Daily Archives: April 10, 2012

Faking It: Being “Elder Archuleta”

Until Kari tweeted about some fake Davids posting online, I wouldn’t have discovered a really funny blog called David Archuleta’s (unofficial) Mission Journal. 😛

Just seeing such a blog made me think:

1. I really really truly wished that David did have such a “Mission Journal” (wouldn’t that have been the coolelst?).

2. After four years of following David’s tweets, vlogs, and blogs, if any ODD fan couldn’t recognize from the very first blog that this site was a fake, then for shame! This is what the first blog says:

That’s right friends!  You might have seen me during General Conference singing with the MTC Choir!  I imagine I am difficult to pick out in this picture, but I’m in there.  It’s been really difficult not receiving special treatment for my celebrity, but I managed to audition and get into the choir “just barely!”

Yeah, like this author is just brimming with the humility and non-snarkiness we’ve come to know of David! As if the Church would hide David and keep him from “just barely” singing in their own choir! 😛

That said, I’m not outraged that this site exists. I actually think it’s pretty hilarious and, yes, dear fans, it does keep “Elder Archuleta’s” name out there.  What is fascinating to me is how non-fans project their own thoughts and concerns onto David. Hmmm, why is it that his own fans tend to do the same thing?

I also think it makes for great parody.  That Easter blog alone had me in stitches – we, David’s fans, know David would never use Easter Sunday to complain about missing episodes of One Tree Hill or meditate about his church’s teachings on “self abuse.” Just crazy!

Obviously the author is working through his own issues with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and with celebrity culture in general, and if he needs to publicly perform as David Archuleta, well then, he is free to carry on.

It’s just amazing to me how David continues to get attention, even when he announces that he’s going away!  I imagine we may see more of these “fake David” accounts, but as the 2 years wane on, we’ll probably see and hear less.  That might be when we fans start to wring our hands about his continued relevancy.

Remember, peeps: when you warrant a parody online or elsewhere in media, that definitely means you’re still relevant!