Church Songs: Proving David Could Go Secular

David’s musical talents are to be relished here. Despite the religious content, this song could be as secular as they come (JMHO):

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  1. Mini rant: not David related. The Duggers, what the heck, here they are spewing about how the LGBT community are a danger to children when all along they had this child molestation history in there own family, ugh!!!

  2. oh boy twitter has been crazy first thing popped into my head was.. Hilary is so going to be our next Prez.

  3. sorry Hillary.. can’t really speak to the issue at hand don’t know all the facts or watch the show or know their beliefs just that from what I saw GOP in deep doo doo.

  4. just another bunch of religious hypocrits… best to keep a close eye on those always spouting their moral or religious values… there’s usually a dark side to all that holy rolling religiosity they’re trying to cover up…child molesters in religious conservative mind get excuses compassion while gays are condemned to burn in hell… this sick family is carrying on like nothing has happened… 2 of his sisters were posing all smiles on instagrammm… duggars are a bunch of sham hypocrits, as are many in the religious right. I hope all their dirt and lies get revealed.

  5. from what I can tell that is what folks are saying.. as for what the two sisters are saying online

    Joy Williams – What a Good Woman Does (Audio)

    my heart goes out to the innocent children involved in all this.

  6. cotton candy

    to answer bliss’s very strange question posed to me earlier: I totally disagree. you don’t get to define that. *drinking a vanilla cappuccino and eating cotton candy oreos* ;O

    • Cotton Candy, what on earth are you referring to?

      Btw, why is that some folks have a need to try to convey indifference when it’s so obvious that they are effected enough to respond about something. Rule of thumb: If you respond to a post, that means it effected you in some way. Posting that you’re whistling, or eating popcorn, or yawning, or, in your case, “drinking a vanilla cappuccino…..” is a lame attempt at trying to convince the person you are effected by that you really don’t care, when it’s obvious that you do.

      Anyway, please enlighten us concerning my “strange” question to you, posed days ago.

  7. I feel sorry for the victims of Josh Duggar and I have some compassion for Josh himself. Growing up in such a repressed family, he has to be sick and confused to have acted out like that and his parents reactions no doubt only served to hurt him more, not help him. From what I have read he got church related “counseling” and in fact one counselor is now serving prison time for child pornography. Not to condone or excuse the behavior, but Josh was a victim too back then and he is a product of his environment. He may not have been totally responsible for his actions at age 13, but he is responsible for his actions as an adult and his hatred of the LGBT world is his responsibility and inexcusable.

    Repressive church doctrine is not healthy. How many cases like this will it take for people to wake up?? I agree, those who speak loudest about their black and white version of morality are often hiding or repressing something.

    • Well said. ITA.

    • The only “compassion” I feel for Josh is that he was brought up the way he was. Many boys have been brought up in the same way. Does that mean all those young boys & young men do the same thing to their sisters or young girls? And what about the victims? Do you really think being sexually violated is forgotten & put on a shelf as if it never happened? Not once, but many times? Compassion for Josh? What a joke!

      Sorry, but using his repressed & strict upbringing as an excuse or to be given a free pass and that all should be forgiven is hogwash.

      Also, isn’t it convenient that all this has come out when the statute of limitations has expired?

      • Maybe because I’m not a Christian is the reason I can’t muster up the compassion for Josh or his parents as well as everyone else who were aware but shielded him.

        These examples of “Good Christians” could also be the reason why Christianity is decreasing worldwide. Too much hypocrisy.

      • As I said, I feel some compassion for the 13 year old Josh, but hold him responsible for his adult actions. I understand completely that others do not have this same feeling and appreciate your opinion also. Sexual abuse is wrong, wrong, wrong.

      • I agree with you Red Robin. I have no compassion for Josh at all. If he had an ounce of compassion for the people he has been working against to try and prohibit them from getting all the rights they are entitled to maybe I could work up a little compassion, but when someone who has done what he did has the nerve to accuse a whole group of people of being child molesters just because they were born gay is reprehensible. To hear him say we have to protect our children from them when it is him we have to protect our children from only makes me feel outright hatred for him. There are very few people I can truly say I hate, but people like him would be some of them. Am I thrilled to see him going through what he is going through today. You bet I am.

