciative for what I have today. Sometimes it’s hard to focus just on that lol but I’m a work in progress! 😀

    Did enjoy JM’s take on XO, HG! Shows how much musical style can change a song yet the overall meaning stays the same. I love that about music.

  11. This is the video by rascal I watch every Memorial Day. The song by David is one of my favorites by him.

  12. Extended caption from FB & Instagram:
    “Remembering my great-grandpa, Claude Diehl, on this Memorial Day. A really special man; amazing musician and pianist; who would share his amazing WWII experiences in the Navy. Let us remember those men and women who have fought– and still fight– for our freedom and blessings that we enjoy today. Thanks for all that you do.”

  13. David must be with his dad in still in califorina Memorial Day today?

  14. I would definately say David gets his great looks, except for the dark hair, from his dad’s side. His Great-grandpa’s eyes, nose, shape of the eyebrows & lips…even the ears! Uncanny.

  15. Anon (the other one)

    Great Memorial Day tweet by David! And I agree. The resemblance is uncanny, right down to the chin.

  16. That was a really great tweet by David on Memorial Day!!

  17. I hate to say this but there is one site that fans thinks david is working on music and they believe it in him which he is not because david will be going to BYU this late fall and He will not find the time to do music whatsoever when he goes and that site need to get over themselfs and the truth will comes out!!!! Nite guys.

  18. I really wanted to believe that david is doing new music but with the BYU rumor been going on for months it starting to feel be real and They think just because Scotty mcgreey is doing the same thing it doesn’t mean david is gonna to do the same thing, u know what I mean?

    • You ever notice how you’re the only one still talking about the BYU rumor? Haven’t seen a single mention of it from anyone on twitter since not long after he got back and a few girls were all excited about the idea he was gonna go because they heard it from their brother’s friend’s ward leader two years ago and now they were gonna meet up and get married. I mean, really.

      • No it not true, There is fans are still talking about BYU rumor it hasn’t stop and It was seen on twitters and Facebook too. Most of the fans believe he is going to college and giving up music and I am one of thoses fan but I read that from a couple of fans of his are reporting that david knows about the BYU rumor but weird part that david hasn’t mention it or saying it not true just get out open but he must keeping it very quiet about it. Again nite guys

  19. My comment was meant for you know who.

  20. Peter that was fabulous.. thanks!

  21. Remember the gay rumors club when he went to see charice performed that rumors explode on the all over the net and he went on twitter to stop the rumor and why can he do the same thing with the BYU rumor?

  22. What if the rumor is true that he is a gay?

  23. I eally dont think you want to go there….

  24. Charice know something about David

  25. Are these trolls from the Philippines?

  26. Good question re: the trolls-I was wondering that too.

  27. I’m pretty sure he/she is Asian. Or someone who is wanting us to think he/she is by his/her use of grammar. Whoever he/she is, he/she is best ignored completely, IMO.

    Have a great day! 😀

  28. Exactly. Just Ignore. I agree. 🙂

  29. Very Off topic but regarding David’s AI pal (well she once was) Jordin Sparks.This pic that Jordan posted of her and Jason Derulo in bed has been in the media. They are a cute couple. Jordin has come a long way since her purity ring days . lol. 🙂

  30. Sunny is back and has twit pic. Apparently David was singing with her and other missionaries. No further comment from me. lol. On that note I am off to work for the day. 🙂

    • Marie lol first you post Jordin and Jason in bed then a pic of David singing for missionaries.. next we’ll see David and Jordin popping up at a fireside with David!

  31. Jordin Sparks and David singing at a fireside (really don’t know what this is) now that would be fun to watch, lol. I don’t think that Jordin is doing anything wrong, sinful in any way, but that’s just me.

    You know what I for one don’t mind spicing up things sometimes. The whole thing about keeping things G-rated is imo, kind of silly. But really it’s only up to Hg as to what can be discussed or shown.

