Happy Memorial Day

Roll out those crazy hazy lazy days of summer! 🙂

Throwback to the past:

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  1. Aw, Crush video, cool song, cool video!

  2. “crush” makes me smile. the “goin’ away” at 3:08 always made me sad; maybe because the song is coming to an end. 🙂

  3. Miss those times. 😦

    • Yes I agree that I miss those days. Crush was the perfect pop song for David at the perfect time-just coming off of AI in 2008. Wow. Now 7 years ago. I guess Crush really will be David’s one and only hit pop single. Oh well. At least he had one. 🙂

  4. Lol, yeah fun times. I’m happy that I found fan sites, especially this one during all the fun times. I know that pre mission fun is over and heck who knows what we have in the future, hoping that fans can have some fun again, right now not so much, lol. The only thing that makes that past a little tainted for me is the fact that apparently he wasn’t happy, dang, fooled a lot of us.
    Hum, listening to Crush gets me thinking after the romance tweet only for marriage from David (out of context of course) wonder if he feels now that was a bad message song. Having a romantic crush and not thinking it would be leading to marriage is wrong?!?! Right now the new David is totally confusing me, lol.

    • Ha. I agree with your first paragraph. Fun times. But you may be over-thinking the “Crush” thing. He gave many interviews at the time saying that he’s never had a crush, but that’s nothing at all to do with his religious values, IMO, it’s just his own personality. Mormons date and have crushes like anyone else. As a matter of fact, there’s a BYU acronym–NCMO–which means “non-committal make-out” session. Ha ha.

      Don’t know if this has ever been posted, but David is #13 and NCMO is #14.


      • Hahahaha, you are so right cc, I do tend to over think. That NCMO, is hilarious.

      • David did send out a memorial day tweet. I was wrong. I thought he would not. lol.- @DavidArchie · 7m 7 minutes ago
        Remembering those who have served both for the country and in my family to bless me with what I have today. Thank you! #MemorialDay

      • CChalo, for someone who says that she has no use for the LDS Church and it’s teachings , you seem to spend a lot of your time researching,and then posting on this site, all sorts of information and links about the lives of LDS members, and those of returned Missionaries, all of which is of an unflattering nature. One could easily conclude that you are on some sort of crusade to discredit the Mormon Church. I wonder what personal reason you have for doing so, since the extent of it is way too extreme to be mere curiosity about the lives of people you have stated you have no use for.

        Of course we’ll never know, since that would require some personal accountability, which is never offered by anyone who bashes David and his religion on this site. It’s always “David’s fault” or “LDS’ fault” around here.

      • It’s humor by a Mormon, not unflattering, rme.

      • You always seem to “find” articles that put the LDS Church in a negative light. You’ve brought over many articles , written by Mormons or ex-Mormons that reinforce your negative attitude about them. You especially like the articles written by Mormons themselves, which you feel gives your hostile attitudes towards LDS more “credibility”. You present it as “interesting” but it’s really just garden variety bashing. When you start bringing over articles that paint the LDS Church in a positive light (and there are many), you can start calling yourself a person who “is interested” in LDS matters, pro and con.. Until then, you are merely someone who posts negative and demeaning articles about LDS because you despise everything about them and wants anyone who comes here to know it.

  5. I think I’m grumpy because I just came over from my Facebook where several military friends pointed out that today is not for those who have served, it is for those who have DIED in the service of the USA. For us, perhaps, a subtle distinction but for the men and women who have served beside their now fallen brethren, it is very important.

    *moment of silence*

    And I noticed that David seems to have made it about him and his faith. Maybe not, but the sentence structure seems to me to be referring not just to those who have served in the military but also those who have served missions. Thoughts?

    • Because my comment is not consecutive to Hope’s, I’ll copy D’s tweet here:

      @DavidArchie · 7m 7 minutes ago
      Remembering those who have served both for the country and in my family to bless me with what I have today. Thank you! #MemorialDay

      • I could see that David’s tweet could be seen that way. I thought he could have left out the bless me and my family part. Lol. It is about Memorial Day but whatever. I don’t know why he never shares any “fun” tweets anymore. Not today but other days. Oh well.

      • Actually didn’t David have some cousins or other relatives that have served in the military? I think Memorial Day is to remember all that have served the country in the military but that is just me.

    • missbianca, I think the tweet is worded awkwardly but I do think it was meant for all and he just personalized it as that was important to him that he point out his family who has served.

      My understanding is Memorial Day is to honor our war dead and Veteran’s Day is to honor those who served and are lucky enough to have come home alive.]

      I truly think that kind well-wishes for all who have served are received with gratitude by our living veterans and the families of our dead veterans on either of these holidays.

    • Did my fair share of over thinking for today, lol, just happy that he did tweet something about Memorial Day.
      For me, yes, Memorial Day is first and foremost honoring those who have died in the service of the USA, but it’s also an opportunity to also thank those who served and are currently serving, but I understand their sensitivity.

