Daily Archives: April 22, 2012

Imagine David Moved to Tears Singing This!

I know all this missionary training/LDS devotional time is about David and not about us, but you must forgive me. I read over at TDC (thanks Grammyj for the link!) how David was so moved to tears singing about “The Spirit of God” (in Spanish no less), and it had such an impact on those present, that I had to hear it for myself.

Our David is an awesome guy, and I can imagine him doing a good job “converting” just on the strength of his Voice.  🙂

As his parents once told him, when convincing him to sing in public, “don’t hide your light under a bushel,” David!

Just knowing that he’ll be using his magnificent vocals in some kind of way during his mission warms my heart.

What power! What conviction! What faith!

And how much more soul-piercing was it watching him tear up singing this! 😀

This is how you take a song (and a staid little hymn at that) and make people feel it!

I don’t even know the lyrics in English, but I can definitely feel the “spirit of God” moving in that tiny little vessel of flesh called David Archuleta.