    • Anne I agree with your comments. Very well written. I just think the Duggar family is just so hypocritical but I do have some compassion for Josh. Not much but there were major issues on the way he was raised. Good point. How ironic that Josh’s job was as a lobbyist in DC for a Christian organization that was both anti choice for woman and anti gay rights for the LGBT community. He was not even qualified for the job (no college education at all) and considering his past history of molesting others as a Youth- who was he to judge anyone? Repressive church doctrine is not healthy. Another great point. Also I sure hope Hillary wins. I am a big supporter of hers. I think she will. 🙂

      • Yes the Duggar parents are the most responsible for this mess. Their sweeping the abuse under the rug is just unforgivable. I read something more today about how women in their cult, yes cult, are held responsible for molestation because they must have turned the man on by dressing immodestly. Also read where men should not change their female baby’s diapers lest it turn Daddy on. Really?????? OMG, I’m glad I didn’t know much about these Duggars earlier. I would have been sickened just knowing they had a TV show.

        Unless something changes, I will be working for Hillary’s victory as well. My conscience will not allow a “right-wing” robot to win this important office.

      • Hope, if Josh were just a mixed up youth who was raised in a family with problems and he acted out in an inappropriate way but was sorry and realized what he did was wrong and it led him to have compassion for others as an adult, maybe I would have some compassion for him if I was just hearing today what happened. But to have done what he did and basically get it swept under the rug because of who his family is and then to act in such a merciless way towards a whole group of people he’s not going to get an ounce of compassion from me. It’s one thing to make a mistake. It’s another thing to persecute others when you know you have this terrible thing in your past. Hypocrisy at it’s worst.

  8. anne what are you hidding,you speak loud and clear ypuself.. pot calling the kettle black..

    • Ray, are you one of the “good Christians” who thinks Josh Duggar is also a good Christian” who deserves “understanding & compassion”?

      Please tell us you are not one of them??????????

      • I think that children and young teens, whether victim or perpetrator, deserve understanding and compassion especially if they’ve been raised in a difficult environment, regardless of their religion.

      • SisterRaysLover

        Ray’s probably a child toucher or a self loathing repressed gay man. He listens to David Archuleta for one – name me one straight man that listens to and posts on DAVID ARCHULETA websites. Second is his OBVIOUS woman hating comments. Third who cares what he she or it thinks or says. he’s just a plain old garden variety asshole, who can’t spell worth a darn.

    • SisterRayslover, Are you saying that David’s music is unworthy of a straight man’s attention? Who are you and what familiar screen name are you too cowardly to use? I’ve been to many shows where heterosexual couples seemed to be enjoying David’s music equally.

  9. cotton candy

    (re: bliss’s hilarious statement)u don’t remember? priceless! thanks for the best laugh I’ve had all day! I owe u 1$ *drinking a hazelnut cappuccino and eating a bluberry poptart* ;O

  10. cotton candy

    to even further clarify for u bliss, when I say i’m drinking a cappuccino I really am. it’s not a lie w/a hidden agenda to appear to look a certain way. maybe u are use to people lying to u for some reason and for that I am sincerely sorry. 😦

    • Cotton candy, I’m sorry too. I’m sorry I responded to your inane post to begin with.

      • cotton candy

        😉 it had to happen someday, see ya at the assisted living facility. maybe we can play cards or something lol. I think there is ice cream tonight. 😀

  11. red robin, i don,t think josh is a good christians, and don,t think you are eather.,or any of your gohorts,on this site.back in the day they would burn you all at the stake. lol

    • Good to hear, Ray.

      lol! You’re so funny. And you are correct. I’m not a “good Christian”. In fact I’m not a Christian at all.

      That’s what was so special about David. That his voice could appeal even to those like me who do not believe as he does. Weird, eh?

      • Yep- Red Robin I am not a “good Christian” or even a Christian either. Busted. lol. 🙂

  12. cchalo it is isn’t it .. supposedly she wrote it about The Civil Wars breakup

  13. cotton candy

    ray, u can play with us too, lol! 😀

  14. Love this site where we can all come together, with different beliefs, from different walks of life (except of course for several sad strange exceptions).

    • Anne, which “walk of life” do you come from? Based on your hate filled posts to David and anyone you disagree with, I would say that it’s the “intolerant” walk of life.

  15. cotton candy

    I take that back. only nice old rich men allowed. hehe 😉

  16. cotton candy

    wow ray what kind of sicko advocates burning witches in 2015????