    • Yeah, it’s hard to understand, but I don’t think it’s meant to refer to his church either.

  6. IMO, he was thanking those in his family that have served their country. It never crossed my mind that his tweet had anything to do with “serving a church mission”. We celebrated with family today and said a prayer for those who served for our freedoms. #Memorial Day

  7. I agree with you angelofdja, he is referring to his family members that have served our country, not his church.

  8. David is just being David. Never know what to think.

  9. How anyone could find the slightest fault with David’s tweet is beyond me. This is why David doesn’t tweet any “fun” tweets (an adult actually posted that here today). Everything he tweets is dissected until it mutates into something that was never intended and becomes something that fits into someone else’s agenda. There was nothing “awkward” in David’s tweet. It was just like thousands of other tweets today. Had David not tweeted today, he would have been scolded for not remembering the significance of the day, and whatever else someone here could make up to denigrate him.

    David is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t on this site. No wonder he’s flown the coop when it comes to fan interaction. Just read what is written about him here. He’d be nuts not to shut down fan communication.

    • Bliss I agree with the first paragraph of your comment, I just took it as a comment honouring those who served in the military, including his family members.

  10. I believe David’s paternal great-grandfather was a veteran. A photo of him was posted on FOD as I recall. David resembled him. Personally, contrary to most fans opinion, I’ve always thought David got his good looks from his paternal side of his family, except for his dark hair. And of course he inherited his talent from both sides. His paternal grandmother was, I understand, beautiful & very talented as well. Just sayin’.

    His cousin Willie, as we all know, is a young veteran too. So David does have at least two relatives who served in the military.

    Hope everyone had a great day.

    • I remember that picture of David’s paternal great–grandfather, very handsome man and I agree with you David resembles him, imo.

  11. It would have been nice if David had tweeted his greeting this morning instead of at the end of the day. Makes me think “someone” had to “remind” him of today’s significance.

    But hey, better late than never. 😉

    I believe David would just as soon never have to engage via social media at all for any reason.

    Good night all!

  12. david hasn’t “changed”. he just finally has the confidence and determination to be himself and live his life on his own terms. I admire him greatly for that because I know how difficult it is, being a people pleaser myself.

  13. Hum, I guess if he doesn’t want to engage via social media, he doesn’t have to post a single thing about his personal beliefs or his personal life and really he can hire someone to post stuff for his career, which, imo, is important now a days for any kind of singing career, big, local, small, or even if it’s for a specific group.

    • David tweets what he wants, when he wants. He doesn’t tweet with his “career” in mind. The evidence is clear. Even without communicating with his pre- Mission, fan site posting fans, who proudly declare to whoever will listen, that they “made” his career, and he “needs” them now, David is already selling out venues within days of announcing the concert.

      Go to any show. 95+% of those in attendance do not post on fan sites , and have never even heard of FOD, not to mention this little gem of a site. David knows exactly what he is doing, and ignoring the “advise” of fans who “know” what he’s doing wrong and what he should be doing to correct it, is high on that list.

      • I would agree with you bliss because there is just a handful of fans that still post on fansites. However, as far as fans that post, actually from what I read, only a very few, me included, haven’t gone to any shows and again from what I read, there is fans that post that are going to his upcoming concerts. As far as engaging with his fans, I also agree with you he posts what he wants and his career seems to not be important to him at the time to ever post anything, but he hired someone to do those tweets and imo, those are the only important ones for his career.

  14. I do agree. if he’s not interested in engaging with his fans then his career will be limited.

    • If he showed any less interest in engaging with fans his engagement would be non-existent already. It’s just about as non-existent as it can get without being zero. It puzzles me when some fans refuse to acknowledge that David has no interest at all in keeping his fans engaged in his career.

      • Its pretty obvious to me.

      • Hit and Run, you’ re right. Right now, David is taking no action in keeping fans engaged in his career. However, fans are, in fact, doing it on their own. This site is a perfect example of that. You post regularly here, which means that you are engaged in David’s career, so his lack of communication isn’t keeping you away. You’re not the only one. Just look at all the “regulars” here. They may be complaining and blaming David and LDS, but here they are, posting their little hearts out, day in and day out. They may post to each other how that they “really don’t care” and posting is just a “hobby”, but no one who comes here is fooled by that. They post because they care about David and his career, and no lack of communication from David is slowing that down one iota.

      • Yep. I agree that it could not be more obvious that there is just no interest.

