Imagine David Moved to Tears Singing This!

I know all this missionary training/LDS devotional time is about David and not about us, but you must forgive me. I read over at TDC (thanks Grammyj for the link!) how David was so moved to tears singing about “The Spirit of God” (in Spanish no less), and it had such an impact on those present, that I had to hear it for myself.

Our David is an awesome guy, and I can imagine him doing a good job “converting” just on the strength of his Voice.  🙂

As his parents once told him, when convincing him to sing in public, “don’t hide your light under a bushel,” David!

Just knowing that he’ll be using his magnificent vocals in some kind of way during his mission warms my heart.

What power! What conviction! What faith!

And how much more soul-piercing was it watching him tear up singing this! 😀

This is how you take a song (and a staid little hymn at that) and make people feel it!

I don’t even know the lyrics in English, but I can definitely feel the “spirit of God” moving in that tiny little vessel of flesh called David Archuleta.


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  1. HG, perfect post for Sunday. Indeed lucky people that will be touched by that voice.

  2. I remember downloading this recording from the internet in January 2010, when David visited Honduras. Although I know very little Spanish and I am not religious in any conventional sense, I was struck by the combination of tenderness, power, and sincerity in his delivery. According to iTunes, I have played this recording 127 times.

    • Surely you don’t mean this particular recording on THIS particular video, which was recently uploaded on April 19, 2012.

      Which recording are you referring to, and do you have a link?

      Thanks! 🙂

      • I think this is the one from Honduras with a new picture. Don’t think there is a link from the MTC yet. Of course I could be wrong.

      • When David was in Honduras, recordings kept getting posted on YouTube and then removed. I especially liked this one, so I downloaded it before it was removed. Then I posted it on my YT channel as a “private” video on January 21, 2010.

        For the time being, I have changed it to “unlisted” and here is the link:

        I am sorry that I don’t have better graphics it, but I never expected to make it available in this way. haha

      • Thanks! Sounds like the same recording. I wonder if the MTC version (the one that made David cry) will pop up somewhere!

      • On my YT video, the ending (“Amen”) got cut off somehow, and I never bothered re-uploading it. However, the ending is not cut off on the recording I list to in my iTunes.

      • you know you’ve spent too much time tracking all things david when you view a picture of d and you believe know when it was taken, lol. olemr, the pic in the clip you listed above looks like it was taken at the Ford Motor concert that D and Cook did back in 2008. i’m guessing by the haircut and the jacket collar.

      • desertrat,

        You could very well be right. That picture had to have been taken prior to October 30, 2008, according info on my computer.

        The ending of the hymn is not the only thing that got cut off on that video. It would have been nice to have included the bottom part of that picture, too! LOL

      • I doubt we will ever see a recording of that. I’m pretty sure a video of that wouldn’t be allowed, but I could be wrong.

  3. we are fortunate that someone captured this audio. thanks for posting it.

    still waiting on kurt bestor’s interview this a.m. to surface, lol.

    • desertrat, yay, would like to hear what he has to say. Hoping that the songs on the album have variety( I know some will be religious, but hoping most inspirational) and are well produced.

      • I think with Kurt Bestor as one of the producers it will be well produced. It may not have any religious songs. We know for sure that one of the songs is “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and the rest are very well known songs, according to Kurt Bestor.

  4. Hoping someone captured audio of this at the MTC too!!
    Had tears in my eyes when I read the Missionaries response to hearing David and the Spirit it brought in to the room and how emotional it was for everyone including David.

    This was such a Contrast to some of the Missionary comments when David was selected to sing with the MTC choir.

    A Spiritual experience for everyone.

    Reports are that Elder Ballard also spoke at David’s farewell and that David sang the Spirit of God there too. Word also is that Elder Ballard specifically requested David to sing at the Sunday evening service at the MTC.

    Heard the Kurt said on this morning’s interview on ABC4 Utah that there were 11 songs on the upcoming album and that David was in perfect pitch on the first take of every song. All songs are reportedly ones we are familiar with. No video has surfaced yet.

    Kari had said at one time that David recorded two new songs, so maybe there are more surprises while David is gone.

    Have a great Sunday!!

  5. He should try singing in French as well. I don’t know any French, but I love this song: Je suis maladeeeeee….

    • Where is cmoi? I think cmoi might know the language in this video. lol

      • I’m here Marie, just lurking lol

        I think that David has a good ear for accents. He did a great job with the French part in “Pat a pan”. I think it should be easy for him to sing in French because it’s a Latin language and we know that he’s fluent in Spanish. Also, if he can sing perfectly “Nandito Ako”, I think he can sing in any other language lol

    • It’s cool that you posted this video Peter !
      “je suis malade” is a popular french song and many popular singers have covered it.
      I’m a fan of Thierry Amiel, he was on the first edition of the french version of American Idol. He sang “Je suis malade” for his first audition on the show. Like David, he was the best singer but he finished second. I bought his two first albums (there’s a studio version of “Je suis malade” in his first album and also covers of songs from Barbara and Jacques Brel who are considered as legends here). Thierry is great at conveying emotions in his singing but he’s not recognized for his talent as he should be. He’s now performing in a musical called “Adam et Eve” (he’s playing Adam in it).
      He also sang beautifully “dans les bras de mon ange”, it’s the French version of “Angel” by Sarah Mclachlan.

