American Idol – Another Season

I came upon this commercial, reminding me of my bad habit. Anyone planning to watch the new season?


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  1. Thanks Hg for the new post. No, I won’t be watching, but glad that a lot of fans still enjoy watchiing. Just kind of boring to me now.
    Marie…I guess you might already know this, but just in case. Just read on FOD that your gal Kelly will be singing in the inauguration of Pres Obama, congrads to her and I’m sure you are over the moon about her special gig. It’s nice to see that people that know how to sing are choosen for these special events. Not a huge fan, but one thing for sure, he is a phenomenal singer.

    • I have nothing against Kelly but I wonder why she was selected. Beyonce and James Taylor will perform too but they campaigned for the Pres. I thought Kelly was for Ron Paul.

  2. Probably will check in…
    Another clip with David Archuleta mention in advertisement for Upcoming Idol

  3. i will watch the frist show and go from there

  4. I will be watching even though I already found my American Idol, David! It will give us something to discuss while David is gone. I will admit that I am curious how the new judges will do, and what contestants will be popular this year. I don’t really like the auditions. My favorite part is when they get to the top 12 and the shows after that until the winner is picked.

    From recent tweets my guess is that a single will be released of David singing a song he wrote with Lady V. I hope that happens. I love the songs he has written with her, especially “Good Place”.

  5. I usually don’t follow the auditions that closely but I will watch just to see how Nicki Minaj behaves. posted a video of this AI contestant singing “Imagine”. He stutters when speaking but it disappears when he sings.

  6. I will be watching AI. The auditions go on for way too long on AI. It becomes more interesting when the top 12 are picked. Of course it is all about the judges this year not the contestants. As usual. lol. Good news for Kelly that she is performing at the inauguration as she deserves it. Very talented. I was not happy to read that Bieber is going to be both hosting and performing on SNL next month. Not watching that night. He just does not deserve it but his team knows how to push him even when he is a poor role model for very young kids. I just wish he could sing and had talent. lol. It does not matter anymore if you are a good person. Look at Chris Brown and Rhianna being back together. As long as you are a cash cow for the labels and others they don’t care what you do in the music/entertainment industry. If you are no longer a cash cow making money for them then you are dropped. End of rant. lol. Sad but true.

  7. Marie and desertrat, although I agree with you about the cash cow, that labels don’t give non big money singers a chance to devielope and be money makers, but unfortunetily, it is a business and even if some of those artists are train wrecks, as long as they make big money for the company, that is the product that will be promoted. If the masses didn’t buy these singers music, go to their concerts, buy their products,(other than music), they would be dropped by the company (industry) like hot potatoes, too. A tough, tough business.

    Btw, a little excited about the thought of a new song being released that David and Lady V. wrote, crossing fingers that it happens.

    • cq they also need a smart team behind them. I can’t stand Bieber and his manager but they have turned this whole issue of his smoking pot around to benefit him. He is doing SNL to make fun of it and take the focus off of him doing anything wrong. I still say in 5 years he is not so popular and in rehab, You have to have the right team behind you in the music industry. No doubt about it.

      • Marie, you are so right. We all know that a good team can make a star eventhough that person is not that good of a singer (like JB, but he does have charisma) Can you imagine David with the right team behind him…his talent, charisma and good looks, he would climb to the tiop in no time. i’m really hoping that this experience he is having in Chile will help him loosen up and be comfortable in his own skin.
        It seems like his religion is important to him and should be a very private thing. What I want as a fan is for the masses to know him as the great singer he is, not ‘cute AI contestant” or “a Mormon singer, therefore, to bland for my taste” label. I really think from reading a lot of comments from (not haters), but people that thought just that….to bland and they wouldn’t give him a chance because they felt he wouldn’t ever be able to step out of that “circle”. I have faith that he will be able to step out of that box and still have somewhat a private life that is(it seams) so important to him. Again, time will tell.

      • cq – I think you put your finger on it–an image that’s “too bland”–and he’s also fighting the AI stigma. Considering his handsome Latin looks, innate musicality, and sophisticated musical tastes, I think he’s got what it takes to be “cool”, but he’s got a long ways to go yet. I hate to say it, but Simon was probably right, when at the end of the competition, he made it sound like David wasn’t “idol” material at the time, as talented as he was.

        My 19-year-old daughter loved David and going to the concert and VIP, but she actually listens to music that’s more exciting, upbeat and current. True, it takes all kinds, and personally and selfishly, I wouldn’t mind keeping David in a smaller, more exclusive circle, but it still would be nice to hear him on the radio and see him appreciated by more people.