      • Bliss, this is how much interest I have in David’s career. I don’t care if he ever releases new music because I fully expect that I will not like even one song on his cd. I haven’t liked anything musically that he has done since he returned from his mission. I very likely will not buy the album. The last album, which I can’t even remember the name of, that he released while on his mission I bought one copy of but I have never even opened it because I didn’t like anything that was on it. If he came to my city to do a concert I likely would not even go to see him live. I visit David’s fan sites only for the purpose of seeing how fast David can wreck his once promising career. I am curious to see how long even the most devoted fans will hang on in the face of David’s total lack of interest in trying to hold onto what fans he has left. I guess you could say I like to watch train wrecks. I’m not even sure that if David once again became an active participant in his career by promoting it with his fans that I would once again become a fan because I just have a total lack of interest in his music. I do enjoy the people who comment here with a couple of exceptions, and I enjoy participating in the discussions when it’s something I find interesting. If this site ever closes down I doubt that I would pursue David’s shrinking career at all to find out what he was up to.

    • I wonder how many tickets David would sell if he was not the famous Returned Missionary who has continued to do high profile work for his church? Where were all these LDS fans prior to his mission? Yes he sold tickets well in SLC but I remember back then thinking why don’t the LDS support him more and buy his CD’s, the last ones not selling well at all.

      If David continues his career as he has, but the glow of church work wears off a bit, will he continue to sell out in Utah in a couple years? Just overthinking LOL

      • I think the venues he has been selling out at are pretty small. Maybe holding from 500 to 1000 people. That might sound impressive when it comes to selling out a venue. but selling 500 to 1000 cds won’t take you very far. A lot of the same fans are going to those concerts so it’s not a completely different 500 to 1000 people at each one. If you figure in addition to those approx 1000 fans there are another 1000 who might attend a concert if it were closer to them, you can estimate maybe 2000 people who will buy his cd. If you want to be generous, maybe 3000 people. That’s still not enough to support a music career. In another 2 years you can probably cut that in half if he continues to show indifference towards his fans. I think he better go back to school.

      • Hit and Run, you definitely live in an alternative universe. Fortunately, you have a number of others who took the same detour, and thanks to HG, you have a place to come to moan and groan over David with others who feel the same. It’s too bad that the bunch of you don’t use this opportunity to gain some understanding about your feelings of hurt and anger instead of just venting and bloviating every day like spoiled schoolgirls. I am yet to read one post from any of you that addresses why you feel so betrayed and rejected by David that includes any personal responsibility.

  15. Well, imo, bliss, it’s your “hobby” to continually come to this site to complain about the poster, motives, disrespectful behavior and just complain, complain, complain. So we all have our hobbies, 🙂

    • CQ, here is the Wikipedia definition of “false equivalent”, which is what you just posted:

      “The following statements are examples of false equivalence:
      “They’re both soft, cuddly pets. There’s no difference between a cat and a dog.”
      “We’re all born naked. We’re all no different from each other.”

      “False equivalence is occasionally claimed in politics, where one political party will accuse their opponents of having performed equally wrong actions.”

      You can’t negate what you do by claiming I do the same or “similar” thing. Whatever I do has nothing to do with what you do.

      • Oh, bliss, I forget, yes, I’m the bad fan and you are the good fan..ok, so I’m the only one that follows David’s career as a hobby, but what you do is totally different, duh, I get now, thank you for that wonderful lesson, you are brilliant!

      • CQ, why are you so defensive about your feelings for David? We all care about him or we wouldn’t be here. He’s worth it. He’s a fantastic singer and a wonderful person. He’s an adult now and like all adults, he wants some privacy. He can’t be expected to relate to his fans like he did when he was a kid. He’s radically different , as he should be from age 17-24. We have to adjust to him, not the other way around.

  16. I was reading about inspirations for famous songs and I found this one interesting about Hey Jude, thought I’d share:

    The Beatles, ‘Hey Jude’

    Sir Paul wrote this classic for bandmate John Lennon’s son in 1968. At the time, Lennon was in the midst of a nasty split with wife Cynthia Powell, and 5-year-old Julian was having a hard time coping. Enter McCartney with these words of wisdom: “And any time you feel the pain, hey, Jude, refrain / Don’t carry the world upon your shoulders / Well, don’t you know that it’s a fool who plays it cool / By making his world a little colder.” —XFINITY Entertainment Staff (Photo by Central Press/Hulton Archives/Getty Images)

  17. missbianca,, just wanted t say it was nice to see you post here and hope you are not discouraged by any negative comments. I did not want to seem argumentative towards you and hope you will post more. This place can get argumentative and when I reread my comment, didn’t mean to come across upset by your post. Anne

  18. If I remember correctly David and his father shopped around demos to record companies before he ever went on American Idol. I think the record companies said they didn’t know what to do with a young white soul singer from Utah. I genuinely believe that David thought the whole American Idol thing was an experience he could learn from.I think his plan was to finish school, go on his mission, go to college and work on his music. He did say that he thought he would be in his twenties before anything happened for him. Now the question is where does he go from here? Is he going to release his music independently? is he going to go to record labels with his music and seek a deal? If he goes the independent route, I would think that would take a lot of self promotion. A record label would promote his music, Only David can make these decisions and it will be up to fans whether they like his music enough to buy it or will give it a pass. I personally don’t feel that this record will be a make or break deal. He still has lots of time to release music that will resonate with a wider audience. Or maybe he will always be a singer who has a certain set of diehard fans. There is nothing wrong with that either. Having said that, I would love for the music he releases to catch on like wildfire. I think his talent deserves it. Then again nobody ever said you needed talent to make it in the entertainment industry. Sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the time.

