Fan Art Strikes Again!

Loving this rendering from Hanne Denmark. What say you, SDers? 🙂


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  1. Love it HG! Saying Prayers for Hanne, who is battling Cancer 🙂 Group card on FOD to sign if interested. Hanne also has lots of great Collages she’s done of David.

  2. That Smiley ended up in wrong place, Sorry 😦 Some of Hanne’s collages are on FOD front page today. Group card on yesterday’s post.

  3. Yes, Hg I love it too. Sending my prayers for Hanne. She has a big battle ahead, hope for a speedy and total recovery.

  4. Hope that Hanne will be feeling better soon. That is a battle ahead of her.

  5. I was never a big fan of Demi Lovato when David toured with her but I do give her respect and some credit for trying to deal with her issues by living in a sober house for a year. Good for her.

  6. Been too busy to comment lately, so I’ll try to fit it all in one shot, lol. That’s a beautiful pic of D. I’m praying for Hanne as well as the rest of you. I’m not a hateful person, but I do hate cancer, & what it does…I’ve been thinking about earlier posts re: David being “bland”. Funny thing is, I find most artists bland..except the extreme, outrageous ones. But when I see them on TV, the venue is full, & the audience seems captivated…I don’t get it. How can D still be struggling just to make it, while truly boring artists fill seats?

    Maybe because he’s atypical. Musically, he’s an old soul stuck in a young person’s body…He doesn’t think like a typical teen, OR an older person, OR most of society (which isn’t ultra-conservative). So who does that leave for him to relate to?

    Plus, there IS the AI curse. He had a fanbase full of teens that HE didn’t build. They didn’t know who he was as a person or artist, so they weren’t really fans of HIM, per se. And once they learned he wasn’t edgy enough…:( And the lovely stations who flat-out told me they never play music from AI alum if it’s not Carrie, Kelly or Daughtry…And the fact that most people don’t watch it. Where I live, if you mention AI, people laugh and say “That stupid show?” I found a few who had voted for Cook, but only because he’s from the area. Otherwise, they don’t know who is who.

    And…the lack of promo, of course. So yeah. I think he’s gonna have a long, hard battle if he still wants to have a thriving career. But all it takes is the right connections with people who actually know what they’re doing. So I’m just going to keep hoping & praying that he runs into the right people this time.

    • “I think he’s gonna have a long, hard battle if he still wants to have a thriving career. But all it takes is the right connections with people who actually know what they’re doing.” Could not possibly agree with you more, vj. Well stated.

    • Marie, Vj, full agreement here too.
      As far as him being bland…I only read those comments from different youtube videos, I for one, think he is without a doubt as far away from bland as anyome can get…yes, with the right people behind him, he will have a major success.

    • I think the blandness is part of his image, not necessarily his reality, as anyone who has been to one of his concerts knows.

      • Right. I should’ve clarified that, lol. I know it’s just an image that some non-fans have, that I’m sure would change if they saw him live.

    • I hate cancer too. Enough said. I believe we all have personal experiences, close to home.
      SU2C ( Crush Kids Cancer) has become one of my annual charites to support. Giving to a cause I believe in and at the same time doing just a small part to promote David.

  7. Maybe David needs to do a video when he returns from his mission like Justin Timberlake just did to announce his new music. Interesting video Justin posted on his twitter about his new music coming out.

    • Marie, wow that was so cool…really like Justin timbertake, I know whatever he does will be a hit…
      Yeah, that would be a good idiea for David to do a video announcing that he’s back and pumped to get back into the studio, tour and just plan entertain us fans, lol. Btw, that video have over a million hits in just one day, wow….would love for that to happen to David someday.
      Just a thought: It will probably take at least most of this year for JT to record, so maybe when he is ready to tour, David could be his opening act, lol. A girl can dream.

      • I mean touring in 2014.

      • Well Kari does know Justin well. Kari used to work for Justin along with Melindaweg. So you never now what the future holds for David.

