Daily Archives: January 18, 2013

David’s “Almost Double”

“Almost” being the operative word here, but just to clarify, peeps! 🙂

There’s no way I would seriously “cheat” on my beloved David – no matter how long he stays away – he’s incomparable.

But Idol pulled out all the shameless stops last night, saving for last the Sob Story to end all Sob Stories with the introduction of Lazaro Arbos, a 21 year old Cuban-American, who stutters, sings lovely, and has such a sweet and shy disposition about him.

That they saved this one for Audition Day #2 (usually, Idol finalists going far tend to make their debuts on the second show of the auditions – think David Archuleta, Season 7) means there’s potential there, and the You Tube video embedded here already has over 100,000 views.

I’m glad they gave us a contestant to think about beyond the judges’ panel – although I will admit: Nicki Minaj is actually pretty funny and livens up the panel (no wonder Mariah keeps throwing shade at her!). We’ll see if they can keep the same dynamic once the show goes live.

And we shall see if David’s “Almost Double” (what I’m now calling the very cute and very shy Lazaro Arbos) goes as far as David did during his season.

Oh yeah, and did I tell y’all that he’s a serious David Archuleta fan? Check out some of his archived tweets:

Picture 2

He may be a flawed version of The Voice, but he’ll do in an Archudrought! 🙂