    • Yep, blingy, he was in the right place at the right time, but wasn’t the right timing for David. As Anne point out, he does want to put out his music to the masses, so therefor, yes, he want a big career. David might be in the right frame of mind right now to handle success, but he needs to work very hard to make that happen and it does involve much more that a great voice.

  19. I agree that promotion will be key to how much success David has. It’s a critical component to any kind of real success in the music industry.

    “Obviously I want to get that out to as many people as possible, but it’s worthless to me if I only do it for the secondary goal of getting music out to as many people as possible and giving up the prime reason of sharing who I am, my art, my passion, and what matters most to me.”

    That’s a quote from David’s first blog of 2015. The first sentence of the part I posted here tells me that David would like a successful music career, so anyone who thinks he doesn’t care about being successful is underestimating his desire for a career. He won’t sacrifice the content for that purpose, but I really do think he cares about being successful. I don’t think he wants to be limited to Utah and the surrounding areas. How much promotion he’s willing to do (if any) toward that end remains to be seen.

    I also don’t think this next CD will be a make or break CD. His music will change as he ages. What he does now isn’t necessarily what he’ll be releasing in 10 years. Life changes, so will the content of his music if he’s around long enough to get there. I hope he is.

    Cq, You’re not alone. No matter what anyone else thinks, this is just a hobby for me, too. 🙂 This hobby is a bit boring right now LOL but I think it’ll pick up in a few months when David starts performing again. At the very least, those shows should answer some critical questions fans have regarding the direction of David’s music. I’ll be hanging out in the shadows, quietly waiting to see what happens.

    • Anon too, lol, glad I’m not the only one, don’t understand why the concept of it being a fun hobby is wrong,

  20. Kari tweeted early this morning she was on her way to SLC emojis had a mic and a CD as well maybe he is doing the final recordings?
    also saw a tweet from someone who was to meet him in CA so maybe they are on their way there. WFM

    • Thank you Kim, hum, maybe things are starting to come together and he is moving on to the next phase of getting an album together or, could be another music project involving the church, who the heck knows, lol.

    • Kari is really a mystery to me. She is professional enough to be JT’s tour manager, apparently, but with David, she seems more like a fan with insider information who can’t help tweeting about it even though she knows she shouldn’t. I think this was discussed recently – her ambiguous little hints via emojis and pictures of her boarding pass have never seemed professional to me and now they are just annoying, given the huge lack of information in David-land. A professional says straight out “I’m going to Salt Lake to . . . ” whatever she needs to be there for. And if she can’t or shouldn’t tell, then she doesn’t give hints – that’s just childish. Maybe that’s it – she doesn’t really need to be there? He’s not on tour? I thought he was all grown up and didn’t need any hand holding while he records? And maybe it’s just my huge gigantic hope that she is not the only mentor he’s got in this new phase of his life that keeps me irked. Am I the only one?

      • No, you’re not the only one at all.

      • The other thing I’ve noticed is that the hints from Kari never really amount to anything much. I agree with you that it’s better to say nothing than to do an ambiguous tweet. Maybe you’re right that she is just David’s friend and flies to see him whenever he needs some company. I’m not quite sure what a road manager is supposed to do, but it could be as simple as traveling with him, so he doesn’t have to organize the logistics on his own.

    • Wasn’t the tweet about meeting David in CA from a high school girl? Probably he’s going to give a fireside for his church or something like that.

      • cc halo, that’s the first thing I though of when I saw the tweet. Who knows probably both professional and private business.

    • kimak thanks so much for posting this video of Clark. 🙂 Just got home from work and really wanted to see this video. Clark sounded great. Kelly and Michael obviously really liked him. To me he won AI. Love the tone of his voice. Just like another runner up from AI S7. 🙂

  21. cq from what I remember you write/demo many songs then go thru them pick what you want to do a final recording of?
    not sure if they are in CA or SLC but whatever at least something seems to be happening. my guess it will be a mix of things.. he did say he was writing about his dating experiences so who knows who knows what he is up to for the CD. may a mix?
    lol keep ’em guessing and he does!

  22. excuse me I am very bad at proofreading
    just wanted to bring over what I saw even if some of you aren’t really into David right now
    way I figure always hope with all things.

  23. cq ha really what a pistol that kid is.

