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Yeah, I’m indulging because, it’s a slow news day, and because now that Idol is on its way out, I think this will begin all the behind-the-scenes talk about what was really going on behind the curtain. 🙂

So, I’m not at all surprised Mariah Carey found her experience “judging” contestants to be “boring and fake.”

But who I really want to hear from are the Idol contestants.  Has their gag order expired yet? Not that I would ever expect our beloved David to ever spill the beans or say something negative.

(Not that he’s not capable of throwing shade, however. That he can most certainly do!)

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  1. great Kelly song.. David could use one of those power ballads if that is what you call it.

  2. Aw, Pastel. 😦

  3. Life goes on.

    Good or bad, sometimes it’s a relief to express how you feel. This forum allows that and it’s not for everyone, but at this particular time in David’s fan base, it’s sorely needed.

    Have a great day!

    • I tend to agree. It has gotten a lot off of my chest. I used to just sit back and read. But after the blogs, I couldn’t hold it back any longer. It always makes me feel better to just get it out. Its also nice to know that you are not the only one who feels the same as you.

    • Very well said Red Robin !

      I think this site should even be recognized as beneficial to Public Health ! ( French humor , sorry… I return in silence …)

  4. oh crap, just saw that FOD got shut down again. thanks alot Bliss 😦 JK! it’s actually not your fault (this time) hahaha 😀

  5. ha no it is mine!!

  6. I must say that I’m a little surprised that it was shut down. I didn’t see anything on there that in my opinion should cause that to happen. Hope it’s up and running soon.

  7. Wow, went back to read what was said over at FOD to cause the mods to close comments. From what I read, it was a fan reprimanding them. I sure can understand there frustration when they put so much work into big posts (not easy with such little career activity from David) so that fans can stay engaged. Btw, Kim, not you that caused the shutdown, imo. I know that they’ll be up and running again and things will get back to normal.
    This site is different and not for everyone, but I’m so glad that Hg has given a place where fans can express their frustrations and as Red Robin said, sorely needed for certain fans is also my opinion.
    lugdunum, keep commenting, don’t go silent. 🙂
    This site is where I call, home, for lack of a better word, but I do respect all the Mods for all of David’s sites for giving different fans a place for them to call a site home also, lol, if that makes any sense. David has a wide diverse group of fans (granted getting smaller, I mean the diverse kind of fan) so it stand to reason that he would have a sites that would reflex those groups.

  8. I didn’t mean to say I didn’t see anything questionable….just that I didn’t see anything that should cause the site to be shut down. It’s just people’s opinions. And it’s not my website…so what do I know. Actually, even though some things said on fan sites can feel uncomfortable to me at times, I wouldn’t want to censor anyone.

    • Mango, yes, I too didn’t see anything questionable for it to be shut down, even that comment from one fan toward the mods, but I still believe that it was out of frustration in the part of the mods. I completely agree, wouldn’t want to sensor anyone, but in the end, it’s their blog to do with what they want.

  9. I didn’t see anything either that should cause the site to shut down. Pastel was admittedly feeling a little thin-skinned. I’m grateful that HG is pretty thick-skinned. If she wasn’t this site would be shut down permanently as badly as Bliss speaks of her. The only think that caused it to shut down that one time was when one troll threatened her job which was totally reprehensible. Thank you so much HG for your patience and tolerance.

    • Hit and Run, actually it’s amazing that HG hasn’t shut down the site, as badly as YOU and Anne’s bevy of “lovely ladies” have spoken about David. I guess David doesn’t qualify for respectful reference here for some unconscionable reason.

      • bliss, this comment deserves a, rofl. hum have a very short memory again, look knows calling the kettle black.

      • oops should be: look who’s calling

      • CQ, I was referring to the way David is spoken of. You remember David, don’t you? He’s that nice looking kid from Utah with the great voice and the heart of gold. No one here ever “fesses up” to how they talk about David. All anyone cares about is how THEY are spoken to. It’s very consistent with the culture of entitlement that pervades this site.

      • Bliss, lol, that kid is gone. I know that you are very happy with the man that kid has become and really, he’s still a great guy to me, but the mystery is very real to me as to what direction he will be going with his music and the man is a mystery to me too. Very curious as to what type of music he will release this year and of course how. So even though you say that everyone here do nothing but trash David, imo, with a few exceptions, no way is that happening as a blanket statement.

