The Thrill is Gone

Rest in Power, BB King (1925-2015).

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  1. May Mr. King rest in peace. He and Lucille will be missed but we are grateful for the incredible music he left behind.

  2. RIP Blues Boy. Love rhythm and blues and Mr. BBKing was the best at his craft, with every note and every pick of his guitar you felt the music permeating throughout every inch of his body and soul. Wonderful legacy he has left for us to keep enjoying.

    • Just read what my son wrote about Mr. King on his on Facebook, thought it was a nice sentiment:

      I predict a lot of BB King tributes playing in bars and clubs around the world today. I had the privilege to see him live at a blues festival with a friend at Shoreline years ago. RIP to a true blues legend.

      (omitted the name and instead said friend)

      • Thanks for sharing that cq. I was lucky to see Mr. King in Chicago once. Amazing. It was quite a while ago but you never forget the live performance of a legend.

      • RIP BB King. He will be missed.

  3. Clark Beckham sent this tweet out about BB- @ClarkBeckham
    We’ve lost the father of blues today. We celebrate what BB has passed down and acknowledge that because of him, the blues will never die.

    peter- Clark to me won AI. I hope he gets signed by a label. I found that interview he did with billboard very interesting. David should read it. Quotes from Clark’s interview with Billboard since if we post links to articles here anymore the comment goes into moderation:
    Does he feel the judges and Scott favored Nick a little bit? Did he find it hard to be himself throughout the competition? “I really believe that I am modern. I think the best modern is when an artist can understand and play and do music that is coming right now, and is just on the brink. Just around the bend. Just coming alive. I really believe that the music that I put out and that I am, I really think that’s what’s going to come around the bend. I don’t think I would have fit with Scott as well as Nick is going to fit with Scott. They worked really well together through the whole competition. Scott is extremely successful and he’s a great guy. No matter what, I really believe and know that he wants the best for me and for Nick. Nick and I were talking about it–I think the best outcome happened. The best thing for Nick was for him to win. I believe I’m where I need to be and the best thing that could have happened to me is what happened. I just choose to believe that. At the end of the day, that’s where I stand.”

    Would he consider singing Christian or gospel music? “I want to do what you call ‘secular’ music. Sometimes people can get scared of that word. Secular just means outside of the church. I believe in God and he influences everything I do. I’m not a Christian artist. I’m an artist, and I’m a Christian. That’s how I would describe it. My faith informs everything I do, whether it be how I talk to people, how I dress. The Bible says, with everything you do…do it for the glory of God. Even eat and drink. It’s everything. That’s how I see it. I believe I’m not called to do Christian music or gospel music. Although, that’s been a huge part of my growing up, and I love it, and I think it’s needed and it’s helped me many times. As far as my music, I think I’m called–I’m going to stick to writing and singing secular and pop music.”

  4. Great interview. Clark is so talented and a great personality that they did not show while he was on AI. 🙂

    • I hope he will somehow be able to make an album.

      4:20 -> is interesting. You can hear that in his performances, IMO.

      • Just thinking Clark would do more than justice to BB King’s The Thrill Is Gone.

        He will be touring with the 5 finalists in the AI Tour. No large arenas this time, but even with the smaller venues, I’m betting Clark will establish himself as the STAR of the tour.
        Especially if he does on the tour what he did on the AI Hard Rock night stage!

      • I hope that can be captured on his possible album.

  5. Lol, Archie land is really cricket city. I found it kind of funny that we had, at times, more coming from David when he was on his mission than we are getting now. Btw, no one needs to remind me about the new David and that I shouldn’t worry about things, I’m not one bit worried, I just find the whole thing/continued music career journey/situation, fascinating.