  24. I have no clue who most of my favorite artist’s managers are or what they do in fact, so I don’t have reference points. But one thing I do know about most of the artists I follow is that they do their own tweeting (or have someone do it as them lol). I can’t recall seeing an artist I follow have “someone” in “some sort of possible official position, but no one is quite sure what that position is” tease tweet to the fans all the time. It’s just plain strange.

    • Ha, exactly!

    • But Kari is not David’s manager. I am not even sure what role she has with David as he really doesn’t make any appearances or tour at all. Maybe his personal assistant at times. lol. Kari and Gina Orr are the only ones around him that have any kind of connections to the music industry. But they are not even around him that much. Kind of odd and pathetic really. lol. David seems to be just centered around his church and church members. That is obvious. However, David does not seem to care and it is his choice- so it is all good. 🙂

  25. cq, were you channelling Sheldon Cooper when you wrote BAZINGA ? All I can think about is the episode where he was hiding in the big playroom of colored balls and he kept on popping up and saying BAZINGA to Leonard. Anyway I keep imaging you and Bliss in the playroom. Don’t want to give either one of you guys nightmares or anything, it just struck me as funny.

    • blingy, lol, yes, I was, love that show. Oh that’s a scary picture, lol. Yep, bliss and I have had ours rounds and probably will have more, but I’m no match for him.

  26. I think Kari does it cause David won’t just my thoughts.

  27. You know, I wonder if maybe the reason Kari tweets the fans is because they have been so giving to her. They give her b’day presents and cards. She might be showing a little gratitude in a way. And she knows the fans love to have any inkling of info. Just a thought.

  28. David did just tease tweet

    David Archuleta @DavidArchie · May 4
    @kariontour happy birthday Ms. Kari! So many great memories on the road, touring, soap operas :). What will be next? (insert plane, helicopter, train, boat emojis and a wink)

  29. not trying to change anyone’s mind just posting what I see and feel
    no clue what is up do think he is putting out new music when what kind no clue

    • kimak, always appreciate your posts here 🙂

      • About your post to me above, Anne: No worries. I used to be a very active David supporter and posted like crazy on a lot of sites plus Twitter. Now I’m a lot more low key. Well, except for today on Twitter, LOL had fun with the concert announcement that wasn’t.

        By the way, you all convinced me that David had honored his military family members. I just misunderstood.

  30. read his tweet went huh a bit.. from what I remember he has a cousin in the military not sure though.

    apparently David is performing for a private event tonight most likely not recording.

  31. Thanks to SD for allowing me to learn more about David.I discovered his superb voice 6 months ago.I find he has an amazing journey !
    But now I am confused about him like you and I can see through your comments that we have the same feelings and the same issues. Glad to see I’m not the only one !
    Like you I expect new secular songs…
    I do enjoy your posts . Some of Hitandrun have moved me much .
    I would like to participate in some discussions but my English is limited ! However I hope that you managed to understand me . Sorry for my mistakes !

    • Your English is just perfect and completely understandable. Please don’t hesitate to post.

    • Welcome, lugdunum, your English is great, keep posting!!

      Well, looks like David is doing an private event in Utah tonight, connected to EFY probably, which is connected to the church, lol.
      When all the ‘hints’ coming from Kari came, the first thing I that I thought about was something connected to the church, but still a tiny hope it might be connected to his music career, silly me, lol. The only thing that will surprise me is if any clue and tweets that comes our way that seems to be related to his music career will, indeed, be about his music career. One thing for sure, it won’t be coming from David.
      Wonder if one day an album will appear and David will post a blog on his OS saying, here it is, I don’t care if you buy it or not because it doesn’t matter if I make money or not, lol.

      • lol, this actually made me laugh! “Maybe you’ll buy my album, maybe you won’t, it doesn’t matter much to me.”

      • “here it is, I don’t care if you buy it or not because it doesn’t matter if I make money or not”

        LOL cq, that is one post that wouldn’t surprise me 😉

      • Kari is more active promoting David’s church work than he is, I think. Wonder what that is all about.

      • Anne, good point, maybe she converted, thought she wasn’t Mormon. The way I see it though, she is just promoting what David is doing as his ‘road manager’, friend, bodyguard, connection with his fans?!?! lol, I do like Kari, but would love to hear from some other member of his ‘team’ 🙂

  32. cq, as long as he adds BAZNGA to the end of that post. I can’t comment today because I’m in the ” I’d like to wring his scrawny neck mode ” and I don’t want to say something I’ll regret as soon as I hit the send button.

  33. Blingy, ROFL, Now that would make my day if he added BAZINGA at the end of the post. Anything lighthearted would be so welcomed! Right now there seems to be a heavy, solemn cloud over all things David.

    • Yes, Cq, there is a cloud, but it is squarely over the head of Soul David. This site is pure doom and gloom about anything to do with David and his career. David, on the other hand, seems very content doing this thing, recording music, selling out future concerts, and flashing his mega watt smile in every pic we see of him.