      • I forgot to say that “Je suis malade” means “I’m sick”. It’s a sad song and I always thought that it was about a person who feels depressed because of the leaving of a loved one.

      • cmoi I knew that you would be able to tell us about the video. Thanks. Interesting that Thierry finished second too.

    • I downloaded Thierry Amiel’s studio version (and many of his other songs, even though I have no idea what he is singing about).

      Here’s another nice version from YouTube:

  6. David can sing in any language as far as I’m concerned. He always gets the emotion of the song. You don’t even have to know the language and he is always pitch perfect.

    Off topic, but I found this fan made video today. I haven’t seen Idolfan here in awhile, but this is for Idolfan:

    • lol, great video! seems like we haven’t heard much about charice on this site since she got the cool haircut.

  7. I am not sure if this new David fan tribute video was posted here or not but I think it is great. It deserves to be posted again if it already was. Here is the link.

    • this person did a great job! those action clips of david perfectly align with the song lyrics.

  8. Folk version of the song in English:

  9. Here’s a twitvid of part of the Kurt Bestor interview that was aired on T.V. in Utah this morning. He certainly has high praise for David.

    @stidwell53: – Here is a vid of Kurt Bestor talking about @DavidArchie new album!

  10. I can’t listen to the video of “The spirit of God” on my phone but I can imagine the other missionaries being touched by David’s singing. I remember having been obsessed with his rendition of “Oh Holy Night” at a Christmas tree lighting at the beginning of his career and I’m not even Christian. David really has the ability to touch people with his singing. I also like when he sang it a capella at the Women’s conference in Utah. He was incredible.


    They just showed David singing “Imagine” on Fox’s 25th Anniversary special. 😀

  12. I realize it’s been a while since we heard from Tibitibiti. *waves if lurking.*

  13. It’s coming up for me right now. Did Ryan s produce it.?

  14. Here is a video the captures the last past of David’s performance and interview in January 15, 2010 in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, on January 15, 2010.

  15. Aaron Paul, the songwriter of Nandito Ako, dedicated this song to all D’s fans.

    “A song inspired by David Archuleta fans. I dedicate this to all of you. The love you show your idol is so inspiring. So now instead of just saying you’ll be waiting for his return, you’ll actually have an original song you can sing to him. This song is for anyone who was left behind by a loved one – family, partner, or friend. Tell them how you miss them – and that you’ll be waiting.”

    I’ll Be Waiting

    • I’m…not sure about that dude. Something about how he’s presented himself and interacted with fans just doesn’t completely agree with me.
      I will try to withhold judgement for now lol.

      (In my head, I’m totally judge-y though hahahaha)

      • Ali, you are not alone in your thoughts. lol

      • Yeah! He was so out-of-nowhere OTT with his let’s get D to one million followers. Then, he kinda badgered D and Kari because he wanted David to record Nandito Ako in English. Then, he started complaining to Kari that D never got back to him. Then, he unfollowed them both, so I unfollowed him. Yes, I still roll like that when it comes to David. lol *judge away* Him, not me. haha

  16. Here’s the clip of the Fox25th Anniv with D’s part around 1:00 mark. Got it from FOD. Thanks JR4DA

    • Love that David was one of the few featured performances. Imagine still sounds amazing even 4 years later.

  17. If you are interested, here is a copy of the lyrics to “The Spirit of God.” and some explanation of what the song means to an LDS member.

    First verse of “The Spirit of God” :
    The Spirit of God like a fire is burning!
    The latter-day glory begins to come forth.
    The visions and blessings of old are returning,
    And angels are coming to visit the earth.

    We’ll sing and we’ll shout with the armies of heaven,
    Hosanna, hosanna to God and the Lamb!
    Let glory to them in the highest be given,
    Henceforth, and forever, Amen, and amen.

    There is a bed-rock LDS belief that God wants to communicate with his creations now as in times of old and that the same spiritual experiences described in the Bible such as dreams and visions are available to us today. More commonly people experience inspiration i.e. words, thoughts or feelings that come to them wherein they receive counsel, chastisement or comfort from God through the Holy Ghost also known as the “Spirit of God.” The feeling could be a feeling of peace or joy, but it also is described as a burning feeling in the bosom or chest–hence “like a fire is burning.”

    The third line “The latter-day glory begins to come forth.” refers to the LDS belief held since it’s beginning that the gospel or church of Jesus Christ was restored through Joseph Smith and that even though it was tiny to begin with that it will grow and grow. It has grown. If I live another 30 years the church may swell from 1 million at the time of my birth to somewhere between 30 and 50 million. (Currently over 14 million)

    David will be explaining the basic LDS gospel doctrine to people and asking them to study it in their own hearts and pray to know whether it is true. People who convert should have that confirming
    feeling before making a commitment. Even children who are raised in the church can’t rely on their parent’s belief forever and must search their own heart and pray for the answer.

    The remaining part of the song refers to the Second Coming of the Lord. The chorus is incredibly moving to me.
    Verse 4 is:
    How blessed the day when the lamb and the lion
    Shall lie down together without any ire.
    And Ephraim be crowned with his blessing in Zion,
    As Jesus descends with his chariot of fire!

    I hope that this is interesting to you all.

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