David (Dis)Engagement?

This is hardly interaction on social media (not that David owes us anything):

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  1. Yep, lol, (Dis) engagement. Yes, David doesn’t owe us anything from his personal life to just trying to please us with things that are just plan trivial and are not connected at all to his professional music career. Now with that being said, we are his consumers, his job is a professional singer and his product is his music. As his consumers (his audience, buyers of his music, buyers of his concert’s paraphernalia, etc) wouldn’t it be good business to keep that connection going through the social media so that when you are ready to launch your product it might be better received? We are (fans) just his consumer for his product, not relatives, not buddies, not subjects that need to be saved, but consumers for his music, so yes, imo, looking like that, he should use social media for that purpose. Which of course, involve a bit of uncomfortable work, but in no way is it fake, it’s just good business.

    • CQ, Yes, we are,his consumers, and when he has a “product” that he wants us to consume, he’ll make us aware of it. Right now, there isn’t such a product for sale, other than tickets to his concerts in Utah and Idaho. The tickets in Utah were gobbled up in no time by his “customers” and the tickets in Idaho will undoubtedly enjoy the same fate when they become available in a few days.

      David has already told his “customers” that he is working on a CD of pop and Spanish music. He apparently doesn’t feel the need to repeat that message to people who he assumes are doing what he’s doing, namely, leading their adult lives. For the most part, he’s right, those affiliated with this site notwithstanding.

    • I agree cq, we are his customers. However maybe he doesn’t see music as business at all anymore. Maybe he just believes that if he is faithful to what he sees as God’s teachings, God will take care of it all. I know some born again Christians think that way.

      • Well, that could be true, how’s this one, God help those who help themselves, lol.

      • Anne, David is not “born again”. The Mormon thing “took” the first time. David is not a businessman, nor does he have to be one.. He is an artist and a musician. His ‘business” comes from those who enjoy his music and choose to buy his Cds or buy a ticket to his shows. David never had to “promote” any of his Cds or appearances to get me or any other fan to be a willing, and enthusiastic, consumer of his “product”. That hasn’t changed. Just ask the folks who devoured tickets to his upcoming shows.

  2. I have to agree this total disconnection David has with his fans at this point is puzzling to say the least. If as Bliss says he will reconnect when he has new music to be released, then all I can say is I hope he is ready for fans to say ” sorry, not interested”. I am not interested in his personal life, nor do I have any sexual fantasies about him. Having said that I think he is acting like a proper little sh* t right now. Whether anyone wants to admit it or nor an artist and his or her fans have a give and take relationship. If that artist wants his fans or customers if you will to stay engaged then he needs to put some effort into it. I don’t mean I need a tweet every day saying “I wrote a song and it’s so great !” However David has been back for over a year now. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for him to show some idea of where he is going with his music. The very least he could have done was have an online concert to say thanks for hanging around. And yes I do think fans deserved at least that much.

    • Some very good points in your comment blingy. I agree but honestly just don’t care any longer.

      • Hope, you “don’t care” yet here you are. Lol. What are you here for? Btw, “agreeing” and posting means you do you care. Why do you people think that saying you don’t care makes you seem any less hurt and angry with David. for rejecting you. Get real. You’re here. You’re posting. You care. It’s that simple.

      • I like this site SD. I enjoy commenting on other music artists and reality talent shows like The Voice. It really is just that simple of an explanation. Lol. If David does not even seem to care about his music career than why shoukd just a normal casual fan from AI days care? I was never an OTT fan but good for those few fans that are.

    • I hear you. He really still seems too preoccupied with church things to be restarting his “regular” career or to communicate with fans. There’s the new song for the Mormon youth that cq mentioned below, plus a three-day Spanish program for his church in SLC sometime this year, I forget exactly when.

      He’s not often been one to communicate directly, so maybe his sparse communication with an emphasis on religious tweets IS telling us his future direction. It’s not like he would say, “Sorry everyone, I’m only doing religious and inspirational music now, so never mind if you want straight pop.”

      Having concerts without a theme, new album, or much info at all, may work to mostly sell out venues in Utah or Idaho, but a “David’s back from his mission concert” (as was promoted in Layton) may not be the way to attract reasonable sized audiences in California or New York.

      • cc halo, really had high hopes that him moving to Nashville was because he was serious about re booting his career. I guess if that’s the direction he wants to go, so be it. I read on Fod that the religious tweet was connected to that EFY conference. So maybe it’s his way of saying follow me and become involved with my church or other wise I don’t care about your business? Hoping that’s not the case.

      • Cchalo, have you listen to the song and if so what did you think of it. As I said before when it hits youtube, I’ll listen.

      • I think its very pretty and of course his voice is just as lovely as ever. The subject matter/lyrics don’t interest me much though.

      • I like this. He sounds good and unhurried, and his voice is not overpowered by the instruments.

        Basically, if you replace “He” with “she” or “he,” we have a secular love song.

      • Thanks cchalo, Hitandrun also posted it on the previous thread. I totally agree a very pretty song and yes, that voice so, so good, dang. Like this way more than Glorious. I know it’s a religious song, but it’s so true what peter said, it could be such a great secular love song, 🙂

      • It is an obviously faith promoting song, but again, understandably why being that EFY is an religious conference.

      • Peter, I like your suggestion to see it as a love song.

        It makes me think of the very talented singers and songwriters that would put out music for the youth conferences of our church when I was very involved as a Sunday School teacher, and for the (different) church I grew up in.

  3. Well apparently David has a new religious in nature song on the EFY (especially for youth) album. From what I understand it’s music that is put together, I guess, every year for some sort of youth conference, I’m assume religious in nature for BYU students, again just guessing from information on FOD. It’s a free download so if anyone is curious you can go to their website and support the program by downloading it. I will listen to it when it come to Ytube. Ok David, lol, when is it going to be OUR TURN, 🙂

    • Yep. I think dis engagement or disconnect sums it up as far as David’s lack of interaction with fans. I just don’t think David can expect fans to support any new music with that attitude. Apparently he does not care. Lol. Watching The Voice. Want Sawyer to win. I think he just might.

  4. Yep, yep, and yep. Couldn’t agree more.

  5. Sawyer Fredericks = Unique.

    Win or lose, he will be successful. Perhaps the first successful artist coming out of The Voice. Heck, he already recorded his first single even before releasing an album?! What he does is pure and real, not gimmicky or fake. The music he chooses to sing complements his voice and Pharrell was smart in letting him stay within the folk-like, soft rock music genre. His performance songs have consistently been in the top 10 Rock Songs list on iTunes so he has a large following already.

    And if he is very religious, he is keeping it private which is as it should be!

    • He is good. Even though he is religious, at least he knows what he wants and is going after it. he wants to be in the competition.

  6. I think it is official now… we don’t matter anymore. So be it.

  7. I am truly amazed by Sawyer. I can listen and watch him sing the same song over and over and get something new from it each time. The comments throughout the 2 hours were inspiring for him. I am completely fascinated by his age and his musical maturity beyond what many musicians might ever have.

    I am looking forward to watching his future. It seems to be a bit of a gift after all the complications of David’s life that are so public. Sawyer is religious and it must be very personal and private to him.

    Three hours tomorrow night!

    SB 🍁

  8. David was not religious in the beginning either or at least it wasn’t obvious.

    that being said I think Sawyer will win The Voice has the most chance to make it out there. as for being popular after the show only time will tell not sure any ex-contestant has made it.

  9. I have to say it is a nice song. His voice seems to fit this type of song well. It doesn’t sound too “churchy” either. I do like it more than Glorious.

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