  34. CQ, what do you disagree with? Please don’t make me list all the posts that prove that SD is the “solemn” cloud in David’s world and not David himself.

    BTW, out of curiosity, I called the venue in St George Ut. and asked about David’s 2 scheduled shows. The very nice young lady informed me that the venue’s capacity is 1,900 and both shows are totally sold out. She did say that there are some stools all the way in the back still available. She also verified, at my request, that the shows are “secular” shows, and not of a religious nature, and that David has promised to keep the proselytizing to an absolute minimum. (just kidding).

    • lol, minimum good one bliss

    • Solemn is as far from this site as it can be:

      The adjective solemn comes from the Latin sollemnis, which means formal or ceremonial. You can still use it to describe a ceremony or event, but it’s also a good word for talking about someone who’s serious and sincere and maybe lacks a sense of humor about certain things. Here’s a trick for remembering it: Think of a “sole man,” a serious guy standing alone at a party talking to no one.

      This is what I get from David right now….not saying he isn’t sincere or a great guy, just right now, imo, a bit ‘sole man’

      • CQ, maybe “solemn” isn’t a proper description for the vibe on this site. How about “antagonistic to the artist that the site was created for “?

  35. That is one thing I strongly disagree with. I haven’t seen David flash his old megawatt smile for a long long time. Every photo I’ve seen of him lately looks stiff and uncomfortable, like he’d rather be doing anything else but posing for a photo. Maybe that’s part of his true introverted nature coming out, who knows.

    • Maybe you just don’t want to see a pic of David and think he’s happy. No one likes to think that a person, who they feel rejected by, is happy without them. I remember that feeling when I was in High School. Seeing a girl I liked looking all happy to be with another guy was heartbreaking. I get the same feeling from some of the posters here about David.

    • David has always said he is uncomfortable posing for a camera. I saw the “stiff and uncomfortable” in plenty of pics before mission. I think most of the megawatt smiles I have seen are related to performances.

      • You may be right about that missbianca, but we did see more of that megawatt smiles because his career was very active and we saw a whole lot of him performing. Since his return we have seen more of candid shots of him and not so much performing.

  36. bliss lol part where you called the venue cracked me up.

    not all are that way about being rejected does suck though.

    • I can just hear Bliss now. Uh, I’m a big fan of David Archuleta and I was just calling to find out if his concerts are selling out. You see, I comment on this Archuleta fan forum and I have a point to prove to all these crazy women who comment there and are really mean to David. But I’m his one true fan and I need something I can really tell them off with by showing them he can so sell out a big arena. Way to make people think all David’s fans are weird Bliss.

  37. Twenty One Pilots #1 CD this week kids love them they are cool a bit different plus from what I can tell they aren’t into bad language etc.
    hear this song on the radio a lot now

    Tear In My Heart

    not for everyone, not saying this is the way for David to go just saying you can be popular without nudity bad language.

    kind of like what Lindsey Stirling is doing in yet a whole other way.

    • Yep Kim, David doesn’t have to say one single ‘bad word’, do any inappropriate video or show to have relatable great music to the secular world. I cringe when I read that he isn’t selling out because he would need to do those these to be popular, I say hogwash, lol. He just need to bring good music and just maybe promote a little bit, lol.

      • kimk here
        David didn’t sell out before he left for his mission.
        more then just promo though making music putting on shows peeps want to go to is important as well.
        word gets around if an artist is good.

      • He sold out nearly every VIP, though. And when you counted up ticket revenue for the concerts, the VIPs provided almost as much as the whole rest of the sales! Smart business, but I am guessing he won’t be doing them in the future.

        Bring on the great live shows!

  38. On the AC website that sells his concerts in Idaho we can read :”David A. brings his hits to the CT with 2 shows.Archuleta brings his hit song”crush” and others to life with his charm and genuine enthusiasm…”
    What I understand is that he will sing his old songs, that woud be new ones, this would be written in large I guess , and these are not yet “hits” ! Let’s just hope that they will be revisited if not sucks ! ( oups, not sure it is the right word …lol ) which means he will release anything before at least 5 months !
    Even if it’s called make the new with the old , the most important for me is to finally hear songs without religious connotations ( at least sometimes ! )

    Time to sleep in this side of the earth, Bye !

  39. Avicii is very popular this just came out cool lyric video good message

    Avicii – Waiting For Love (Lyric Video)

  40. David sang last night at a private charity event in Utah. Four LDS fathers were honored and the proceeds went to the American Diabetes Assoc. A real good cause.
    So I guess that’s the reason why Kari went to Utah?
    I really am starting to feel bad for some of these dedicated fans that scramble to get any morsel of video of David singing.

  41. Yeah, I mean it has gotten to the point where everyone who isn’t LDS or doesn’t live in Utah, is just __out of luck. He better be careful, or he will lose whatever little fans he has left. Not that he really would care though. Maybe things will change. I just don’t see it as of yet.