      • CQ, I believe you have come down with a case of “selective tunnel vision”. You see what you want to see and pretend what is right in front of you doesn’t exist. It’s all good. Yes, David is no longer a kid, and like all adults, he is forging his own future. He’ll have his ups and downs like everybody else, but it will be his life. Unsolicited advise like the kind he receives here 24/7 will have no effect on him, so we will be seeing the authentic David. That’s the David I look forward to, no matter who he turns to be.

      • The hills are alive

        In order to give someone advice, unsolicited or otherwise, you would first need to establish contact with that person. Comments on the Internet that the person never sees are not advice.

  10. I love FOD and the mods there don’t really blame myself except that I may be a bit too spicy for them ha I am a mutt fan!

    • Kim, rofl, mutt fan. I know that FOD is your ‘home’ but I’m glad you wonder every once in a while and post here, 🙂

    • “A mutt fan”? lol. That took me a minute..I must be one, too. I wish there more than 2 sites left, though. Not enough options for me sometimes…

      • lol,, vj yes that could describe a few of the fans. Actually there is four sites that I visit that are still active, granted, not very active. Besides us and FOD, there’s The Voice and Snowangelz. The voice has real nice fans and pretty much has the same vibe as FOD and Snowangelz, is a riot, love her sense of humor. Maybe there’s more, but these four are the only ones that I know of.

  11. cotton candy

    for real i’m drinking a choc glazed donut(k-cup) coffee, eating one cotton candy oreo and one smore oreo. I think it’s fun to go back and forth between here and FOD. 😀 maybe some people can’t handle it.

  12. cotton candy

    and by some people I am referring to _____ and ___ .

  13. cotton candy

    JK! LOLOL sorry, just in a weird mood today. 🙂

  14. I, too, like to read both fan sites. I love them both for different reasons.

  15. I really feel bad that FOD is closed.

  16. Hey bliss, nice write up about FOD, even if you threw all other sites under the bus. I know how special you feel FOD is (btw, I think it’s a real good site too), so why don’t you comment on that site on the wonder of David. Ok, I know why you comment here and you have said many times, but they also need you there for different reason to keep the love going for all things David being that’s the one true, good and pure site.

    • I give any David site and fans much credit for trying to keep the conversation going on David’s career. I don’t have much of an interest in his career right now but I am amazed at those that are able to hang in there. I only go to this site as other topics here interest me but I give the folks behind FOD and hg here at SD much credit for their loyalty and really tenacity to David and his career. 🙂 Of course there are a few bad apples that post. lol. I just wonder if David appreciates the support or is even aware of it at this point? I have my answer to that question.

  17. Glad to see FOD up & running again for the fans who post there regularly. Not surprised Pastel felt the site needed a “time out” for a few hours.

    Just like this site fulfills a need some fans have to voice the frustrations they are feeling about the last 3 years as a fan of David, FOD also fills a need other fans have to commiserate with like-minded fans, most of whom feel differently than the posters here on SD. It’s really all about the camaraderie on both sites.

    Maybe in the future the commenters who start to feel some frustration, angst, or are just questioning & feeling like they are in the “twilight zone” regarding David, this site is where they can have a voice without fear of reprisals.

    The fans there & the fans here may see the last 3 years through different eyes, but we are all still here. That has to mean something.

  18. Thanks, cq. Maybe I’ll try one of the others some time…:)

  19. cotton candy

    yeah the ironic thing may be that david does not care one iota about anything we are saying and we are all so consumed and concerned with all of this for no reason.

  20. There are 4 sites, SD, FOD, The Voice, TDC, & Snow Angelz. They all fill a “need” for the fans still here.

    Remembering after AI, David’s fans created several fan sites which I think was kind of a phenomenon. Who ever heard of celebrities having such loyal fans who were committed in their promotion by creating so many fan sites & blogs in their name as some of David’s fans did? Those were some exciting times as we were so sure we were witnessing a rising star in the making and we were a part of it. Even if some fans weren’t fortunate to see David in person, the fan sites were the next best thing as they all posted anything & everything about David 24/7.

    Speaking for myself, it’s hard to think I was wrong thinking all that time David wanted to be a “star” as much as I wanted it for him.

    Good night all.

    • Ha! can’t count…that’s 5 sites, although TDC’s is very quiet but still JR keeps on trucking and loving David. Now that is loyalty!