  32. oops minus one David there sorry no edit.
    my senses tell me David is having a hard time adjusting to regular life. 😦

    • Gosh Kimak, I do see that too, hoping we get some sense of career direction from him. I say career, because he is singing. I get a sense (only from pictures and tweets from different people, quotes etc) that he is working (I’m not saying getting paid and not being force at all, just want to) at the missionary program through his church. Maybe that’s the direction he wants to go. He could still sing and also make him feel like he is helping. Now the thing is how is he going to make a living, not unless a position is created for him from his church. I know really silly stuff, but really we don’t have anything else from his camp to discuss.

      • don’t think they pay him to do this not sure and would assume he has to make money eventually so my guess he will sing professionally one day.
        got me.. he said he was working on music but is slow so something must be in the works.

      • Yet Kimak, no I also don’t think he is being paid, just my silly brain thinking that a position would be created for him, hahaha!!! don’t really think that would happen. Yes, I’m thinking that someday he will give another shot at a music career, my wish is that HE wants to come back to his music career with full on commitment and passion.

      • Hope the speculation is true about him going to work in the Philippines next month. He does the missionary stuff for love, gotta do something for money.

      • dang that’s yep not yet. also, mind as well apologize for all other goofs I seem to always make. I know there really no excuse, but I do really read over my comment before I post, but my brain sees it correctly, weird I know until I go back and look at again and think, what the heck that doesn’t make sense, lol. I want to thank you all for your tolerance.

      • cq, as one who makes at least one error in each post, I understand completely. I too read everything over and still the mistakes happen :/

  33. Trolls, yes ignore them. I remember a person who used to troll one of the fansites (dang cannot remember which one but I think it’s gone now) who pretended to be an asian girl fan. Was in reality an older man that another fan knew and outed. Sicko

    Jordin, I love her being in love with Jason. She seems so happy and frankly is acting age appropriate. I wish David would act more age appropriate about some things (and not implying he has to cross any boundaries regarding his morals).

    David working for his church, they must have some paid roles in his church, don’t they? Or maybe it is all volunteer. I have to say, (and it pains me to say so since we could lose his secular music side) he does seem suited to stay within the confines of his church as a spokesman for the missionary program. I think after his whirlwind life he is happy to be safe and snug in the church world. Can’t say I blame him. I’ll bet the years after Idol are still a huge blur. Looking back I wonder how he did it all.

  34. Kimk, I kind of agree, I don’t think he is fully adjusted or ready for regular life, he is not JUST the boy we loved that left two years ago. But really, the man he brought back is a good man. He still truly still wants to be selfless, and has not figured out exactly how to keep being that, except through church. The person he brought back is stronger, has lived through rejection and not always easy times, and he believes that if he is good and works hard somehow things will work out. He believes he must stand up for what he believes. He is putting his faith in God. He is now willing to risk a lot to stand up for what he believes, with all his heart, to be true. He does this not for selfish reasons, but because he wants to do what is right. HE WANTS TO BE GOOD. He wants to serve his fellow man. That is the truth, and the essence of David.

    He is such an idealist and sometimes I am so scared for him because of that.

    I truly believe he does want a secular career too. It is a tough world out there. Thus the “wishing, wanting and hoping,” and “face your fears” quotes. There are the “it’s time to do it” and “courage” elements in his quotes too. He has tried to communicate with fans but is not making everyone happy.

    I am a realist. I know that life is not always fair, and good intentions are not always appreciated, understood, or rewarded.

    David is a mormon. It is not politically correct to say mean things about other groups any more (and I am so thankful for that) but Mormons seem to still be fair game for insults and even hatred. (and I am NOT talking about folks on this site) Remember when our positive David’s positiveness failed him, and he was a little more open than usual, and he said that no matter how respectful and polite he tried to be, some people just hated him anyway. He knows that, but he is trying to stand up to that anyway. That is so damn brave and so so scary to me. You don’t have to believe what he believes to understand his heart. I don’t have to agree, but honestly I have so much compassion for him. Reading comments here is only too often, not reassuring, to say the least. I do not see things through rose colored glasses but…I care about him, not just his beautiful voice.

    • Dfan, great comment, but I do have to respectfully disagree in one point, I do not believe that Mormons are the only ones that have “mean” things said. I truly feel that all religion has been bashed just as much as Mormons. Thing is that modern religion (as opposed to religions that have been around for 100s and 100s of years) have more to be scrutinize because of records whereas ancient religions are just not easily scrutinized. If you want to talk about mean, how about the mass execution of Jews that was totally record know in history.