    • What if you are LDS and live in Iowa? or anywhere else outside of Utah? You are in the same boat as everyone else who doesn’t live in Utah in terms of seeing him. The fact that he did a private charity event in Utah only tells me that this charity invited him. That’s all. Any charity in any state could invite him if they wanted. They just aren’t.

      • I would bet that Dan Clark being the MC at this event may have had something to do with the choice of performers.

  42. I think it’s probably time for fans to realize that David doesn’t want to be a singer that people travel to see anymore. He clearly is choosing to do certain shows in certain places, for his church or otherwise, and I’m sure he is only expecting residents of those places to come. I think the message is that if he doesn’t come to your town, you should stay home until he does. If he never comes to your town, well then I guess that’s a message too!

    If he wanted other people to come, I think he would tweet it for his many followers or something. By not doing any promotion that way, I think the message is loud and clear, which is that this show is not for you!

  43. I think we are looking at the career David wants and the career he will have in the future going forward. Appearing at benefits has always been what he wanted to do. He never even wanted to do any kind of promotion unless it could be tied to some kind of benefit. I see him only appearing at benefits and maybe doing a handful of concerts a year in Utah and maybe Idaho which are both highly Mormon states just like he is doing this year. Fans who are expecting a big tour from him may be in for a big disappointment unless it can also be tied in some way with a benefit. That’s probably the only way a tour could be funded anyway by having it paid for by a charity organization. Tours are expensive and I don’t see David making enough on album sales to pay for a tour. Maybe he could get Child Fund to pay for another small tour like his last Christmas tour. Probably just a handful of cities in and around Utah. He seems to want to model his career after other Mormon performers such as those he went on the military tour with last summer. Anyway, this is how it appears to me. David is more than welcome to prove me wrong.

    • Outside of the 100 or so posters at the various fansites, I don’t think many care anymore what he does. Yes they still like him and if he happens to show up in their town to sing, they will go. Other than that, unless you are in the LDS world, not so much interest in him.

    • Yes that is what David’s “career” looks like to me too Hitandrun. I also I agree with your comment Anne.

  44. That is exactly the point I was hinting at hitandrun. Thank you.

  45. One thing that I find interesting about some of David’s appearances. Doing Disney songs and doing duets with a child (that, imo, overpowers him at every duet) is an interesting way of saying I want to be thought of as a serious adult artist.

    • I don’t care for overpowering child voices, but Disney doesn’t bother me. Phil Collins? Elton John? Idina Menzel? Singing Disney is totally fine.

      • Original Disney songs for the movie soundtrack is one thing. Covering Disney songs is another, only my opinion.

    • Actually Lissa I love Disney song, too I was just making an observation, at this time. Heck he could just sing Disney songs and have a very nice career as a entertainer for children, parties, birthday, etc, I have a nephew that does that and heck he makes a great living. I know that I’m not suppose to think about anything regarding David except in a positive (he’s doing just fine and don’t dare ever criticize anything that he is doing, lol), well, I happen to think David is so much more than what seems to be going on, so I comment, lol, not going to please a lot of people, but in the end, it’s just me thinking out loud.
      Same old, same old, YES, IT’S ME AS A FAN VOICING MY OPINION ABOUT HIS CAREER, NOT DAVID AND YES, I THINK HE IS JUST FINE AND ACTUALLY WOULD BE FINE BEING A DITCH DIGGER. If indeed it hurt you to read these type of comments, I’m sorry.

      • A singing ditch digger could go viral and have a great career 🙂

      • lol, Anne, sing ditch digger, yep with that voice it would go viral!

      • Same Old Same Old

        ROFL, cq! Do we thank Bliss for your recently enhanced feistiness?

        Sorry, I didn’t mean to get your dander up. My comment happened to follow one by you but was not a reply to you or directed at you. When I said “your problems,” I was talking to the collective “your,” meaning those who populate this blog with career advice for David based on their own wants and wishes for him. I am guilty of the same occasionally, just not vocal about it.

        For the record, I do NOT have David on a pedestal or promote his perfection… Well, maybe a little when it comes to his voice. However, it is his life so he gets to make the choices. I like him well enough to respect that, so the handwringing does bug me at times. I probably won’t get my way when it comes to his career, but I plan to hang around to see how it all rolls out.

      • CQ you should be rejoicing today. That snippet of David “getting his secular on” last night rocking out “When the Saints Go Marching In” should fill you with renewed hope and anticipation that all that LDS “brainwashing” hasn’t “Mormonized” David completely. You should be dancing in the streets of San Jose as we speak.

      • Same old same old, lol, yep, I did get carried away, sorry.

      • Oh bliss that’s Campbell, not San Jose and I’ll dance on the street when David follows exactly what I demand he does with his career, BAZINDA!!! lol

      • CQ. Maybe David will do a show at the the Pruneyard Shopping Center.