    One thing that puzzles me (ok, lol, everything about his career moves puzzle me) he/his management/or whoever sends the write-up for the concerts say that he has an album to be release in 2015, so even if it’s not going to be released until the winter, shouldn’t some sort of noise/hints be starting to be fed to his fans to get the ball rolling, see what I mean, FASINATING, lol, 🙂

    Peter, Hope, thanks for the conversations, I find it interesting that Clark is embarking on the similar journey as David’s. I’m curious being that I didn’t watch AI or even looked up anything relating to Clark, does he have the same appeal as David did back then with the teeny boppers and does he have the same fanatic reaction every time he stepped on stage? Is he already signed with a label, like it happened to David right after AI? It’s kind of interesting that he is also such a devoutly religious person that professes firmly that his path is going a secular music route. From what I remember, back in the stone age, or when I starting following David’s music career, lol, I remember David professing about his firm interest is pop music, but really he has been as far away from the pop music as anyone can get for the last, well, going on four years. I wish Clark luck, I know that you two see the genius in Clark’s voice that I don’t hear, but doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy your posts.

    • I think it is safe to say that Clark has a much smaller fan base than David had. Chances are that he will not be signed.

      • Thanks for your reply peter. I guess if David went this season of AI (at 24 and where he is at right now) would he of gotten the offers and had the same success, hum, we’ll never know, lol. but, unfortunately, a lot of what got him the opportunities he had was because of his sweetness, good looks and charming personality. Yes, his voice is the only thing that anyone should be looking at, but hum, especially from a lot of these type of shows, the whole package is needed, imo.

  6. Ok one more thing, then I’ll stop, lol. Just saw a clip of Mitt Romney and Holyfield for charity fight and heck, Mitt was topless, huh, lol, ok now I’m totally confused, I thought that could never happen because once you put on your garments that was it…ok no way, no how would I ever want David to go shirtless, could care less, but the idea that some fans said that could never happen now is totally interesting to me, lol. isn’t Mitt Mormon?

    • cq, here’s Donny Osmond. I think he’s Mormon, ha.

      • lol, I guess it is allowed, or should I say they have free will to be able to expose and of course, yes, I would think it would be for art or in Mitt’s case, charity, interesting. The reason I even mentioned it was that there was talk about David never being able to do any artistic art video like Joy Williams did and I just assumed it was because of the exposed skin. My bad and it’s nice to know.

      • Who first had the notion David would never ever be shirtless in public anyway as if he would be struck down by lightening for being so daring? Is it so immodest for males to be seen shirtless, say at a pool or at the beach? Did David ever say we would never see him shirtless? Or was this an assumption by some of his fans who think of David as an angelic celestial being on a pedestal who would never be looked at as someone’s sexual fantasy. Some fans still can’t believe he actually allowed himself to be filmed in shorts doing the Guitar Hero thing. What about the shock (and awe, ha-ha) some fans experienced when he was photographed openly wearing SHORTS several times IN PUBLIC after his mission? OMG! I think much of the idea David will “NEVER be seen shirtless in public” comes from some of his more “conservative” fans.

        OK, to be honest, David does seem to have a phobia of some kind about his own body for some reason. Recalling the yanking down of his shirts on stage as if he was afraid any part of his bare body would show. It took a few years for him to stop doing that. But on the other hand, he wears some pretty tight & form-fitting pants on stage with no problem. The point is, I don’t think being shirtless in public by Mormon males in certain places like pools or the beach or in a Broadway show, in a boxing ring for “charity” is prohibited by the church.

        I remember reading that celebrity Mormons aren’t “required” to wear the “garments” when “working”. Otherwise Marie Osmond would look pretty ridiculous wearing the garment under her gowns in her Vegas show, right?

      • Like most everyone, I’m sure that Mormons use their own judgement about what’s appropriate. Some are way conservative, and others not so much. There’s a huge variety in what people feel fits their commitments, though there are official pronouncements urging more orthodoxy, such as to continue to wear garments while doing yard work.

        But remember that Marie Osmond said that she never wears garments while performing. And I recently saw a picture of Ann Romney in a sheer blouse with a tank-type undershirt. David’s mom is apparently more conservative and manages to rock a t-shirt under a spaghetti strap dress, though few others could pull it off, IMO.

        I think that David’s issues go back way before he wore garments and are more personal in nature, but I agree that a lot of the discussion had to do with ultra conservative fans.