        BTW, Beiber may be popular, but he’s not “cool”. I told my nephew that he is the spitting image of JB (which he is), and he just about had a heart attack, lol. When the pot photo came out, a Facebook picture went around saying something to the effect of: “Oh great, now pot isn’t cool anymore”, hah.

        The AI stigma is pretty real. I have relatives who think of themselves as very hip, who wouldn’t admit to ever hearing or knowing of a single person who was on AI, until my husband finally mentioned Jennifer Hudson, who had an Oscar, and who was in a movie that we saw with those relatives, that they showed at their house (score!).

      • cchalo, imo, David needs a song that will get him out of the mold…great song that is catchy and highlights his phenomenal voice….a song like that with the right team and label behind him will bring him the success he so deserves.
        Meanwhile, lets just hope that there is some songs that he oked to be released this year. I know they won’t become hits (ok, always hoping that somehow that would happen, lol), but it will be good for the remaining faithful fans that have stayed….and who knows, maybe he will get at least some buzz out of them…and may help when he comes back and starts up his music career.

      • I agree with both of your comments cq and cc halo. David is going to struggle with being considered too bland and the AI stigma. AI is a double edged sword. It gives the Idols their fan base but leaves a stigma. David just needs to have a phony celebrity romance when he returns like the rest of them do. lol. For example Taylor and Harry and Biebs and Selena. I know that will never happen with David but it does unfortunately seem to work. lol.

      • I think that during the last year before he left for his mission, David showed so much more maturity and confidence both on stage and in interviews. He also seemed less self-conscious, especially during the Asian Tour. He really demonstrated that he was an accomplished performer. His loyal fans were able to witness his huge improvement as a complete artist but those who only remember him from AI didn’t have that chance. They are those who think he’s too bland but in reality he’s just shy and awkward and maybe too polite. I agree with you Marie. He needs a smart team. A team made of professionals who’ll know how to present him as an artist and who’ll make the accent on his assets like his voice and his musicality.
        You’re right CQ, he’ll need a great song for a successful comeback. I’d love it if his first project is a surprising collab (with a recognized singer for more buzz) so it will let him the necessary time to work on his music and reconnect with producers and songwriters. I know that he said that there were already things planned for him after his mission but I hope that he won’t rush to make a new album. He’ll have the opportunity to redefine his image and to present who he wants to be to the public after his two years break. I just hope that he’ll take the time he needs to plan a great comeback.

  8. Side note: Dear Marius of Les Miz was a presentor on People’s Choice Award this eve. Such a charming guy 🙂

  9. such a quiet night in the archuworld, lol. if you want a laugh, check out this viral video of a magician who poses as the invisible drive thru driver. in two days it has over 5 million views. enjoy!

    • Thank you, I needed that! Could it be any more quiet?

      Still smiling!


    • desertrat, thank you so much for the laugh. Yeah, kinda quiet here and other sites as well, of course, it’s to be expected. Hope that Kari starts teasing up with stuff that might be coming, so that we have stuff to talk about, lol.
      Btw, I do have a lot to say, but can’t because it will offend some fans, so I’ll just keep it to myself.

    • Thanks for posting this video desertrat. I had not seen it. lol. Obviously topics and issues other than David need to be discussed on SD while he is gone. There is just so much you can discuss about David when he is away on a mission as it is what it is. I just don’t find David’s mission that interesting to discuss anymore although don’t have an issue discussing it. It is just that all has been discussed on all sites about it and it is kind of boring. It is going to be quiet on David sites. The other point is I am just real busy at work so don’t always have time to post. Back to the topic of this post– AI. I will be watching AI this year just to see how Mariah and Nicki get along. lol.

      • Marie, I understand want you mean. David is the poster boy for his religion right now and if anything is said that might not be G. rated or maybe not complimentary to what he is doing, is a big no, no to a lot of fans. You’re right it is boring and not worth being discussed (not saying that I won’t voice my opinion on that matter in the future, however, lol), but as a fan, I sometimes want any discussion just to keep the sites interesting and keep fans engaged.

    • Thanks for the laugh…. up to 16 million views now.

  10. In the emptiness, the vastness, the quiet, the solitude, the air without music, listen to Angel….


  11. Marie, I think people will turn into Americam Idol just for the judges, however I will not be tuning in I only watched it one season, The BEST SEASON, missig David. Incase my user name comes up wrong this is potluck8.

  12. I don’t plan to watch AI this year. I have not watched the show since the last time David performed on it as a guest.

  13. It funny, I’ve moved on from watching AI and never started watching other singing shows, have moved on to other shows that I enjoy, but I never moved away from following David. It really seams strange because I get board and tend to move on to new things….it says a lot for David’s talent that I’m sticking around.

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