      • Btw, how politically correct is the LDS church, as well as other regarding the gay and lesbian community.

    • Dfan – what an excellent and well thought-out comment. You said so much that I tried to say before about why I sometimes feel protective of David even though I know he is an adult and does not need my protecting. No, I do not think he is perfect but I do think he is innately a good person who is trying to find the right way to do things. He may stumble because he’s human but he’s trying. And that’s just one of the reasons why I wait. For me, he’s worth the wait.

      Thank you for saying what was in my mind but couldn’t find a way into words.

    • I too believe bashing is wrong but it is not just Mormons who are singled out, although If I was Mormon I might feel like it was my faith always being bruised. I think some churches (not just Mormon) do put themselves out there and have to be prepared to be criticized. I’m sure David has to realize as an adult that if he puts out opinions or even hints at opinions that seem exclusionary, he will be open for criticism. That is probably part of the courage and stand up for what you believe messages he is sending out.

      I still believe in David’s voice and talent. As most say here, that is what I was drawn to and that is why I stay. It saddens me that he may not ever use the full extent of his talent as he has by his choice, and what seems to make him happiest, chosen a very small box to keep himself in. I don’t know this for a fact, but it seems so to me.

      I thank you Dfan for giving a lot of food for thought in your posts. I do believe David is a very good person but I still believe he is naive beyond belief with some of what he puts out there. He is a 23 year old man, and while I do believe he has the courage to own his beliefs I often think he doesn’t understand some of the repercussions. I could be totally wrong here however as I don’t know him at all.

      I think the way Jordin Sparks had led her life is wonderful. She went from shy Christian girl to a woman fully living her life. I believe she is still a Christian but living a modern woman’s life in a respectable way. She is just lovely IMHO

      • I like Jordin just fine but I can really do without selfies from the bed with her boyfriend. Some things can just be shared privately (if they need to be shared at all) imo.

  35. cq, actually I really agree with you. There have been many injustices and what happened to the Jews is horrifying beyond belief. I have jewish relatives that I dearly love and it just blows my mind that things like that happened and still happen.
    I was just saying that it is now politically incorrect in the US to speak rudely about many groups, but almost politically correct to bash mormons, even openly.

  36. Ha, just read your second comment. That is an extremely difficult question for me, but I do think things change even if it is too slowly. Not just the mormons but other churches as well. I just think we need to have love and compassion and respect for EVERYONE. We don’t have to agree with them on everything.

  37. Ali, I feel you. I wish I could protect him too, even though I know I can’t, and even though I know he is “grown up.” Are we really ever all grown up? I’m still waiting. LOL

  38. soul newbie, I know there is a new post but I wanted to answer you. I submit to you that perhaps he is not choosing that small box and I hope and pray that he will have other options opening up. He is absolutely a good person in my opinion, but him having the courage to stand up for his beliefs and put a little more out there is what scares me for him. Of course others face criticism, I have never thought mormons are the only ones singled out, but as you go on to say, there will be repercussions. I do think he is naive. But not totally, I think he knew even before he left, and he thinks the right thing to do now is to not be afraid of what will happen If he stands up for what he believes. Thats why he talks of courage, and, you can’t please everyone. He is quite the combination of naive and wise, wise and naive. My cynical self has a hard time believing that good things necessarily happen to good people. My optimistic side hopes it will be possible. There is that incredible talent, that voice, (and for me, that heart, and soul) that most people have not experienced and should be heard and shared and that I hope to experience again.

    It makes me sad when people think he is excluding people. He is not. He is just singing at church functions where he is asked to sing. He has always done that. He does have love in his heart towards everyone not just LDS people, and truly wants to be a Christlike person. He loved the people in Chile whether the joined the church or not. He misses them. He loves people.

    Listen to him sing “I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus,” he means those words. You don’t have to even be Christian to appreciate the message.

  39. Just wondering

    Dfan, the question for me is does he really still care about his fans, or was he really just keeping his career going by doing what was necessary? That is the thing I worry most about. I always thought he really cared for us, and after reading all these comments, I’m not so sure.

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