        Here are some folks who think that Mormon men shouldn’t even be topless while swimming: “”

      • Thank you Red Robin and Cchalo, for your thoughts. I should really know better, people are people and even within a framework a religion, different interpretation are practiced. I guess with having David doing a two year mission, then coming back and basically doing religious gigs, it really got me thinking that heck, everyone is super conservative and follows the rules to a letter. Heck, I know plenty of Catholic (family and friends) that are practicing/practiced birth control, which is a no, no for Catholic (only rhythm method is ok, lol) and they consider themselves good Catholics. I of course, thinking for yourself is the only way to go and don’t think they are less religious than anyone that follows the rules to the letter. I found to many things I just couldn’t get my head around to continue to be a practicing Catholic, but don’t feel that anyone that takes there own interpretation of what they feel is right or wrong and still are comfortable practicing, I see nothing wrong with that at all.

  7. Yep cq David did say he would be doing secular pop music after AI S7. I remember it well. There just is nothing to comment on about Davids music career at this point. I would rather discuss other music artists but that is just me. Lol.

  8. I found this David journey to be very ‘strange’. This is the weirdest career I have ever followed, tbh. It is so off the wall. I mean, who continues on a music career, without an inkling of a hint to which direction one is going, no information from the artist about the album, and no communication to the fans what so ever? Only David.

    • Dana at this point it is strange. David really is not even using the social media or PR to promote his career. He has no major label behind him or money at this point to help. Mitt is a very rich guy who knows how to promote himself. Although he still lost the presidential race. Lol.

  9. The subject & title of this thread, “The Thrill Is Gone” was appropriately to remember the musical Blues genius, BB King. RIP Mr. King.

    However I can’t help but think how appropriate that title is for some of us regarding David. The thrill is definitely gone. Maybe not completely for some fans, but for many, yes it is gone.

    Personally, I believe this is what David wants. He doesn’t want HIMSELF to be the focus of the adoration shown him in the past. I believe he wants his MUSIC to be the focus. If that’s the case, his new music has to be much better than the originals he’s put out in the past and at least as good if not better than the “covers” he’s done (not counting the Forevermore album, which while his vocals were good, most of the songs were mediocre at best). In other words, his new music will have to knock our socks off & be jaw-dropping out of this world fantastic lyrically & melodically. Then all this non-communication, disinterest in his fans, and MIA will be understood if not forgotten.

    And maybe then the thrill we used to feel for all things David, will return again.

    • Thanks for posting the video of Clark peter. Red Robin- I thought the same thing when I read the title of this post.

    • Great comment Red Robin yes, want him to knock our socks off and be jaw-dropping out of this world fantastic lyrically & melodically…give us that, and heck yes, the thrill will return, 🙂

    • I too agree with this statement. When I first read the title of this thread yesterday, before I realized what it was really about, I thought that it was referring to David. Because, yes, the thrill is gone. Whether it returns, is a mystery. Guess we will have to wait some more, and see.

    • As for the quality of David’s new music, if those two clips that got leaked a while back by the writers are a representation of what his music will be, I have no hope whatsoever for his career just based on the music alone.

      • Point taken and I agree. However, maybe David agrees too, which may be the reason he used the “copyright infringement” reason to get the that video with the clips deleted & removed.

        Actually, I don’t even remember the clips. So forgettable they were.

        It’s too bad David hasn’t collaborated with Joy Williams while in Nashville. I happen to prefer Waiting for Yesterday to Heart Falls Out, for example.

  10. Interesting article I read yesterday.


    I am not anti-Mormon at all, and believe in anyone’s right to practice their faith however they choose. But to me it’s about what kind of Mormon (or Christian, Muslim, etc.) you choose to be. This person seems to be a mom first, which I think is as it should be. Humanity should always come first. I have many friends and family who are very religious but somehow they seem to be able to separate their own faith in their heart from some of the distasteful agenda items of their church leaders. It’s all about being grounded in your own reality. In terms of David, it’s hard for me to tell where he falls on the spectrum, but he seems to be in the extremely devout category at the moment, so that just makes it harder to relate to him. If he’s happy being that way, good for him. I just don’t think music should ever be hard to relate to so I hope his music is about more than just his love for his church. My personal faith and my humanity are always first for me, not my religion itself.

    • Very interesting article and bravo to that mom.

    • There is a group of Mormon moms like this one who have banded together and formed an alliance & group called Mama Dragons. They all have gay or lesbian children. These moms have embraced their kids and vow to fight & protect them & their rights as human beings and their place in the world. I admire them greatly.