      I have to add there have been days when FOD is like a ghost town and along comes Kimak who all by her lonesome brings it back to life posting tweets, links, and trivia about David or whatever. So there. Just sayin’ I like her spunk too.

      G’nite now…

  21. true, without the “spunky posters” I think the David websites would have closed long ago. it’s always more interesting when there is some kind of drama going on, whether it’s caused by David or a fan(s). 🙂

  22. Billboard just put up an article on twitter about Twenty One Pilots really cool band #1 CD this month can’t post the link but I thought this part was interesting.

    “There’s so many people who have never heard of us, but I think what we’ve learned is you can’t underestimate the power of a core fan base and people who believe what you’re doing. I think they’re the ultimate marketers. They’re the ones promoting us. It doesn’t matter what we post about ourselves on social networks or how many times we play live TV, even. It’s all about those people, those fans who are telling other people about us. I think that’s what we’re seeing more than anything.”

    • kimak, thanks for bringing that over. Yes fans are very important. I do hope that David’s fans share his new music far and wide and he has success. I have never wished him anything bad even at my most frustrated moments.

      Not sure how much the fans alone can do though. I remember back in the day all the requesting to radio stations, twitter campaigns etc and frankly it did nothing. If artists put themselves out there, and then fans catch on and tell others, yes that can create a groundswell, I would think. Like when a video goes viral. But if the artist isn’t the genesis of it all, does it work?

      • Anne, glad to see your comment, 🙂
        Read something by a long time fan of David’s that sums a lot of what is going on right now on fan sites….passion begets passion…never doubted it for the moment that you didn’t want the best for David.

      • thanks cq, much appreciated

  23. fan sites.. my fav was Snarkys!!

  24. Kim, thank you for bringing that article here. Very good band and I see a real bright future for them. Really liked the video you posted on FOD, great song! Glad they recognize the importance of fans. Social media technology being available to everyone, not just to professionals, makes it even more important to stay connected with your fans. First and foremost, you have to have music that is relatable and if you are good, the fan promotion will be a great asset, imo. actually free valuable promotion.
    lol, I agree with you about Snarkys, what a fun site.

  25. I was reading an article about this generation’s attitude towards the family which can reflect greatly into their future and other relationships. They tend to leave behind what they can not tolerate and the respect for the family has changed dramatically. Interesting and disappointing.

    “Oscar Wilde once warned that children begin their lives loving their ­parents, then grow up to judge them. If so, surely there is no harsher judgment of a ­parent than to be deliberately cut out of a child’s life for ever”.

    Oscar Wilde lived in the late 1800’s but it seems he just wrote that.

    SB 🍁

  26. Sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming 🙂 but Jennifer Hudson has teamed up with the Human Rights Campaign:

    • Thanks Peter.

      While I agree that children should respect parents for the most part, and many children are sadly lacking in that area “these days”, some parents do not deserve respect, just my opinion. I do not think blood is thicker than water in all cases.

    • Thanks for posting the video,peter. I liked the interruption. Lol. Loved snarky’s. Such an entertaining site. Still miss it.

  27. Aw peter and appreciate song to follow Sandybeaches9 comment. Totally understand that children need to respect their parents, but (as a parent) I can say that it’s a two way street.
    Bravo for Jennifer.

  28. Anne maybe the reason it is working for them is because they have what the kids want? meaning folks online etc are talking about them how good they are and it is snowballing of sorts? how many times have we seen a ton of appearances and PR for an artist and nothing still happens.
    I remember when Adele’s 21 broke twitter was on fire for her.
    maybe it goes hand in hand a good product plus the people to spread the word.

    • Yes, good combination: good product plus the people to spread the word.

    • Great point kimak. It probably has to do with hard work by fans and the artist, good product, and maybe even luck. Seems so many great artists languish in obscurity and then some “not so great” artists get lucky and catch on. We would all be rich here if we could figure out the key to popularity LOL

  29. Does anyone here remember Snarky Archies and potato-gate? I guess one of the Snarkies threw a potato at David when he was onstage and it created a bit of an uproar that David could have been hurt, if I remember correctly. I can’t remember why they threw a potato at him though…………………………

  30. It is about 3 1/2 years since I saw many of you whether it was in Utah or on the east coast maybe for some even Gilbert Arizona. What is the real reason that some of us still communicate or what are we hoping for?

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