      • Bliss, fabulous that would be AWESOME!!!!! 🙂

  46. Same Old Same Old

    I think David is doing just fine in spite of repeated complaints here.

    These are not David’s problems; they are your problems.

    • Same old.., welcome to the “David is NOT doing fine until he gives us what WE want site” Any happiness and self growth by David that does not translate into what feels good to these people does not compute on here. They would rather pretend that David looks sad, or is going through a tough time, or doesn’t know what he doing and is being brainwashed by his Church, etc.etc. etc.

      You obviously have not been bitten by the “woe is me. David has changed and doesn’t need me anymore” bug. Keep it up. The last thing David needs is all these made up doomsday scenarios being mistaken for truth.

      • You think David singing at a benefit is self growth? He’s been doing that since he was 15 years old.

      • My first post of this reply to Bliss went in the wrong place so I will try again.

        Bliss – I’m not the one HG asked to leave and yet here you are. If she ever asks me to leave, be assured I will.

    • Exactly Same Old, they are not David’s problems nor does he care one iota what we say. We are just a group of people who are fans of David’s talent who like to keep it real. If you perceive that as our problem, so be it. I just enjoy watching it all roll out. Better than General Hospital or Days of Our Lives or whatever daytime soap is still on TV.

      • Anne, I guess to each there own, I too don’t see it as a problem and heck, I will keep on voicing my opinion.

      • Same Old Same Old

        I get it. Just my part in keeping it real.

      • Anne, that’s exactly my attitude these days–it can be a drama just watching it play out, but it’s also starting to fade the more things are the same ol’ same ol’ with David. I’m getting to the point where Peter left us–wondering if I even like him very much as a person. I’ve got seven years of history and David info packed into my brain, and I am sometimes moved by his recent performances–“Bring Him Home”, the Glorious video, some Christmas songs and even his Spanish video–but his twitter debacle and later speech had me going, “Meh–really, David?” I know he’s a well-meaning guy but I don’t know if it outweighs the other stuff.

      • cc halo – I don’t even really have to wonder if I like him very much as a person. I’m sure he’s a really nice guy if you know him. I don’t think he’s such a nice guy if you don’t know him and don’t share his beliefs. I basically don’t think he cares for you at all in that case.

      • Bliss – I’m not the one HG asked to leave and yet here you are. If she ever asks me to leave, be assured I will.

    • Same Old Same Old – If you don’t care for what we say here there are other fan sites that might fit you better. Don’t expect us to care what you have to say any more that we do Bliss.

      • Hit and Run, you actually “care”‘ so much that you constantly post that “you don’t care”. Are you the self appointed spokesperson for the regulars, when you use the term “we” in your predictably nasty post to Same old Same old.”

        Btw, it’s time you started showing HG the great respect and appreciation you say you have for her by abiding by her rules of engagement for this site.

  47. We all know David watches Disney movies, probably every single one more than once so not surprised some Disney songs resonated with him. Now he has the opportunity to sing the one’s he really likes & thinks are appropriate to the occasions or events. Makes sense to me.

    Just listened & watched the snippet video of David singing “When The SAINTS Go Marching In”. Again, putting his own meaning & interpretation as he was singing for a room full of Latter Day Saints, I would say the song was also appropriate to the event. 😉

    There was a question about why Kari would accompany him to an LDS private function? If it was a “paid” performance then yes, I get why she would be there in a business capacity. However, if David donated his time & performances as a charitable contribution, then I would question why she would “have to be there”. My guess is that he was paid.

    It will be very interesting to see what his set will be for the upcoming concerts, besides Crush & his new music, if the album is released beforehand, maybe some songs from the BEGIN, Forevermore, No Matter How Far and of course TOSOD. I doubt he will sing many, if any, songs other than Crush from his first & IMO, best album, not counting the Christmas From The Heart album. Maybe more Disney songs?

    • Yes, Red Robin, it will be interesting to see what the set will be. I might be the only one, but I’m hoping he releases the album or maybe just a song before the concerts begin.

  48. Same Old Same Old

    I’m sure there were many Latter-day Saints present. It is Utah after all, but it was not an LDS private function. The Father of the Year Award dinners are held in many cities across the country under the direction of the National Father’s Day Council and in an established collaboration with the American Diabetes Association for the purpose of raising funds for diabetes research, etc. (know this only because of a nephew involved in another state)

    I heard the Salt Lake per-plate tickets were quite pricey, and I am also guessing that David was paid.

    • Sounds like a great program and a wonderful charity.

    • My mistake…NOT an LDS Function. Should have said a Private NFDC Function in SLC Utah honoring men who are upstanding fathers & successful businessmen who “probably” are LDS, where the majority of people in the audience were also “probably” LDS and were entertained by LDS performers for a very good cause and charity.

      Anyway, I still think David sang WTSGMI especially for the Latter Day SAINTS in the audience. 🙂

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