      Why though, I have to ask, would they chose to remain affiliated with an organization which abhors the LBGT lifestyle and while making some headway in passing legislation against the discrimination of LGBT but with some exceptions? Why would they want to stay when the church “accepts” their kids but only if they vow to live a celibate life or live a lie by marrying a straight person? Why would they stay in such a church or religion?

      I guess it’s easy for me to say. But I just didn’t get it. That is until I read the very enlightening blog by Luna Lindsey thanks to cc halo who posted a link on the previous thread about a book “Recovering Agency”. I have a better understanding of Mormons who stay even when they no longer believe in the truth of most of the teachings of the church or that the church itself is the only & true church.

  11. As for Clark, I think he will do better than Nick will career-wise. Clark has much more to offer musically than Nick. Nick appeals to a certain segment whereas Clark appeals to a larger, more diverse segment. Nick is not what I would call a unique artist. Clark is unique in that where most singers his age are doing pop or rock, Clark can do all genres. His voice though has the soulful raspy tone which is unique to singing the Blues and making the songs believable.

    Seems Clark & David have more in common than just being deeply religious, eh?

  12. This is weird. I was reading the newspaper just now. Don’t know why, since the news is never good news. but reading the daily paper is a must for me.

    Anyway, the last thing I read are the Horoscopes which most times makes me chuckle at the absurdity of what MY daily horoscope always is. Good thing I put no stock in my horoscope. But today’s horoscope for David was uncanny. It read:

    Hindsight isn’t always 20/20. Seeing the past correctly and in a way that can be useful in the present can be a challenge. What’s the event that divided your life into “before” and “after”?


    • Oh peter- another great Clark video. Clark really stayed true to himself and Red Robin is correct. I think he will go further than Nick too. Clark loves music and is so talented. Who wants to work with Scott anyway? The guy is such a phony. Once again the Runner Up on AI is better than the winner. Sound familiar? lol. 🙂

  13. cotton candy

    bet rachel can answer that.

    • Whos Rachel? I’m confused

    • Who is Rachel??

      Going to dinner now.

      Sorry if I monopolized the thread the last few hours. I guess I had a lot on my mind. Still do so I’ll be back later.

  14. Oh David a religious tweet, so much for not tweeting on Sundays, I guess being it’s religious it’s ok, lol. Hum ,Outward appearance is made up by man and I assume is wrong, why would religious groups (all) have standards for outward appearance that should be followed. Every interesting going forward, lol.

    • Yay, yay David we know you are extremely religious, but we are fans of your voice and want to hear about ANYTHING relating to that part of your life,, PLEASE, lol. it’s fine to does religious tweets, but heck, why not do a BALANCE. ugh!!! sorry guys, a bit snarky today, 😦

      • I’m with you cq. I am really tired of it too. IMO, if he doesn’t like to tweet on Sundays, he shouldn’t tweet anything at all. To me it is obvious the route he is taking with his “career”. I think it is really ridiculous to not let his fans know what direction he is going. What about his fans that have been waiting for his return to his career? Some of them who won’t like that type of music and decide to leave will have wasted their time ‘waiting’. To me… that is wrong.

  15. Days & weeks go by with no communication directly from David but then he tweets a passage from the bible? So it’s Sunday….but WTH??

    I get that David is a super-duper religious TBM & if he was Catholic, he would have already gone into the Priesthood! I think maybe it’s time he should just come clean with the fans who are still waiting & hoping for some shred of evidence he’s still wanting a secular career instead of what he’s giving which is the opposite. I think fans wouldn’t care if he sings & mixes secular music with some inspirational or religious undercurrent. Fans would be happy just to hear him sing.

    BUT if he’s going to use his concerts as a pulpit, I think fans, not counting his LDS peers, have a right to know. IMO.

  16. A similar but smaller group won last year, I think.

  17. Apart from the solo, the youngest member’s microphone seems to be switched off during the performance.

    • Wow some real talent there on those Britain’s Got Talent videos. As far as David’s tweet-No interest for me so I just ignore it. I don’t even have twitter but if I did I highly doubt I would be following David at this point. lol.

