Daily Archives: April 17, 2012

“With You at a Distance”

With the news that David finally left for his mission in Chile, a wave of melancholy washed over me. It was that sadness I’d been holding off ever since the farewell vlog, and now I’m nostalgic for The Voice.

Remember this performance?

The words to the song (in English) are pretty poignant and apt:

With you at a distance
There’s no such moment in the day
That could drift you apart from me
The world seems different
When you’re not by my side.
There’s no beautiful song
In which you don’t appear
I don’t want to listen it
If you don’t.
You have become
Part of my soul
Nothing comforts me anymore
If you’re not by my side.
Far beyond your lips
Of the sun and of the stars
With you at distance
My beloved one, I am.
[Repeat 1]
With you at distance
My beloved one, I am, oh
With you

The original lyrics in Spanish:

Contigo en la distancia
No existe un momento del dia
En que pueda apartarte de mi
El mundo parece distinto
Cuando no estas junto a mi
No hay bella melodia
En que no surjas tu
Ni yo quiero escucharla
Si no la escuchas tu
[1] Es que te has convertido
En parte de mi alma
Ya nada me consuela
Si no estas tu tambien
Mas alla de tus labios
Del sol y las estrellas
Contigo en la distancia
Amado mio estoy
Contigo en la distancia
Amado mio estoy, oh

Here’s another nostalgic song:

“If I could fall into the sky / do you think time would pass us by/ cause you know I’d walk a thousand miles / if I could just see youuuuuuuuu…tonight” (Sigh)