      • According to an article I read on yesterday, the music is already recorded for Justin’s album and the rumor is they’re releasing the first single this Sunday/Monday at midnight. I think the record is gonna drop pretty quick. They seem to be doing a whole different kind of marketing scheme for this and it’s pretty genius. Tons of people talking about it and no long drawn-out pre-album promo. Of course, you’d need to be a huge star like Justin to get away with it.

      • LOL, way to bust a gals dream, Ali…guessing JT will be touring this year…Hay, maybe he’ll do another tour next year, back to dreaming/

  8. Thanks for the info, Ali. The have a very good marketing plan but he is a huge star. You are right.

    • I, too, have a dream of David one day touring with Justin. As you said, a girl can dream!

      I think it would be cool if Justin would produce a few songs for David. I would really like to hear what direction he would want to take them. I don’t by any means want David to try to be Justin but I would like to see what they could do together by combining styles. Did you know Justin has his own label now? His stuff is still released on a major label but he has started a small label with just a few artists signed to it.

  9. Fan Art Strikes Again – and highlights why some people should not wear scarves.

    Blessings for Hanne and prayers that she will make many more beautiful photos such as the one above.

  10. According to THR, Glambert has “parted ways” with 19R. This is, of course, a wonderful opportunity for him…

    • Of course. And who better than our friend Shirley H. To break the news. 😉

      • Interesting. I wonder when RCA will be parting ways with Adam due to his low sales with his album. Hard to believe that will RCA keep him as all the labels care about are the money and sales. I am sure that it will be a “wonderful opportunity” for him if that happens. LOL.

      • Adam is going to struggle being a pop star now as the music industry tends to like their pop stars young. Adam is now over 30. Adam should do Broadway as he would do well there.

  11. Re. Hanne, I’ve always appreciated how her fan art captures David’s joy. I have her in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. I saw this posted at MJ’s. Amen to the poster!

    “MJ, could you do me a huge favor. I think you and Shirley Halperin are friendly. Could you ask her why she hates David Archuleta. It seemed like she went out of her way to put a negative spin on David Archuleta leaving Jive (relying on a fired manager as a source and using a headline that did not in fact correspond with what a Jive rep said) but has put a very positive spin when others like Cook or Adam leave. I know she’s a Cook fan but why does she feel the need to tear Archie down? Thanks in advance.”

    • Cool. 🙂 I remember sending Shirley a link to the video where David said that he dropped JIVE, & asking her to revise her article so it would include the truth (diplomatically, of course :)). Her reply was something like, “Well, that’s HIS version of the truth. Sometimes artists spin things to make themselves look good.” So yeah, she revised it, but still in a very negative way: “This is what HE claims really happened. What do you all think?” *rolls eyes*

      *clears throat*. Don’t get me started.

      • Also, with other artists, it is always a “mutual decision.”

        Oh, well. Jive self-destructed soon after they had “dropped” David.

    • Love that post on mjs. Good for that poster. I have to laugh as I think David has been vindicated that it really was his choice to not stay with Jive as he did leave for a mission and now all these other Idols are “leaving” their labels. David was always the most marketable of them all (except Kelly) and the labels knew that. Shirley is a piece of work but her favorites are not doing so well now. lol.

      • Marie, I still think that David is marketable. He has been fine tuning his craft (that goldn voice), growing into his own skin and he is still young, so if he wants a career bad enough I think it’s within reach. A big number of things have to be in place in order to gain success in the music industry, but one for sure is a good work ethic and David has that in spades.

  13. Well some bloggers are not wasting anytime reporting that Adam was “dropped” from his label. Perez Hilton is one of them. I thought those two were friends at one time. lol. Time will tell if Adam stays at RCA or not. I doubt he does.

    • David is not only still very marketable but I really believe that when he returns from his mission that many of his fans will return to support him. Not everyone agreed with the mission as it disrupted his music career but no one can deny that talent and the voice. He also is still young and of course looks even younger. lol.

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