  18. The thing is, if he were not giving his fans the silent treatment and was communicating, even with random thoughts about nothing in particular, just something, anything but preferably music related, sharing the religious passages & quotes wouldn’t be so “In Your Face” after getting nothing from him for weeks.

    But maybe I feel this way cause I’m a heathen. lol!

    • Its not just you, I think we all feel that way in one sense or another. I know that is the way I feel and have felt for a while now.

      And as far as the music goes, like you, I wouldn’t mind it so much if he had a mixture. But if it is all religious, I don’t want to be a part of that. Nothing wrong with religious, its just not me.

    • Lol, Red Robin. I agree, heck, I just would like some tweets about the music (his career) and I really don’t even care if he doesn’t want to share anything else. It’s interesting that he has no problem sharing this part of himself, that, imo, is personal, but heck, is so reluctant to share anything to do with the ‘professional’ part of him.
      lol, I’m still sticking around to see what is down the road, but doesn’t mean that at times like this doesn’t frustrate me to no end, lol.
      Oh, from what I read on FOD, it seems like he tweeted that from church.

      • One more thing, showing videos & reminiscing about the past from his AI days to just before his mission and how he used to be doesn’t change the fact that David no longer exists and no amount of wishing, though he is older, that he is the same person “inside” will make it so. I watch the videos & shake my head.

        Seeing all the videos of David interacting with other artists & fans not to mention all the vlogs he made all those years before his mission, it’s clear that he had to be a brilliant actor if he was “faking” it to be liked & popular per instructions from the “higher-ups”, his dad, or whoever. I watch the vlogs and shake my head.

        I guess I can understand why there is a need to show the videos taken as far back as 8 years ago when David was 16 years old to 3 years ago when he was 21. It keeps the love of who he used to be alive in the minds of all those fans still working in the promotion of David even though he obviously is not appreciative anymore. Otherwise where would be the logic or the reason for still believing in him and for keeping fan sites up & running even when there’s only a couple dozen regulars or less who still visit & comment regularly? I visit the other sites, look at the old photos of David before his mission on the banner or the side bars of these sites & shake my head thinking how sad it is for those who are so blinded by the past they refuse to listen or see what’s been staring them in the face this last year.

        At least here we can be honest and not have to embellish how we feel. HG obviously believes in David’s artistry and I thank her for allowing us a forum where we can voice our frustrations about David even if she may not agree. It’s also obvious HG has a life besides this fan site, so good for her.

      • Red Robin, you took the words out of my mouth. We’re clearly taking a journey into the (fake?) past every time we go onto a David fan site. The no-tweet Sundays were because he, or his people, wanted to keep his religion somewhat separate from his career. He was always very religious, but was afraid to be real; rumors were that he was much more of a “Jesus freak” than he let on. But now he’s being real. IMO, this is how David always wanted to be. For better or worse, keeping your religion to yourself apparently isn’t a concept that resonates in his “every member a missionary” culture, at least not to him.

      • Cchalo, I’m beginning to think it has almost nothing to do with the church, but David himself is the one that he so determined to keep his religion front and center. I’m thinking that other artists that share his religion aren’t as vocal about it, but don’t follow them, so that’s just a guess. The question is, can David actually be part of the (fake) entertainment industry? or will he seek a career that is more religious based where he seems to be more comfortable. Lol, yes, a soap opera.

      • As far as sites go, yes, a lot of going down memory lane on other sites, but the way I see it, all the these fans that keep up these sites are just trying to do their best to keep things going and heck, I do enjoy visiting them and reading most of the comments. Yes, that David seems to be gone, lol, I know still hoping, but, especially FOD, have always had long posts, so without new stuff coming for years, I suppose they have to do the best they can with what they have.

  19. to bad the rest of you don,t have a life beon thsi sorry site.what sad lives you all must lead, day in and day out the same old thing.

    • Well, well, HI RAY, you are such a ‘ray’ of sunshine. So nice to read your positive, uplifting David like comment, 🙂

      • CQ, I’m sure you read this post upthread:

        “As for the quality of David’s new music, if those two clips that got leaked a while back by the writers are a representation of what his music will be, I have no hope whatsoever for his career just based on the music alone.”