  17. cotton candy sma ones who come a fan site for an artist and trash him and his fan, and tem every day , sick old lonel ladies who don,t have a life or real freinds.,maybe i can,t spell, but you are the ASSHOLE here.sister bitch

    • cotton candy

      time for your meds ray, get back into bed! u are the bitch here, everyone knows that. :O

  18. At times, everyone is a hypocrite. At times, everyone is a liar. At times, everyone is judgemental. At times, everyone deserves compassion. Most Christians I know try and then fail to live up to what they believe many times in their life. What the Duggars kid did is wrong – and I actually had no idea he existed before this incident – and no one is saying it is. Messed up kids do messed up things. I agree with what cchalo said.

    A couple of things I need clarity on though from those who aren’t Christian – is this a creed or something that no one who has ever made a mistake can move on from that mistake or is it strict justice for every offense? I only have a Christian point of view to go by, so I don’t know how those of you proclaiming you are not Christian see other mistakes or your own wrong-doing. Also, as many have brought up in responses to this situation, why is Lena Dunham celebrated for doing the exact same thing for a longer period of time with no repercussions or vitriolic hatred directed towards her from the liberal media? Isn’t this also hypocrisy? Let’s be honest. There seems to be a huge double standard.

    I think something wacky is going on with this thread. It entered the Twilight Zone a few posts back.

    • I don’t think I can answer your questions as a Christian or as a non-Christian. I used to be a Christian, but Christianity has gone off the rails so far that last few years that I no longer consider myself one and even if I did I wouldn’t admit it for fear people would think I was one of the crazies too. While I don’t consider myself a Christian I do believe in God and I believe in Jesus as his Son. I will not affiliate myself with any organized religion and have much disdain for all of them. I try to do what feels right to me and I work at but fail most of them time at trying to do what I think God would think is right. I keep working on it though. Do I think people can move on from a mistake? Yes, but if they want others to forgive them and give them compassion they must be willing to give compassion and forgiveness to others. I don’t think an attitude of forgive me please while I condemn others is moving on from a mistake.

      I’m sorry I don’t know anything about Lena Dunham so I can’t address your comments about her.

      • Thanks for your honesty Hitandrun. The only thing is that I am not the one, or you are not the one that has to forgive Duggars, maybe that is the difference in our belief. And we judge others, condemn others and have opinions about others regardless of the mistakes we made or continue to make. His opinion about the gay community is just that – an opinion, as are ours about what people do and say.

    • He was young and yes, the victim are both him and the children he abused. What I find inexcusable is his and his family’s stand on the LGBT community are a danger to children, that where I find the hypocrisy. I don’t know anything about Lena Dunham, but if she/he was also an advocate against the LGBT community because there lifestyle is damaging to children, I would absolutely would see the same hypocrisy.

    • I don’t know who Lena Dunham is or what she did, so I can’t speak for or against her. I do know who Josh Duggar is and what he did because my sister, who happens to be a very devout Christian, told me about the sordid story and of course it’s all over the Internet. My sister just could not believe it, thought there had to be some kind of conspiracy against this great Christian family. She said she would pray for them. I couldn’t bring myself to crush her belief that the Duggars are being targeted by evildoers. My poor delusional sister who I love dearly. I know she prays for my salvation every day.

      What has been made public is that this “messed up kid” was 13 at the time. So are we to believe at 13 years old, because of his repressed & very strict Christian but loving family values, he couldn’t keep his “raging hormones” in check? And are we to believe he had this “problem” where he just couldn’t help himself, and after age 13, miraculously his “problem” disappeared? How convenient. As I said before, there are millions of boys who are brought up in the same situations and don’t resort to violating their own sisters.

      Why is it so hard for Christians to believe people who are not Christians can also have high moral standards, live meaningful lives, are honest, law-abiding citizens, are generous with those less fortunate, have happy homes, are successful in their professions, and are basically like everyone else? When an injustice is perpetrated against the innocent or helpless, we are just as horrified as anyone else. Just because we aren’t Christian does not make us less a human being.

      • From an article on “Understanding Juvenile Sexual Offenders”:

        “A common belief about juvenile sexual offenders is that even after treatment, most will offend again. Hunter (2000), citing the research literature, finds “no compelling evidence to suggest that the majority of juvenile sex offenders are likely to become adult sex offenders. . . . . juveniles who engage in sexual aggression frequently cease such behavior by the time they reach adulthood” (p. 1).

        “….juvenile sex offenders are found in every socioeconomic class and every racial, ethnic, religious, and cultural group.

        Children who sexually abuse are far more likely than the general population to have been physically, sexually, or otherwise abused. Studies indicate that between 40% and 80% of sexually abusive youth have themselves been sexually abused, and that 20% to 50% have been physically abused (CSOM, 1999).

