Daily Archives: May 4, 2015

Liking David vs. Liking David’s Music

So, more than half of those who voted in yesterday’s poll on Soul Davidian voted for “Another Song” that they would love to hear David sing again.  My own “other song” would have to be “And So It Goes” (see above) because I have yet to hear the Voice rock my soul and haunt my days in the way he did on that performance.

To be honest, I really had to think of some great standout songs from David. “Imagine” was too obvious a choice, so I went with others that have really defined him for the Archangels fanbase. I think this says a lot more about the musical output than it really says about David creating  a signature sound or musical identity for himself.

Consider: very few of his fans voted to hear David sing “Crush” again, and that was his biggest hit. I think we can all appreciate “Crush” as the prerequisite pop song that Jive could make bankable cash on from a popular singer fresh off a popular TV show at the time.

But, in all seriousness: what real artistic development have we seen from David? Everything he’s been able to establish for himself came from live performances, where his Voice could be witnessed by those who were fortunate to hear him.

It’s why I could always write from a context of anticipation. I always anticipated the greatness of David, which emanated from the potential of the Voice, a greatness that I always felt was diminished or held back. Yes, held back.

His greatness was held back by a pop-confectioner label like Jive, then held back by Idol’s 19E management that didn’t want its runner-up outshining that year’s winner, then held back by personal management that seemed to burn more bridges than build them in the music industry (if we want to believe various behind-the-scene rumors involving stage dads and the like), and finally, and perhaps most importantly, held back by David himself (limiting his artistic vision for religious fervor or for his own personal hang-ups).

In other words, David’s fans have always been hungrier, more passionate about David grasping the brass ring than David himself seemed. We know his potential to transcend the heights, but in the end, an artist must have that dream for himself. I love me some David Archuleta and will always be in awe of his transcendent Voice, but I’ve always believed his artistry was greater than the musical output. I’m not the only fan who has felt this way about his original songs and albums. Such criticism isn’t indicative of a “bad fan” but a genuine fan who knows what her idol is capable of and still awaiting his greatness to shine and be witnessed by the masses.