Daily Archives: April 12, 2012

Are You a “Crazy” David Fan?

I realize the question posed is kind of redundant. After all, to be a fan is to literally be a “fanatic.”  So, is there any real way to be a sane David fan versus a crazy one?

Well, I gotta ask the question because I was really surprised at some of the news and comments that were made about certain fans in the Archuworld going … well, absolutely bonkers over any mention of David Archuleta.

I was so certain that, after David’s farewell vlog, most of us would more or less retreat underground, maybe pop in now and then to find out what there could possibly be to learn now that David’s preparing for his Mission.

Of course, I forgot what fanbase I belong to! 😛

Who knew that I would have to poll my readers to see if it were okay for fans to post links to blogs authored by young missionaries that mention David?

Who knew that on other sites, this would still be an issue?

Who knew that some fans went so far as to post ugly messages to any of the missionary blog authors if they didn’t share the same opinion as we do that David-our-guiding-Angel-is-the-most-perfect-individual-ever?

Who knew that some fans went so far as to contact the MTC to complain about blogs that mention David (Seriously??!!)

Who knew that some fans, even here on Soul David, would get upset that some bloggers dare to parody “Elder Archuleta”?

So, I’m wondering if this separation anxiety is really getting to some of us ODD types that we’re now monitoring and policing each other and other folks over how and when we should speak the unspeakable that is the holier than holy name of David Archuleta!


We’ve definitely had our arguments here about whether we can blame #MIC for David’s stalled career, or his management or label or even David himself.  But, what if we pointed the fingers at ourselves as we consider the possibility that David’s fans may play a part in this?

There was a time when many folks who followed Idol blamed Clay Aiken’s rabid fanbase, the Claymates, for the reason he no longer has a career.  Will anyone say that about David’s Arch Angels one day?

I know David makes us lose our minds (can’t even count the ways I recklessly and unthinkingly plopped down serious money on his behalf), but does he really inspire the crazy when it comes to devotion?

What say you, Soul Daviders? Take my latest poll!