        Some professionals believe a history of victimization is virtually universal among juvenile sex offenders. Experienced therapist Robert Longo writes, “As I think back to the thousands of sex offenders I have interviewed and the hundreds I have treated, I cannot think of many cases in which a patient didn’t have some history of abuse, neglect, family dysfunction, or some form of maltreatment within his or her history” (Longo, 2001).

        According to the Center for Sex Offender Management (1999) the following are other common traits among juvenile sex offenders.

        • Difficulties with impulse control and judgement

        • High rates of learning disabilities and academic dysfunction (30% to 60%)

        • Mental illness: up to 80% have a diagnosable psychiatric disorder”

      • Red Robin, I was only asking about the forgiveness thing, never implied non-Christians were not human beings! I haven’t seen anyone “excusing” his behavior at all, including himself.
        Lena Dunham is a film-maker/ writer who is sort of a liberal-darling now – she made a cameo recently in one of Taylor Swifts videos – who recently wrote a book In which she revealed that she bribed her little sister to allow her to molest her from the time she was 9 until she went to college. She jokes about it, claims it is completely normal, has no remorse. The fact that no one has heard about it or that no one in the media made a fuss about it proves my point exactly about the double standard in our country now.

      • Lissa, Actually there has been plenty of child molestation cases that have gotten big media attention through the years that don’t involve religion. The things that make the Duggers case such big news is first, a huge tv show that is about Christian values and they have voiced that LGBT is such a dangerous lifestyle to expose to children. I don’t see the double standard, it’s because of what they represent that makes it such big news.

  19. cotton candy

    anytime ray and bliss are here together we step into the twilight zone! I think they might brothers who live together or in nursing home together and are still allowed to use laptops. let’s see if they are still here after 9pm(lights out time/nightmeds).

  20. u are the one putting labels on people, not me. so look in the mirror doc. whatever u charge, it’s too much!

  21. actions speak louder then words.

    David is in Utah saw a pic but couldn’t post it he looks good.

  22. re: Lissa @9:20…

    Some folks seem to imagine that God’s forgiveness equals a complete pass on any and all behavior. Empathy? Apparently unimportant once God has forgiven you. Atonement? Apparently not necessary since you are actually now in a “closer” relationship with God. Folks like these Duggars and others who use religion to try to absolve themselves of their accountability in what is undeniably unforgivable behavior cuts to the core of the hypocrisy in their conservative Christian message. I read the redacted police reports on another website. All 33 pages of them. The police interviews of the victims are extremely disturbing, and apparently they were filmed as the reports note that DVDs are available. You get the feeling from these reports that the girls have been coached in what to say and are sticking to a script provided by their parents.

    My heart breaks for the girls he molested. Not only were they victimized by their brother, but they were victimized again by their own parents who clearly put their family image and profit-making potential ahead of their emotional well being. The fact that the parents allegedly withheld the information from law enforcement until they were sure Josh couldn’t be prosecuted speaks VOLUMES about how disgusting they are. All the while, Josh was given access to his victims. And the abuse continued to happen. And the entire family was commanded not to breathe a word of it to anyone. Those girls have been held captive in that house to protect their brother.

    • Thank you Beauxcefus. You have stated it perfectly.

    • This is clearly a messed up family. Fact: families in which there is abuse of any kind happening do everything in their power to cover it up and appear normal. It’s textbook. I’m surprised they agreed to a reality TV show.

      I don’t quite understand your first statements though – do what you want, it doesn’t matter because God will forgive you seems more of a liberal point of view. I’m looking at it from more of a ” he who is without sin cast the first stone” perspective. And if he was molested himself, well, that is exactly the kind of situation where Christ’s atonement comes into play.

      • Hi Lissa,

        The first statements were posed quasi rhetorically with more than a hint of snark for emphasis. It’s been my experience that those identifying as conservative christians tend to give those with their same values and worldview more of the benefit of the doubt when doling out the more merciful, forgiving and compassionate qualities associated with their version of Christ and Christianity. Everyone else tends to be damned to eternal hellfire or worse. IMO it doesn’t get any lower than a child abuser, molester or rapist – especially those who perpetrate these atrocities upon their own family members. Let “God” forgive these monsters, I honestly have a hard time doing so.

      • Children who molest other children are overwhelmingly likely to have been molested themselves, have learning disabilities, mental disorders, and many other factors. I would reserve the term monster for someone with power, knowledge, self-control who chooses to abuse and harm others. For instance, an “all-powerful”, “all-loving” being who kills thousands in earthquakes, millions in floods, thousands every day through starvation, cancer, etc.