        Did you find this post a “positive, uplifting David-like comment?” Is this post a “ray of sunshine”? How about coming to the defense of David once when he’s insulted like this? It’ll be good for your soul. Give it a try.

    • Ray, good to hear from you. The funny thing is, if David puts out music that is “acceptable”, and he looks and acts “secular’ enough to them, all this moaning and groaning about the LDS Church that has been rehashed for the past 3+ years will be instantly forgotten, and squeeing and spazzing will take the place of the betrayal and bitterness.

      LDS bashing is really just a diversion from the real source of their Archu-pain. Their real pain is the personal rejection they feel from David himself. They don’t really give a hoot about LDS or David’s stance on gay marriage. If David again comes a-calling, everything will be forgiven and forgotten faster than you can say “Touch My Hand”.

  20. I didn’t read what David tweeted but at least we know he still has internet access. LOL

    Not interested at all. I guess David is going the evangelical route? I have little hope his new music will be only inspirational. I am thinking more and more it will be all out religious. Maybe I’m wrong but it appears that way as an outsider looking in. Maybe he started out writing inspirational music but changed to religious as he became less and less concerned with being “fake” for the fans.

    One thing I know, most of the fans he seems to have left will be very receptive to new religious music. They have apparently loved the hymns etc he has performed since his return.

    • Yes, I agree Anne, David will have those fans and to me, that’s great. No matter what direction he goes, I do wish him well, hehe, of course, still wanting him to go the secular route…will until completely proven that’s not where he is going with his music…#sillydreamer 🙂

    • Yes Anne I think his new music will be all out religious too. No reason to believe that it won’t be. Watching the billboard music awards. John Legend and Meghan Trainor were great together. Nick Jonas was good too. His career is going well. Taylor Swift is just so annoying to me. I still think she can’t sing. Lol.

    • I guess it’s natural to conclude from the religious tone of his communication that the music will be religious as well. But if you listen to the music he’s actually done since his mission, other than the hymns, his songs have been ‘inspirational’ rather than religious, even at events for his church. I’m sure he’ll have fans from all walks of life who can appreciate the mix, but probably not me. Case in point is his “Lion King” song–“He Lives in Me.” I could appreciate his passion and voice, but personally didn’t relate to it like I once did to his music. But he may surprise me with awesomeness–we’ll see.

      • The question is, will “awesomeness” trump Mormonism? Will all the objections to David’s Mormonism and his Mission, that have been posted here by numerous people daily for over 3 years, be forgotten if David releases great secular music. My guess is that it will. Why else would people be still here? Even if he puts out great music (which he will, of course), he’ll still be a devout Mormon. I anxiously await the “spin” around these parts when that happens. It should be a doozy.

      • Your right about that cc halo, yes, more inspirational in nature. Even if he is only targeting a more conservative, more religious audience, I’m thinking they would even enjoy more that type of music, of course, with some hymns thrown in. Well, looks like we might find out this year where his direction will be.

        Watched some of the Billboard Music Awards show, man, there is a lot of great talent out there. Love to see the passion for the music. Of course thought of David, would he ever be comfortable amongst all these artists or would he think they are all sell outs to the music industry. For that matter, did he even watch the show. I have always thought that David was the cream of the crop and that he just needed to surround himself with other artists that are also the cream of the crop so that his great voice would be showcased to the fullest advantage. I’m still hoping that for David, I want to feel that passion for music that I thought he had once again.

  21. There’s a really cute picture of him posted by and with his cousin, Vanessa, on FB, as shared on FOD, etc. Lest we stereotype him as being sheltered in a religious bubble, if you click on her timeline, you can tell that just outside of the photo is her new sleeve tattoo.

  22. Interesting conversation going on over at FOD about Taylor’s latest video, apparently, with this one new video she is corrupting the youth of the world, lol. So this got me thinking about singing artists, art. Does a singer need to lead an inspirational life to create inspirational music? Does only clean living artists put forth inspirational music?!? lol, imo, no actually a lot of inspirational music come a lot of artist that, say, don’t exactly fit that mold. The fans voicing that the music industry needs David to come as if he is the Savior to the corrupt and sinful music industry, I find that interesting. To me, I don’t want/need David to save me, all I want is for him to produce great music that fits his voice and just SING, SING, SING.