      • Cchalo, that’s just something that I can’t wrap my head around. As my dear mother would say, it’s God’s will and it’s not for us to question, loved my mother and respected her deep faith, but just can’t feel the same.

      • God as monster. Interesting concept.

      • Lissa, the thing for me is more questioning than accepting and knowing that if he can’t prevent tragedies for occurring as an all loving and compassionate higher being, so all the rules and so called human that have been in contact with this higher being doesn’t make sense to me either. I chose to have an independent idea of the higher spirit/conscience to have as a guide for me as a human being.

  23. I too believe in God and admire the life and teachings of his son, Jesus Christ. I too have absolutely no use for institutional churches, and especially not cults. One of the kindest, most compassionate women I know identifies as atheist. I do not believe one needs a belief in a higher power to be a good person, just as identifying oneself as Christan or as a member of an established faith makes one a good person.

    It’s the lying, covering up, hatred of anyone who does not believe as they believe, and on and on, that I find disgusting about the extremely conservative religious right. What are they so afraid of?

    Wiccan beliefs are quite peaceful and nature orientated with no central hierarchy. Just throwing that out there.

  24. I’m sorry but where is child protective services in all of this? Even if no criminal charges have been filed, how do we know that those kids are safe? These kinds of stories are so awful on every level.

    a. one who deviates from normal or acceptable behavior or character,
    b. something monstrous; especially a person of unnatural or extreme ugliness, deformity, wickedness, or cruelty
    c. a person who does very cruel and evil acts.

    Shoe fits perfectly for the Duggars, Lena Durham and anyone or thing who enables or covers up for those who touch, molest, abuse or rape innocent children.

    • IMO, it’s cruel and evil to demonize children. I’ve got no love for the Duggars and their religion and practices which seem harmful on so many levels, not the least to their own children, but it’s important to distinguish between the actions of a child, who statistically, is very unlikely to offend as an adult, and the adults who likely got themselves into an impossible, out-of-control situation due to religious zealotry.

  26. Josh Duggar was 15 years old when he molested and raped his sisters. 15 years old is old enough to know wrong from right. They have tried 15 year olds in this country as adults for other major crimes. Those seeking treatment and committing to active counseling and treatment stand a good chance of not reoffending. The Duggars were having none of THAT. They tried to cover up his crime by having him talk to a friend in law enforcement who was later incarcerated for possessing child pornography. You can’t make this stuff up, it’s so sick and twisted. Makes you wonder how deep these child molesting/child pornography/law enforcement coverups go in that town and community.

    • IMO, it’s wrong to try a 15 year old as an adult. Young brains aren’t fully developed. My children are completely different as twenty-somethings than they were at 15.

      • Josh should have gone into a specialized treatment program for sex offenders for 12 to 18 months as a Juvenile Offender under the supervision of the local family court. That the Duggars decided to handle this on their own with their church was ridiculous. I agree with you Beauxcefus that it was crazy that law enforcement did not contact CPS and that cop was later arrested for having child pornography . How odd is that?? Lots of “secrets” in that Duggar family.

  27. Obviously there will be differences of opinions regarding the culpability of Josh and the role his parents & others played in protecting him. So now what? Their reality show is over & he resigned his position. Karma is a bitch.

    There’s always a chance he will write a tell-all book or by one of the sisters he molested. Isn’t that always the way the “real truth” comes out?

    • That is a cool video kimak. I like it. I was in Macy’s yesterday shopping and heard David’s SBL playing. It was good to hear him and I liked that pop song. I will never understand why he wanted to push that Elevator song over SBL. Probably cause he wrote elevator but I just never liked it that much. Oh well. That was a long time ago. Happy Memorial Day. I would think David would sent out a tweet but who knows. It is not a religious holiday. Lol.

    • Great video and appropriate for today, thank you Kim.
      A special day to honor all that gave their lives and soldiers that are currently serving so that we can enjoy the freedoms that this great country of our has., Happy Memorial Day!

  28. loved David’s Z100 Elevator

  29. was a cool video loved the interaction with the graphics
    he is good was entertaining also love how they seem to treat these artists like they do soccer

  30. The day has just begun. This is a special day to remember all those in the military who fought & died in wars, some justified and some not. Also to remember all our loved ones who have passed. Hope everyone has a good day in remembrance of the happy times spent with those loved ones.

    Yes, not a “religious” holiday, but I’m betting David will tweet something in remembrance as well. I don’t think he’s “changed” that much. We’ll see.

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