    • CQ, inspirational music comes from inspired people, and the music does not have to be “religious” to be inspirational. Using hyperbolic language about David like “The fans voicing that the music industry needs David to come as if he is the Savior to the corrupt and sinful music industry” is untrue and unfair to David and his supportive fans. The music industry, in its current form, cannot be “saved” by David or anyone else. As long as the music buying public embraces crotch grabbing “artists” (please) like Nicki Minaj and woman beating/gay bashing riff raff like Chris Brown, the bar will be so low that no one person can undo the damage.

      David is not for everybody, especially in today’s market. I am looking forward to hearing David’s new music. It will define him in the present day, so people can decide whether he is “for them” or not, and if he’s not for them, respectfully seek their taste in music elsewhere. Those who think that David will be the same as he was before his Mission are living in a dream world that does not exists.

      Ricky Nelson said it best in his song “Garden Party”, when he said “If memories are all I bring, I’d rather drive a truck”.

    • cq, I no longer look at FOD but I hope they don’t paint Taylor that bad. As David has a right to go his way, Taylor can go her way artistically. To me the video was a stylistic take on a lot of movies out there.

      A friend texted me to go take a look at FOD this weekend. I guess someone posted a picture of David with angel wings and she just wanted me to look so I would believe her. No thanks, I can’t stomach that. I’ll bet David might be offended and/or embarrassed by that if he knew..

      Interesting question about a singer leading an inspirational life to sing inspiring songs. I guess to a point it helps make the connection but I think we can find inspiration in random places too.

  23. cotton candy

    cq- well said! if God only looks at the heart why would the mormon church tell their people to wear special underwear? care doesn’t care about that.

    • I feel the same. God does not have time to worry if people even wear underwear in my opinion. Nor does he care if they drink coffee or eat fish on Friday. These are things made up by the men who want to control their flocks to keep them in line for their own gain.

      • per Anne – “These are things made up by the men who want to control their flocks to keep them in line for their own gain.”

        Truer words were never spoken.

  24. cotton candy

    oops- God doesn’t care about underwear!

  25. 1)”God doesn’t care about underwear!”

    2)”God does not have time to worry if people even wear underwear in my opinion. Nor does he care if they drink coffee or eat fish on Friday.”

    I guess that God speaks to the posters on Soul David regarding the earth shattering issues of underwear and coffee so they don’t feel left out, lol.

  26. cotton candy

    true bliss! God does speak to non LDS people all the time! about little things and about big things! God created coffee beans and alcohol and sex so we could enjoy our difficult lives here on Earth. 🙂

    • LOLOLOL!!! I literally busted out laughing. 😂

      • Dana, you’re very easily amused if Cotton Candy’s post got you all “busting out laughing”.

    • cotton candy, how the heck do you know what God thinks or why anything was created? Sorry your life is so difficult.

  27. cotton candy

    it even says in the Bible- God is not concerned with what we put IN our mouth but what comes OUT of our mouth.

  28. like i said bliss~ it’s in the Bible. crack it open if u dare! 🙂

    • Cotton Candy, so it’s in the Bible. What’s your point as it relates to David and the LDS Church?

  29. my point is- the rules of the mormon church and most churches are man made, not from God. didn’t u read the convo? bottom line- i respect David! i do not respect the rules of his church!

    • Cotton Candy, if you don’t respect David’s belief system, then,, by definition, you don’t respect him. A person IS their belief system. What do you respect about David if not what he believes and what’s important to him?

  30. If anyone wants to hear a new song from David go to this link. You will probably have to copy and paste. The song isn’t secular if you were hoping for that.

    • I like this. He sounds good and unhurried, and his voice is not overpowered by the instruments.

      Basically, if you replace “He” with “she” or “he,” we have a secular love song.

    • Thank you Hitandrun, I actually think this is a good song and way better than Glorious imo. If he puts that kind of feeling into some secular music that everyone can relate and then I think David got something going.

  31. Oh cool. I didn’t know I could post a video like that. Guess I learned something.

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